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  1. If this is true, you can't help but add more at $0.24
  2. You and I were too late and too early. Does that make sense? We were late and missed the early 2017 price of 1 cent. We were too early and bought in before the 95% pullback.
  3. Very difficult the catch the bottom, as it is just pure luck in most cases. Ya, the 1 cent price was great for those who got in really early but my first buy was $1.90ish. Yikes I was actually green with it rose above $3.50
  4. I'm looking for a purchase that will at the very least, stay above water for once. I'm ok with $0.50 XRP at year's end. Hopefully a nice rise to $2 sometime in the next 2 years would be nice.
  5. So, this is the time to buy more? I haven't bought much in the past year cause every time I bought, it went lower. Wondering if this is finally the time to start DCAing.
  6. Your reference to the ugly duckling is interesting. I'm sure you know the story. What happens to the ugly ducking in the end?
  7. Doubling sounds great! You know what sucks? XRP would still only be at 0.39 cents. I'd still be underwater At the current price, I'd need a quadrupling just to break even. This is the effect of a 2 year long bear market.
  8. Please keep in mind that TA is not financial advice. Entertainment purposes only
  9. Wow, I've got to find me some fiats. One way or another, this is ridiculous.
  10. Well, this is a great opportunity for those that have been wanting XRP to drop. Here you go...
  11. How do you always manage to get fresh fiats in just in the nick of time? I got no fiats right now
  12. Add some angry faces, I know I was ****** off a few times last month.
  13. Age is just a number. If XRP hits $50, you'll feel like you're in your 20's again.
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