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  1. Less competition is better! Maybe the Visa's from this world are now within reach of Ripple. Wouldn't that be great?
  2. elppir


    What happened to Koinfollow? Is it no longer active?
  3. I was thinking in the direction of intrest in direct XRP. If you have 100 XRP in your wallet for 12 months you get 2 XRP. There must be lot's of smart guys who can check the balance of a wallet... Cheers!
  4. Intrest on savings are zero at this moment (at least where I live). Lack of intrest is a huge problem for both private investors and institutional investors. In my country the pension funds are having a hard time to keep their funds steady and healthy according to the nations laws. What if Ripple started providing intrest to every wallet. Maybe 2% intrest per year? This can be funded out of escrow. The escrow is about 50 billion a this moment? If every wallet would get 2% per year it would cost them less then 1 billion XRP per year. If they did that for 5 years or so it would be very cheap for Ripple, and maybe they would have more happy XRP hodlers and even attract institutions. ....but what do I know....It's not my expertise bud I'd like the idea of a even little profit ;-)
  5. Please....don't speak about this to much. There is a rumour that Ripple has read this topic, but some smart guy (named Swatch or something) misinterpreted it. They started burning the coin value.....it's already 10% down ;-)
  6. Good quality writing Hodor, but after all your previous posts "we" expect nothing less ;-) Keep on doing so!!! Can you do many at this forum a favour and give your personal view on the following: All the good news in the world doesn't make XRP shine at all. It still looks like the coin is not taken seriously at all (except by most people on this forum and maybe by the 200+ corporations Ripple has a deal with). Every one can see the enormous effort Ripple puts in the business but It is just not "hot". What is holding it back an why are a lot of coins with much less utility doing better? Please shine your light on this....thanks in advance!
  7. I hope their regular business is doing well, with customers that pay a recurring fee for the services provided. It would be nice to know....if they could do without the XRP stash. But this is all "what if" and the fact is they do have the stash and it is worth a few $$$ ;-) Let's hope XRP is in their "very long term" plans.
  8. The question is if Ripple could survive as a business for another year if they did not have so many xrp to sell. Basically we all are making it possible for Ripple to continue their business. So, in that view we are the investors and are very important to Ripple. As long as we think we will get a nice return on our investment, hodl XRP and buy some more all is good. It would be magnificent if hodlers would get rewarded some how. Maybe by receiving some xrp for hodling. ...my 49 cents to the discussion... ;-)
  9. In my own kind of logic it can mean a few things: A: SBI does not believe enough in Ripple and products to spend their own money B: SBI does believe in Ripple but are consuming the free lunch C: Ripple is eager to speed up things at SBI because....well you know why.... D: Ripple is desperate and convinced SBI to try this strategy because of their long relationship E: None of the above makes sense, then tell us what you think does? What's going on?
  10. And maybe validate if the same wallets are involved....
  11. Yes, but if they take a (big) risk by keeping digital assets they would like something (or a lot) in return for that. That would mean that the costs of transferring would go up. Is this a risk for cheap Ripple transfers?
  12. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/ That's the site URL for XRP. I have contacted them a few times but it might be a to difficult job to correct the /ripple to /xrp. This annoys me because a lot of people are trying to get things correct on the interweb. I hope they visit XRPCHAT.
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