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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. The BitPanda option sounds good. @Zerp_Legend, do you have any more info on how I would set it up on BitPanda as i've never used that exchange before.
  2. Hi guys, Although i'm not a massive investor in XRP, I would like to put away a little of my pocket spending money each week/month into XRP. Is there any sort of exchange or platform which I could set up a recurring trade and transaction from my bank card of a set amount in fiat to buy XRP at whatever the price is at that time? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Nice. Thanks for the replies guys! I’m think I may stick with xrp as my primary but also might add a little VET, ADA & hmmm.....maybe even CSC? But not really sure about their team at this stage, Casino Coin is quite a strange one in my opinion plus I’m not a massive fan of ones built on forks. A difficult decision to diversify or just keep adding to the XRP bag instead.
  4. Other than XRP, which other alts are you investing in for the long term? Maybe you could name your top 5? The only other one that interests me is VeChain (VET), how about everyone else in here?
  5. Yes that’s the only problem as the risks are still quite unclear with a lot of these schemes. Do you guys think that maybe once Bakt goes live then we may have better options next year for insured accounts with regulated and authorised brands in which we can earn credible interest on our xrp?
  6. Hi guys, Rather than storing my xrp on cold storage for years, is there a better option out there in which I can earn some interest on my xrp with minimal risk? What I’m asking is, are there any institutions out there that will offer me interest (in the form of further xrp) on my current stack of xrp without any risk, and with full insurance on my stack?? or is it just safer to keep it all on some cold storage and lock it away?
  7. Do you think this could occur within a 5 year time frame, if the process has already started? And could we be looking at around 2024/2025 for everything to be connected to the ILP? What's your rough guesstimate in regards to time frame for all of this to fully play out?
  8. Hey everyone, was wondering is anyone could help me with the following questions about setting myself up as a codius host: What are the advantages of running a codius host and how would one get paid for it? Would the payments be in xrp? And can anyone run a host? Would the payments be profitable considering the electricity used to run the server? What sort of server would one need to become a codius host?
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