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  1. Just ignore him. He doesn't even understand what xRapid is. Retweeting is actually what he wants as it gives him exposure.
  2. Brad trimmed his beard too short this morning. *XRP Price plunges on the news*
  3. You are free to hold any opinion you like, they do not need to be based on facts. But when you tell someone else they are wrong regarding a SPECULATIVE VALUE OF AN INVESTMENT you should be able to prove it, other wise you are simply a bigot and can safely be disregarded as a stupid person. If XRP was only to be worth an X amount, it would already be at that amount and no more money would be made as it had already reached its predetermined value. The reason why the price changes is because people are speculating on it's value. Nothing more. Do you not understand basic economics? Sim
  4. You mock yourself because you don't know how anything works. The fact there are people willing to buy/sell XRP if it reaches $589 disproves your claim that it is impossible. There have been people like you all through history: "Humans cannot travel faster than 45kmph" "Humans cannot travel through space." "BTC will never reach $1,000" "XRP can never reach $589" You just sound silly and very ignorant.
  5. The requirements are: Someone is willing to pay for it at that price and there is someone willing to sell it at that price. No 'math' is involved. XRP's value would only be able to be proved mathematically if there were no speculators in the market and seeing as how I plan to sell some in the future, there are speculators in the market. I know the Catholic Church had to teach your namesakes ancestors that the Earth is not flat, did you want me to get them to send you a message and teach you how markets work? All you do is spread FUD here and your posts clearly prove you know n
  6. Could someone explain just how much money this short was worth? https://twitter.com/BitmexRekt/status/1045998298035818496
  7. It's a casino, you will always lose. plus there are many scam reports about luckygames.io
  8. I didn't make it a partisan issue, I mention TWO people and ONE Political Administration. Not parties. I'm also not an American so I don't give two ***** about your feelings over hearing news that a Democrat President screwed up your entire country with his Housing for the poor programme. The fact he was a Democrat isn't an issue, the fact is HE STILL DID IT. Party politics has nothing to do with this, but YOU seem to have the attitude that 'Democrats can do no wrong' when you hear that ONE President screwed up massively when he changed the Community Reinvestment Act to force banks to lend to
  9. There has been a strain for a long time, it's only come to light now because the U.S. no longer has a President that will bend over backwards and take it up the arse. Do you think nobody has been concerned about the trade imbalance? NATO Funding? The fact that the Paris Agreement let China create as much pollution as they want until 2030 and the 'West' must subsidize that 'third world' country for doing so? I'm sorry, but you seem really ignorant on what has been going on in the world and are now placing the entire blame on Trump. Just like President Clinton's admin with support of the li
  10. China allowing vast sums of currency to move across borders without the ability to control its flow is not something the CCP would allow. Russia yes, Iran yes, China HELL NO! They would quickly see an outpouring of capital and their economy would collapse.
  11. You are down 444 XRP no wait 654 XRP I mean 857 XRP as of me writing this. (857*$589=$504,857 USD) How do you feel?
  12. All those other coins are not going to be used, XRP will actually become more scarce dispite the supply because the demand will exceed the available supply. I've alwats said that XRPs value is not determined by speculation, but by its utility.
  13. It is unpredictable, I do expect a slight correction as that is within what happened the last few times, but there is no gguarantee that it will correct much at all. My advice is this: How much do YOU feel XRP will be worth? $5? $0.60? $589? Your answer determines if you feel that the current price is worth buying now or not. Do you feel that the risk of losing out if you wait for a higher drop is low? If so, then wait. Are you unsure that you can buy low? Then buy now if the current price is lower than what you expect XRP to reach. Most of us here Buy and HODL, we do not actively da
  14. They shouldn't be excited, IBM already said they want to stop using XLM as they do not like it's instability. This is why they backed the creation of stablecoins. Stella's only client doesn't even want to use their coin, how sad is that?
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