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  1. hm...I've been thinking.....let's go back to January 2018 ;-) hahaha
  2. I will remain an individual, my thoughts are my own.... even if you would send "7 of Nine" to......well maybe then...whith the travel back in time package ...hahaha
  3. Just do as I do...don't worry to much! Being in crypto long term is just speculation, a casino. It is hard to get the real truth behind crypto organisations, maybe the exchanges make the most money with it. I will not sell but consider my XRP investment to be lost for the most part, therefore I have moved on to other more transparent investment opportunities. I still check this XRP site from time to time, there is so much frustration in the postings. I wish Hodor was back. If my little bag of XRP turns out to be profitable in the years to come I would be very happy. A small thing co
  4. Thinking about this nice discussion here are my thoughts about this matter. In a scenario where Ripple has no substantial amount of XRP they would not be in the drivers seat. They would just be a tech company with good ideas, and they would be less of a threat they seem to be right now to the competition. They might have been out of business already. I would like to believe they are "nice folks" doing good things to protect their treasure, changing the flow of money, and this helps XRP holders in the long run to gain some profit. I am aware of the rist to loose the investment. Considering
  5. I get your point, no need to get to exited ;-) But the thing is when every coin goes up and XRP stays behind it makes me wonder why that is.
  6. In the mean time, XRP is one of the worst performing coins over the last 7 days.... ;-|
  7. In Europe banks are struggling with low interest rates, so money does not come for free when they lend to (just an example) house buyers. I'd say they are very eager to save costs on transactions if this contributes to their overall profit. When it comes to profit or not....things could go rather quick I guess ;-)
  8. I have heard from a trustfull source on Youtube that Obi-Wan Kenobi is stepping in from outer space, he actually seems to be Satoshi.... The plan is striking a deal with some Ferengi, but they play hard by the rule of acquisition. Isn't that odd? We'll see. how it turns out, you never know with those folks.
  9. https://www.dbresearch.com/PROD/RPS_EN-PROD/PROD0000000000503196/Imagine_2030.PDF I came across this document today, It is a nice easy read in English. Enjoy!
  10. I can only speak for myself. I'm very, very disappointed about the current value of XRP and at times I wish never to have bought that ***peep***. I have never let someone like HODOR be pointing me towards buying more coins. It was fun to read his blog and HODOR did put in a lot of work making his blog more serious that most of the crap on the interweb. That's my personal opinion. I still think that Ripple is on track, building a new future for pushing money over the globe. In the end they might be successful...but they may also fail. Mass adoption of some other coin with similar purpose i
  11. Would be great, but when is the moment to buy some more? It looks like going down some more...
  12. Less competition is better! Maybe the Visa's from this world are now within reach of Ripple. Wouldn't that be great?
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