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  1. So, your DCA is $0.52? That's actually pretty good. Mine is currently around $0.75 but one big buy at this price could get me down to $0.52 like you. I'm not really tempted to do that just yet though. I think we could easily go lower.
  2. For me personally, and I don't speak for anyone else. I'm fully invested already, I don't have any cash laying around to buy anything else unless I sell what I'm already holding. When the market crashes like it has, there are a lot of choices. You can just hold on to what you already have or sell it and jump onto something else. To put it simply, there are many good company stocks that have pulled back 20% or more. They are all good choices and airline stocks are just one of many.
  3. I don't know much about airline stocks. Name a couple you'd recommend.
  4. Speaking of Japan, I read that the entire country has cancelled schools until further notice. Probably a good idea as children are especially vulnerable due to their weak immune system.
  5. I'd be interested to know which equities you're piling into. This market pullback or correction related to the virus as opened up quite a few entry points.
  6. Not easy to know where the bottom is. I thought bottom was $1, then $0.70 and then $0.60. Finally, I gave up buying. Hopefully, $0.19 was the bottom and we'll never see that again.
  7. Ha, I got you beat. My first buy was $1.90 and kept buying all the way down to $0.60. At some point along the way, I realized that I was red on every buy so I stopped. See, I'm no dummy. LOL Anyways, I going to buy some and still be able to lower my DCA at this price.
  8. What profit? You got profits? This thing been going down for 2 years, I'm nowhere near taking profits.
  9. I could see Justin explaining to Warren Buffett how TRX can facilitate in purchasing online porn
  10. XRP is only useful for buying nudie pics. What else is it good for?
  11. If this is true, you can't help but add more at $0.24
  12. You and I were too late and too early. Does that make sense? We were late and missed the early 2017 price of 1 cent. We were too early and bought in before the 95% pullback.
  13. Very difficult the catch the bottom, as it is just pure luck in most cases. Ya, the 1 cent price was great for those who got in really early but my first buy was $1.90ish. Yikes I was actually green with it rose above $3.50
  14. I'm looking for a purchase that will at the very least, stay above water for once. I'm ok with $0.50 XRP at year's end. Hopefully a nice rise to $2 sometime in the next 2 years would be nice.
  15. So, this is the time to buy more? I haven't bought much in the past year cause every time I bought, it went lower. Wondering if this is finally the time to start DCAing.
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