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  1. Its all tied to bitcoin. There wont be a major ah ha moment for XRP for years until weve ridden the next giant institutional wave up in 1-4 years. Visa could move all their business to XRP and it would not help much. We need rampant global speculation from normal people on top of institutional money pumping buying bitcoin. Think irrational real estate market before 2008 and the most recent pump from a year ago. 1 in 100,000 people know what XRP means and you think the price is going to pop. Get Real
  2. tradesanta has been an easy experience. I have a bitcoin to tether and XRP to cash bots running for a week using 100$ buy ins and Ive made a few bucks . Ill look into mudrex.
  3. I spent very little money on it. I bought a long while ago and just sat on in doing the ole hodl thing. But thats good advice.
  4. The problem for me is that I have a full time job that needs almost all my free time to cover it. Ive missed two or three 2-4cents pumps this year with a following drop back 2-3 cents because I was working. I need the bot to catch those movements. I clearly need more education but I have xrp and if I catch a few of these rides this year and can get up to 600-800k xrp I can start to change jobs and live off these few cent changes that happen monthly.
  5. I'm trying to see if I can use an off the shelf bot like cryptohopper, gunbot or even tradesanta to buy and sell my XRP. I see programs you can buy and signals you can buy to plug into these programs but they seem to apply to buying up to 100 coins a day and moving in and out of them within seconds. I want to set up my bot to go from USD to XRP and sell high and buy low all within a penny to 1/2 penny change in price. I may be a moron but I have enough XRP to make 15-20k in XRP for every penny I can buy low then sell when it goes up 1 penny. I just cant find a program that lets me do the trades by the penny rather than by a percent of funds. Do that a few times a month and I can make an extra 6-10k in free cash. Do it once a week or twice a week and I can make some major money. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
  6. Anyone arbitraging between exchanges. I see a few 5-10 cent exchange differences here and there. I have about 10k I want to send from one exchange to another and cash out to my bank account. If I can do it a few times a month I ca make a few grand. Any thoughts on two exchanges that might work?
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