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  1. I agree, I’m only putting a tiny amount of my XRP into it and have been using the reinvest option daily. Pretty soon I will get to an amount where I can take out my seed in less than a month. Then I will just reinvest during the weekdays and withdraw during the weekends until it goes under. It’s still early, so people who got in early will most likely get their initial investment back.
  2. I’ve been using the bot since early December. There have been lots of Telegram bot scams, but so far the owner appears transparent about it all. He uses arbitrage to generate the profits and doesn’t rely on partners like previous bots. Plus he’s been helpful and even offers refunds if you really want out. Plus there’s a community chat of other bot users where we talk about the bot and give advice and help to each other. The bot pays back 1 percent of your investment daily, along with .5 percent profit daily, for 99 days. In total you will earn a profit of about 48.5 percent. You can also reinvest as you go along, to compound your earnings. So is it a scam? Maybe, maybe not. If it is a scam, then now is the best time to join since the bot only started in October. I only put less than 5 percent of my stack into the bot, since I’m willing to lose that if it goes under. My strategy is to withdraw all of my seed money sooner rather than later (you can do so by day 66 of your contract) and just operate the bot on profits. That way I won’t lose anything if it goes under. Some people have put all of their XRP into the bot, but I strongly recommend against doing that. As with anything, only put into it what you’re willing to lose.
  3. If they want to sue someone it should be the whales and that Coinbase CEO.
  4. Come on. You’ve been in XRP long enough to know that when they announce the good news that XRP is not a security the price will tank.
  5. Stop feeding the trolls. They are mentally getting off from being able to derail every thread into a back and forth. A normal person down on XRP would just sell, leave the forum, and not want to be reminded of it all day long. Trolls thrive on everyone being as miserable as them.
  6. All of this is why we are still early to the crypto game since the average Joe finds it difficult to buy crypto. Once institutional money comes in, we’ll be rewarded.
  7. I use Bitstamp, that’s where they blocked my debit purchases. Debit card worked like a charm until 2 days ago.
  8. It’s BMO Harris (Bank of Montreal’s US bank). I know in Canada they have blocked crypto purchases. Now it’s happening here.
  9. My bank pulled the plug on the ability to buy crypto with my debit card. Do these banks also prevent me from sending money through my bank account with them? If so, any other workarounds anyone does. I really don’t want to resort to using the Bitcoin ATM in town. Fee gouging.
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