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  1. And maybe validate if the same wallets are involved....
  2. Yes, but if they take a (big) risk by keeping digital assets they would like something (or a lot) in return for that. That would mean that the costs of transferring would go up. Is this a risk for cheap Ripple transfers?
  3. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/ That's the site URL for XRP. I have contacted them a few times but it might be a to difficult job to correct the /ripple to /xrp. This annoys me because a lot of people are trying to get things correct on the interweb. I hope they visit XRPCHAT.
  4. If it's true it is nice for the exposure! Would be great if the ad shows up financial related sites. I tried to find an advertisement but found none online...
  5. Thanks! I thought it might be more complex than my simple math. It would be nice to know...it's just one of those things in your mind you know ;-) If the changes of the + or - of the Ripple wallets could be added to the math it would be more precise. And maybe calculated over a longer period of time this could give a estimate selling price?
  6. Just a question for providing some insight. I would like to know the Ripple XRP selling price. The Q1 2019 market report shows that Ripple sold 169.420.000 worth of XRP. They also put 2.3 bilion back into escrow and the 700 million are used to support the ecosystem. Does this mean that they sold 700 million XRP for $169.42 ? If so the average selling price is $0.242 (169.42 / 700). With an average market price around $ 0.33 there is a direct profit of 8.8 cents per XRP. That is more than 30% profit, very nice! I must be wrong with this assumption. If not...how to become a institution ;-)
  7. So much writing talent, well done Hodor! I hope we will one day look back at this period in time, just like the first days of public internet. I remember those days very well, working at a large telecommunications company. A student gave us a live demo of the internet, most people thought it was a waste of time. After work I rushed to the local computer store and bought a 300/75 baud modem and a few hours later a simple internet slowly showed up on my screen ;-) Understanding what was happening was key to later succes. Fingers crossed for XRP!
  8. at least the "long wished and waited for" decoupling with BTC has taken place..... oops
  9. I hope the experts ar right! Until now we go a bit up when BTC goes up, we go down when BTC stays up and we go faster down when BTC goes down. ....stil hodling...and keeping faith! .....but it's hard :-|
  10. At 5:15 he seems to be saying only to use ripplenet blockchain, not the currency. Does he mean they are not using XRP for transactions?
  11. Interesting discussion! It is always very hard to lower service prices , especially when customers are still willing to pay for it. There might be a moment in time were WU will provide an extra line of service (and promote it) which is actually cheaper and faster. Giving customers a choice to merge in there own time and speed. And as we all know it is hard to change overnight so the profits will come in longer for WU. I would call this a transitioning period, and there has to be good judgement from the management to realise at which point it will actually do damage not to make the switch. As I see it time still is on the WU side. Ripple has the ball and has to perform some magic to make the time period as short as possible. Also better for us ;-)
  12. It might be this bank: https://abk.eahli.com/abk/News_Promotions.aspx?id=news_49330 Seems rather small, just heard in the news that ING has got 5 billion profit in 2018, just a different league.
  13. I feel like we are all on board of the Titanic (BTC) and have hit an large iceberg. While the Titanic is damaged severely and is going down, some make a run to be rescued. But this Titanic does not want anyone to survive, it wants to drag everything in its grip down to the deep. I hope that when this Titanic is completely submerged some will make it to the surface alive to see the sunlight once again. And man, we will love that sun to burn us! Keep the faith and keep hodling bro, there is no point in selling now!
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