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  1. They shouldn't be excited, IBM already said they want to stop using XLM as they do not like it's instability. This is why they backed the creation of stablecoins. Stella's only client doesn't even want to use their coin, how sad is that?
  2. Tribble

    Goldman Sachs and Ripple

    Some interesting links provided here. Good job.
  3. I posted in a thread the other day in response to another user commenting about Goldman Sachs and I discovered something I thought was interesting. Goldman Sachs, as we know, has been interested in Blockchain tech for many years and at one point were part of the R3 group that would have eventually found it's way towards using Ripple tech, as we also know, Goldman Sachs left R3 for reasons I don't exactly know and moved onto a joint venture with Digital Asset Holdings that included giant JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan is in talks with Ripple (Speculation) so it would seem that they have also abandoned their project with Digital Asset Holdings. But what really got my interest is how Goldman Sachs describes their Blockchain venture today: How many projects out there work on the consensus model? Bitcoin is Proof of Work and Ethereum is Proof of Stake. I can really only think of two, Ripple and Stellar. Stellar decided to decentralise it’s validation nodes from the start, but consolidated (read: centralised) voting rights to prevent forks. so it's not a truly decentralised system. I am going to assume here that the only model large enough to gain the interest from Goldman Sachs then, is Ripple (Hardly see nxt being used lol). Share you thoughts, call me names. Tell me what you think. $589 EOY?
  4. Here is my 0.0002XRP His expression is clearly one of being impressed, as in to say "Not bad" it does not reflect "***Indicating the thought - “these people have no idea what’s coming”***" This is pure conjecture and not even remotely accurate. Are you seriously going to say you are an expert on reading people and you cannot even get the most common facial expressions accurate? No, Brain is indicating that he felt the question was important and is wanting to hear the answer. Slow and steady nods usually indicate understanding or agreement. It was to the question itself, not to the simple mentioning of SWIFT. Well yes, that's what some nods are. He was agreeing with the statement made that customer demands are changing, because it's true and he agrees with that remark. Nothing more. Not a deflection, a defensive statement of their long standing position that ETH and BTC are shitcoins and will not use them for usable money. Goldman Sachs is partnered with Digital Asset Holdings along with JP Morgan, so they are not part of R3, this was also made clear during the recent lawsuit that was settled. Rippe's claim was they didn't need to honour their agreement with R3 because R3 knew Goldman Sachs pulled out. While it is feasible that GMS will likely adopt Ripples platform if it becomes mainstream, at this time, there is no reason to assume they have abandoned their own projects just before you saw someone nod. His voice indicated his conviction, not his hands. He always uses his hand that way. He wouldn't be able to talk if you tied his hands together. But this statement is PR talk, GMS does and will always want to work with other partners, they are very good at being friends in the industry. This is nothing to get excited over. He nodded at the reference to L2, not the inter ledger, not only this, but GMS published a report in 2016 indicating that is was the focus of their research into blockchain. Goldman Sachs has been talking about opening crypto trading desk for months. Just how out of touch with crypto are you? But if you really want to get some bullish news from GMS read their site. "Blockchain applications could replace these centralized systems with decentralized ones, where verification comes from the consensus of multiple users" That's RippleNet. I could go on, and while I appreciate your efforts in trying to reveal their language, your interpretations are based in part on faulty understandings of body expressions and a lack of knowledge of what is currently going on in the blockchain sector. I also hope you didn't lose too money money buying back in because XRP didn't drop to $0.16 when you said it was 'Undeniable' it will do so. And just for educational purposes, I give you some insight to body language. Animated and rhythmic head-nods show agreement and understanding. Erratic head movements with frequent eye glances to the sides show discomfort and stress. This person clearly doesn't want to be where he is and he seeks help or escape route from another direction. Slow head shake shows disbelief or uncertainty towards a remark being said. "I just can't believe it...". If it was a faster head shaking it was a decisive "no".
  5. I'm just going to put this out there... If Brad Garlinghouse recorded an audio book, I'd also buy it.
  6. For point 1. Exchanges do not control the flow of XRP, traders do. For point 2. Exchanges would most certainly not 'reload' their stock from Ripples escrow, traders using Arbitrage would. It's very very profitable. You are assuming that you could make such a large number of transactions without impacting the value of XRP. While theoretically you could transfer $562M worth of XRP with just 2.2B worth of XRP, you most certainly would not be able to transfer that same amount of wealth by first transferring into or from FIAT currency and keep the same number of XRP used. The more money you seek to transfer at one time, the less XRP you need because as you buy the token, you eat into the available supply. SO while you 'can' transfer $562M worth of XRP with just 2.2B XRP tokens, you wouldn't be able to keep the price of a single token at $0.25 long enough to fill the order. Look at a market depth on any exchange, try any buy $100,000 without significantly changing the price of XRP. It also doesn't take into account the things I mentioned above. A trading market is not a static environment. You are also assuming that the transfers are all taking place evenly over every corridor. Not every region has the same available supply of XRP and they do not all sell it at the same price. Because Banks will not trade in XRP until there is regulatory certainty. And there ARE Hedge Funds that are holding XRP, among other coins.
  7. Tribble

    You can buy electricity via ILP soon

    You can buy Electricity via ILP now. https://www.powerledger.io/
  8. Tribble

    Another "embarrassing" chart.

    Oh I always rename the jpgs from xxx.jpg to xxx.jp.hgfjrhgkjj.jpg /s tony.collins-20180912-0001.jpg.9d808179ab47bafd3f30aa1468d61723.jpg It's a photo of a photo.
  9. Tribble

    Another "embarrassing" chart.

    It could be the morbidly obese women in the photo of the second picture.
  10. Tribble

    Another "embarrassing" chart.

    Look at the reflection, the KITCHEN is bare. All the shelves are empty. Also, only one picture has candles. Who the feck removes multiple light sources to take different angles of the same room just to post on a forum?
  11. Tribble

    Another "embarrassing" chart.

    People that try to compare themselves with others online, usually have nothing, own nothing and are nothing. Re-hosting other peoples pictures doesn't make you wealthy. It makes you look stupid.
  12. Tribble

    Another "embarrassing" chart.

    Why would I be envious of your outdated and cramped apartment? It's barely big enough for a single couch. Are you going to show a picture of a Mini-Moke next and say you have a stylish old Jeep? No matter what you post, you still made a statement that was contradictory and proved that you are an idiot. But I am now living rent-free in your head and that means I win. You are right about one thing though, we do come from very different realities, I don't think anyone would be envious of my lounge room if it was smaller than my toilet. I also love this line the best ... Yes, Yes it does. You are only adding more support to the fact nobody should listen to you.
  13. I want to read the rest, but it is behind a paywall. If you have access, could you please copy/paste the entire article?