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  1. What steps can Sec take when they do loose this case. Can the Sec go to a higher court?
  2. As expected, the Black arrow is moving backwards in een steep "where the **** am I going pattern. Green is the interesting line clearly bending to the right in conformation with the moving sideways pattern. I'm not sure about red but it might be Elon going for uranus. But then again it could be all different, It just doesn't match up! But what do I know? Footnote: ... not intended to hurt anyones feelings! Just a little fun ;-)
  3. Some time ago I sold most of my XRP and bought some ADA. Finally I'm a bit in the profit zone but nowhere near where I hoped to be. XRP has not delivered for me in the past 4 years. If only I'd bought ADA in stead of XRP in the beginning. Hopium must be based on something real. The latest XRP news is not very exiting, the SEC case feels so boring and is dragging along. Ripple probably wins in the end but what would then be left. Time is passing by and other businesses are also moving forward. The quarterly Ripple market reports are a joke if you ask me. Where is the real progress there. I can't think of a good reason to keep hodling. So, I truly hope you're wrong but I fear the opposite. Today I sold my last XRP, I might buy again when it dips to 40 cts. I am looking forward to receiving the XFLR coins. The good news for y'all is that prices mostly go up when I sell something ;-)
  4. I sold most of my XRP and switched to ADA. I'm at a point that it is hard to believe that XRP will be worth all the negativity....still hoping for a good ROI but I don't see it happen anymore. Hang in there!
  5. Thank you for explaining! Not only is it very informative, but also nice to watch! I hope you keep doing this! E.
  6. Graphs know nothing and do not care about SEC. Graphs also don't loose money... ;-) I hope this one comes out!
  7. I understand I have to put the coins in a software wallet? or have I misunderstood and can they remain on the ledger nano?
  8. I did the same today, not to happy about it but it feels nice to be doing something other than watch bad news and see other coins get to new highs. Congrats!
  9. Are there risks involved? The procedure seems a bit risky?
  10. Just a short message to fellow hodlers. I have been accumulating some XRP since 2017, still scraping in the lower 1% of things ;-). I saw the extreme rise, and during the crypto winter the extreme drop. The Ripple idea seems good, but the truth is I'm having severe doubt of what Ripple is telling us. From clients to ODL, From SEC to Garlinhouse/Larson, from Escrow to Jed, from Hodor to all of us here. I no longer (or maybe have never known) know what is true and cannot believe the info we are getting. This recent situation made me think a lot and have a good look at my options. Today I would like to share with you that I have jumped the fences and have sold half of my XRP dream and moved the cash to ADA. When things get better I'll be more then happy to get back on board and buy some more XRP again but for now damage control my way to handle this situation. Hang in there and do what yo think is best!
  11. I have been with Kraken since 2017. They have a great website, app and superb customer service. The only problem I've had was when they upgraded their platform a couple of years ago, they then had severe downtime. Ik think they have grown to be the best!
  12. I will not support Ripple to the end. I would kindly ask Ripple to clarify the SEC allegations. In particular I am very interested in the enormous amount of XRP Larsen & Garlinhouse have sold. I would like to know every detail about that. I would also like to know how Ripple as a company is doing...the truth please! They claim to have more than 200 financial institutions as customer. what are the true numbers here and what services are they using. Is there a true succes story or is it all just marketing? As the previous reaction I'd also like Ripple to do some work and to gain some level of trust from the community.
  13. elppir

    SBI statement

    This is not bad news, if interpreted correctly. I'd say it stands 1:1
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