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  1. That's correct. You remain in control of each tip you choose to send by having to sign them off in XUMM. Fully non-custodial.
  2. I'm noticing some transactions recently for an issued currency CSC (CasinoCoin) on the XRPL that I find strange - there is a buyer of CSC that has had successful buy orders for CSC by paying XRP, but with no trustline to the CSC issuer established. As far as I can see, there has never been a trustline established to it. Address in question is rUmF3HKaDWjRSatsQ1nfDTMocuuZQ4ntnM You can see at bithomp or xrpscan that there is no trust line for CSC, and there are no balances for CSC shown, yet it has been successfully trading CSC for a number of days. Example transactions: 58ED0F39550812DEF90B3EBEE575F7546F235730C1C13F388AF57545BF2117C2 and 991992D1D210AEF621F2412C364C31C2C275444B1ED270633A0FF25C44606535 I am puzzled as to how trading an IOU is possible on the DEX without any trustline to the issuer established. My understanding was that a trustline was required to be set in order to trade that issued currency on the DEX. Is my understanding wrong? I've read the Issued Currencies section at XRPL.org but can't find specific reference to this. In any case, how do you find out the current balance of CSC that this account holds? The account_* websocket methods don't return anything useful as far as balances are concerned for this IOU on this account. My analysis of the order transaction history suggest it holds 20000 CSC as of the time of this post. Thanks for any pointers.
  3. Me too. Long time lurker and occasional poster (last time was 2 or 3 weeks ago). I enjoy watching the show and people’s thoughts on varied topics! Can I come back too, please?
  4. I'm trying to withdraw some USD as a Bitstamp IOU to my XRP address, which has a trust line established to the Bitstamp address of rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B The Withdrawal | IOU (BTC/USD) page at Bitstamp offers a dropdown list of whitelisted addresses, except none of my whitelist addresses are showing, despite them existing and enabled for withdrawals, and one of them having the appropriate trust line. Anybody else experiencing this issue or who can offer any advice? I've emailed Bitstamp but I don't expect them to reply soon so I thought I'd ask the fine folk here instead for expedited help!
  5. I'd like to gather a list of all (successful payment) transactions that have occurred on the XRPL of a given currency code from a given issuer, eg: all IOU payments with a currency code of "USD" and issuer of "rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B" (Bitstamp) Is there a way to do this using the RippleAPI [https://xrpl.org/rippleapi-reference.html]? I'm looking for a function that returns transaction history for a given currency+issuer between unknown addresses (not necessarily to/from the issuer). eg. rAAAAA sent 100 Bitstamp.USD to rBBBBBB. Any thoughts welcome!
  6. Hi @DevNullProd - just submitted a PR for this. Hope it's up to standard! Let me know if you need me to change anything or if something is not to standard. FF.
  7. Refer to Warbler’s post towards end of page 36 - you can use his Bithomp Tools to do exactly that. Online at: https://bithomp.github.io/bithomp-tools/ but even better if you can download this (link to download is on page above too), put on USB stick and perform required signing actions on an offline computer. You can then submit the signed transaction by taking the signed transaction it gives you to an online computer and submitting it to Bithomp.com as well (select the submit transaction option)
  8. If you're in the UK, you could try: https://nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/what-we-do/crime-threats/fraud-and-economic-crime and https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting-fraud-and-cyber-crime Not sure how much they can do about it, but at least they might be more interested in what you have to say than down at the local nick...
  9. So what? The larger anything gets, the more resources you need! That doesn't affect decentralisation. Without increased use of the XRP ledger, there would be no need to decentralise because it wouldn't be in serious use anyway!
  10. You don't need on-ledger accounts for your Coinbase or any other exchange use - those institutions have their own (1 or 2 accounts) on the XRP ledger for all client and internal XRP activity. The account activation fee they pay ("reserve"?) is the same as anyone else = 20XRP. If you choose to keep your XRP under your own control in your own on-ledger account, great ... it will "cost" you 20XRP (which, as has been pointed out plenty of times, is still there in your account and could potentially be used in the future if the reserve is lowered anyway). 20XRP, even today, is nothing for people properly invested in XRP. The people who complain about the XRP reserve are those for whom it represents such a large portion of their entire holdings, to them it seems unfair and wrong. It isn't. It's there for a good reason (to prevent unnecessary account creation and account spam on the network) and lowering it now does not make sense. Right at the point of XRP adoption you want to make absolutely sure spam does not affect the network more than ever - thus keeping the reserve at this level makes absolute sense to me. Perhaps the reserve should even be increased - to dissuade certain people from investing! :-) How many accounts do you need? One. No more (unless you choose to for your own reasons - in which case you make the choice to do so and "pay" the reserve for that new account). Reserve fees are not burned or distributed anywhere. They most certainly do not go to validators. The reserve is simply held as a restricted-use amount in your account - it can't be spent (ie. sent as a payment to any other person) but the reserve can be used to pay for transaction fees if there is not enough XRP above the reserve to pay the fee otherwise. If you did your research with the documents already pointed out to you, you would see that quite clearly. Validators receive no payment. They run and provide service as part of the "bigger picture" of trying to provide widespread XRP adoption. There is no financial incentive to do so. Your understanding of how the XRP ledger account process works is flawed.
  11. Doesn't sound like it to me! Be careful.
  12. Download Revolut for your smartphone. For £10k or more transfers, pay the yearly fee of around £70 (from memory) to get fee-free currency exchanges. Then transfer GBP from your bank to Revolut as GBP (ie no fees). When you want to convert to EUR, do it in Revolut and it’s instantly converted at the spot rate. This is much better than any bank rate (even if they advertise no fees!) and by paying the yearly Revolut premium fee you’ll get all future exchanges to/from EUR free of fees too (relevant if you plan to add to your stack in months to come). Once changed to EUR, send to the Bitstamp account as a SEPA transfer. No fees, takes usually about a day or so. Then buy XRP/EUR pair as you desire. £100 starter should be no problem at Bitstamp. I’ve done this process many times. Saves big time on bank fees and even services such as TransferWise which still have quite high fees for large exchanges of GBP in comparison. If you’re only buying a few hundred pounds worth, it won’t make much difference but for larger transfers, it’s probably the best way to go at present. XRP/EUR pair good liquidity at Bitstamp. Hope this helps.
  13. Shocking: "Mobile phone shop staff 'enabling Sim swap scams'": https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46047714
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