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  1. PhishyKris

    Bottoming out?

    Thanks for the TA. I was wondering when someone was going to show up. I'd really like to see the MACD reverse trend. I don't like seeing it so far below the 0 line.
  2. ETH is $1200, BTC $16000, shall I go on? And they don’t do anything expect fork. Is that a feature or bug?
  3. XRP is now becoming the gateway crypto. I’ve been on boarding, so to speak, people for over two years now and they all used to ask about BTC. They ask about XRP increasingly and how to buy it. Hell my father even asked, he’s 74, nuff said for me.
  4. XRP broke out of its funk. The non believers are shaking their heads waiting for the dip, but it’s going to move past $.50 and then to sub $1.00 shortly after that. Everything else is just insane and XRP has to join the party. So much fun watching all these assets grow together.
  5. PhishyKris

    It's so obvious now...

    Or maybe they are keeping prices stable in order to satisfy some sort of stable price period for their customers. Once all the FI and Banks are loaded up they let them lose and XRP is unleashed. I struggle to understand how an asset in the middle of utter mayhem has such low volatility without being “helped”.
  6. The amount of economic expansion over the next 5 years will be like nothing we can imagine. All the new humans and more importantly machines participating will catapult valuations to new heights. This notion that this or that can’t be worth more than x is ridiculous. It’s all going to utterly dwarf what we know today.
  7. PhishyKris

    Marketcap position at the end of 2017

    Love seeing the IOTA FUD in here. Can’t we all just be happy that Crypto is doing anything!? XRP and IOTA are my two biggest and longest positions. IOTA has broken out and XRP needs to follow. Here’s to the end of 2017 and 2018 gonna make 2017 look like 2010.
  8. Best TA I’ve seen in years!
  9. How about XRP price prediction for December 2017!? Let’s get the train moving!!
  10. Agreed. It needs to make a move and soon. I’m frankly shocked it hasn’t cratered in the past week. If they are planning something get ON WITH IT.
  11. .40 was a pump and dump earlier in the year. Erratic and obvious pattern. This is well organized stable growth. I really like it from here and truly believe that it will be the “safe haven” in the future. So much volatility elsewhere.
  12. This is exactly what I hope happens. The curtains have been pulled back on the BTC shitshow and how unstable and petulant the whole fiasco is. May XRP and IOTA be the big winners.
  13. PhishyKris

    Ripple and XRP not what I (we?) thought

    BTC will be @ $25,000. XRP will be higher than it is today, but who knows how high. Not trying to be negative but I don’t see it’s growth on the same trajectory as BTC or others.
  14. PhishyKris

    IOTA discussion

    IOTA and XRP are the only two things worth caring about right now. The IOTA haters can all go pound sand and ****. You don't like their ideas or platform beat it.
  15. PhishyKris

    Agenda SWELLbyRipple is out

    Saw Ice Cube at VMWorld the other week! Rubrik and AWS had him perform at the Marquee Club at the Cosmo. Swell will be a such a huge deal.