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  1. Or MUCH sooner... universe willing... c'mon Bobby 3 Sticks!! BTW - today might see a decent-sized news mic drop from the Mueller team... Either way, for the sake of global hygiene, we need to flush out the orange infection asap... jeezus, it's painful & embarrassing being a US citizen
  2. Pffffttt... WU... the Coinbase of money senders.
  3. Perhaps parsing words a bit too much here.... It seems to me the CEO is saying they did not see any cost savings overall (i.e. in their operations/process across the enterprise) vs seeing cost savings within a single transfer. It is not clear, but specific detail would be helpful here such as: "We did a transfer the old way and then did a similar transfer using Xrapid. The old way cost X and using Xrapid cost X." Y'know... a straight A/B split test. It either saves, or it does not. 1 transaction should tell you this basic info; don't need 10 or 10,000. Also the rebuttal from Birla about "scaling". Seems to point to the idea that the CEO wasn't talking about cost savings at the individual transaction level, but more on the enterprise level. It's kinda egg/chicken circular: WU would have to be reconfigure much more of their operations to mesh with Xrapid to see the Xrapid cost savings magic, but WU can't justify major changes unless they scale Xrapid usage high enough. And 10 transactions isn't enough to change (and purge) their current systems of the inefficiences that Xrapid solves (particularly staff and offices that babysit nostro/vostro, confirmations, compliance, etc). Small sample, same old systems/costs in place, don't see benefit, and round and round we go. A distinction that I'm not sure many people catch is that the savings of Xrapid aren't realized simply because of some Xrapid/XRP "magic", it's all the staff and legacy systems that can be replaced/overhauled that creates much of the savings. Simply doing an "Xrapid" transaction (or 10) but still having all your old systems in place... no wonder WU did not see any savings; especially at the overall enterprise level. Does this make any sense?... can't quite clearly articulate the thought right now... ?
  4. Thanks Tiny. Though keep in mind the solar project (as it were) was much more modest... and expertise was in quotation marks. ? I'm sure I'll underwhelm you when we finally meet up at one of the XRP parties. ?
  5. Yes... and quite a few of the other Ripple characters. For one, I cherish the memory of hanging at Ripple HQ for a holiday party in 2014... when there was like 20? or so employees then and Chris was still CEO. They were giving away zerps all night at the party (even set up a ledger wallet for you on the spot if you didn't yet have one). My Ripple, how you've grown! Too bad I was too lame to have gotten a job with them back in 2014-15. ? I also used to live only 5 min from David. I actually shared some of my solar "expertise" with him on those "famous" ? solar panels for the house. As to the "hero" thing: David would be the 1st to tell you, "nah man". He's just a real cool, down-to-earth guy doing some cool sh!t in the world, he certainly doesn't want anyone worshipping him; just hang, enjoy some beverage and spirited, stimulating conversation. ??
  6. You are spot-on. And if (when?) you meet him in person, you will find he is even more thoughtful and intelligent; sharp as hell. He really is just a super quality person on many levels. He's also hilarious; great sense of humor. ?
  7. Audience Question: How does Ripple fit into the Internet of Value? 15:30 David: "It might seem counter-intuitive. Why is Ripple, whose kinda been working on this cryptocurrency XRP that we're using for all of our products, and is kinda where all of our bets are placed, why would we want this IoV that puts everything on a level playing field? And there's a couple reasons. One of them is we think we can win on a level playing field. XRP is faster, and cheaper, and perfectly positioned for the use case. And I think the other reason is almost more important - that this is not a winner-take-all. I don't think anybody thinks there's gonna be one asset that's gonna take over the world; there's gonna be lots and lots of assets. And ALL of those assets are more valuable IF they can inter-operate. Just like the internet is not biased in favor of Twitter or biased in favor of FaceBook, and Facebook and Twitter wouldn't want it to be, because then the market that they could sell into of internet users would be smaller. So we all benefit from an open, powerful, useful system that creates this enormous market of people with access to that system. And then that's our target market for products and services - and not just for us, but for everyone." 15:32 to 16:43 . (emphasis mine)
  8. Ha - getting crushed in the short term. ? Shorted at .590... then shoots to .603, but has come back to .594. HODL (short)! Maybe the buggah will come back down to the .56, .57 handle... and can scalp a few. Got a nice scalp yesterday from .59 down to .562, will history repeat? ? Fcuk it! Going surfing....
  9. Hmmmm.... well, let's put this into context: Remember that XRP and Ripple is not simply the "bank(sters) coin", the bigger picture is MOVING VALUE Disrupted doesn't necessarily mean all fail. Yes, banks will be disrupted in various ways, but it's probably not binary: stay or fail. And Ripple is providing tools (life boat?) to banks that are disrupted and help them (the ones that adapt) not fail. On the other hand, some (or many) likely WILL fail. BUT Ripple has more functions than simply being a "banker's coin" and these many other innovations will drive value as much (or more) than the original thesis of "helping banks"
  10. Ha! His position on EVERYTHING is purely opportunistic, but in an extremely stupid way. ? Trump is real easy to understand (ask any long-time New Yorker with at least 1/2 a brain): He's extremely corrupt He's extremely stupid He's an extreme narcissistic sociopathic pathologic LIAR Man-Baby There's no "grand strategy" or "3D chess tactics" with this guy or his massively stupid and corrupt administration. It's all don't care, smash n grab; brazenly and openly. Unfortunately tens of million 'muricans are stupid enough to think it's just a "fine and dandy" idea to pull down their collective pants and bend over in front of these felonious cretins. All these horrifically bad policies are gonna bite hard in the not-to-distant future. US is likely in a "Wile E. Coyote" economy: https://video.vanityfair.com/watch/just-how-dangerous-is-donald-trump
  11. Even smarter selling at $3.... procrastination is a b1tch! Too busy at the time surfing and riding horses. Someone else scooped up my beach house. ****!!
  12. Pfffftt... JP Morgan. The CoinBase of banks. ??
  13. Yep. Finally able to get lucky vs Mr. Market. I bet on it breaking down, again. Bought back @ .6575 on a limit order while sleeping. Picked up some additional zerps ? But, yeah, ultimately it's just gambling (more or less) and got lucky; prefer to just hodl; but, goddammit, tired of seeing all these swing opportunities whilst just sitting on the sidelines. Somebody ? out there's making $$ off all the movement. Can I get just a little piece please? ?
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