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  1. .40 was a pump and dump earlier in the year. Erratic and obvious pattern. This is well organized stable growth. I really like it from here and truly believe that it will be the “safe haven” in the future. So much volatility elsewhere.
  2. This is exactly what I hope happens. The curtains have been pulled back on the BTC shitshow and how unstable and petulant the whole fiasco is. May XRP and IOTA be the big winners.
  3. Ripple and XRP not what I (we?) thought

    BTC will be @ $25,000. XRP will be higher than it is today, but who knows how high. Not trying to be negative but I don’t see it’s growth on the same trajectory as BTC or others.
  4. IOTA discussion

    IOTA and XRP are the only two things worth caring about right now. The IOTA haters can all go pound sand and ****. You don't like their ideas or platform beat it.
  5. Agenda SWELLbyRipple is out

    Saw Ice Cube at VMWorld the other week! Rubrik and AWS had him perform at the Marquee Club at the Cosmo. Swell will be a such a huge deal.
  6. Xrp 222%

    This was announced in May. Isn't it already priced in!?
  7. anyone in southern california?

    So many freaking people here, but yes. Redondo Beach.
  8. Fomo is building for XRP

    Curve looks much healthier than the previous climbs.
  9. Undertanding Crypto And Taxes.

    Sounds good to me.
  10. Hey gang. I know it's never a popular topic but it's worth mentioning to help protect and inform. There are organized "investment read:pump" groups that mostly broadcast targeted buy and sell ranges. They use Telegram as their means of communication and some have over 4500+ members. I urge you to be very careful and act accordingly. Before anyone flames me back I do NOT partake but feel compelled to bring this activity to light for some of the newer traders. These groups will exploit news such as the upcoming Swell conference to rally a pump around and then usually pull out after the target price is hit. This is the odd behavior you see and usually what happens when a coin is up 50-300% and then drops back down.
  11. Bitstamp Order Book

  12. The Countdown Begins

    It feels like an Apple event teaser. Very Silicon Valley of them:)
  13. The Countdown Begins

    It'll be at Moscone.
  14. The Countdown Begins

    This will be in grand Silicon Valley style. Mystery and hype followed by invitations to the event. Very "Apple" of them.
  15. IOTA?

    Do not misjudge IOTA. That team and community on Slack is over 17,000. I'm on it hourly and have a fair chuck invested. I still hold a lot of XRP as well, man IOTA is promising and it's a block less Blockchain. Went from $0.15 to $1.10 in 3 weeks. Healthy growth too NOT pumps. Cofounders are VERY active and transparent and there daily.