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  1. (XRP) Ripple Surpasses VISA Transaction Speed

    Can someone explain David's reply? I no so technical
  2. This was delightful breakfast Source: https://oracletimes.com/xrp-ripple-surpasses-visa-transaction-speed/
  3. Looking for a Job in China? Seems Ripples is Hiring. https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/head-of-china-operations-ripple-JV_KO0,24_KE25,31.htm?jl=2552093526 "...Ripple is sharpening its focus on the dynamic cross-border payments rails in and out of China! We are looking for our first set of feet on the ground in China to launch and operationalize our team there. While you wont be doing this on your own, the role requires an extremely high level of autonomy, entrepreneurial energy and business savviness to smoothly bring our new international office to life. This role directly reports to the CEO of SBI Ripple Asia, a joint venture between Ripple and SBI Holdings."
  4. People/investor do not understand that you need basic product to call the attention of market? It is like going to the street to promote your product giving free samples, and tell to the interested costumer to come in to your store where you have more products they will love to taste! If your samples are good enough and your main products are "really tasty" SUCCESS GUARANTEED!
  5. What does a bank manager think after reading this headline? https://m.aawsat.com/english/home/article/1183761/moodys-sama-deal-ripple-provides-400-million-banks "...Khalaf indicated that Emirati banks are aiming for similar agreements."
  6. Yo do not have asset, but you profit from asset. It depends what are you looking for. I was looking Profit.
  7. Etoro coming to USA? Coinbase, everybody comes for your pie share
  8. 9 millions of users (including me).
  9. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-20/when-is-a-bitcoin-not-a-bitcoin-when-it-s-an-asset-says-g-20 Is this good or bad to Ripples?
  10. Not if decoupling accour. And you can see that on new Ripple's strategy.