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  1. Make sure the seller is sending to a wallet you have set up, not them. The 2nd scenario is a theft waiting to happen. See:
  2. I'm sure this is old news for many of the members here but it might be useful for newer members or lurkers. I have seen thousands of XRP cold wallets sucessfully sold on eBay, some empty and some pre-loaded with XRP. Despite claims in the listings that "all security keys are destroyed after production", the fatal security flaw with every last one of them is that you are trusting that no one in the entire manufacturing process took a photo of or wrote down the secret key. There is a period of time before the scratch-off material is applied, when the secret key is visible to anyone in the m
  3. Under the heading of professionalism on Kraken's website it states: "We are dedicated to our product and your experience." I don't see evidence of that at all in my customer experience so far with Kraken. I tried to withdraw money recently that I needed for end-of-year transactions for tax and other purposes. I had gone exactly by the book, supplying all the requested KYC documents, and become Tier 3 verified months before for that very reason. The following day the status of my withdrawal simply stated "failed" on the website. No e-mail to me or any other communication about it. I get mo
  4. Welcome! Your english is very good. It's much better than my french . I think anyone who makes the effort to speak two (or more) languages should be admired.
  5. I don't think that would help you much anyway, it has "/beta" at the end.
  6. Fantastic as always! One question though. Referring to XRPChat: "It also has a dearth of historical archives, resources, and links to help new investors, or even academic researchers." Did you mean to say wealth instead of dearth? Since that's I think the opposite of what you meant.
  7. You're a good sport Max Entropy. I don't often (or ever?) agree with your viewpoints but I appreciate the way you take the sometimes very hostile pushback in stride.
  8. I cherry-picked a few great replies to Brian Armstrong's initial short-sighted tweet, all of which went unanswered by him. It seems like it must be a personal grudge if he can't be persuaded by the simple truths in those replies.
  9. Ripplemania posted a topic in New Members: First time XRP buyer. Convince me to invest in more. Well that didn't last long....
  10. A more even-handed description of Ripple/XRP than I'm used to seeing, nice for a change!
  11. But wouldn't paying the value of the option at the time they informed R3 be worse than allowing the option purchase at today's value? XRP was between .26 to .32 throughout June.
  12. Tull

    Ode to @Dizer

    I'd been reading his posts for a long time prior to my registering here and thought he was one of the best too. A good guy with lots to offer, I hope he comes back at some point.
  13. And why wouldn't R3 have exercised the option to purchase prior to the June email from Brad? A lot of run up in price happened prior to that.
  14. It's over 1000 signatures now! It'll be great if this encourages Coinbase to make the change.
  15. Just a hunch but, if you're squatting on that many domains, I think you probably do know how to do it.
  16. You make some great, thought-provoking points in the original post. Have you considered posting it on reddit?
  17. Yes, I deleted my profile there a few months ago. For a variety of reasons, I found it was usually making me less happy when I would check it, and who needs that? I liked keeping up with some old friends, but the nonsense to good stuff ratio on there was becoming worse and worse. And let's not forget it's become a gigantic data miner that people are unknowingly sharing every detail of their lives with. I find the community here far more interesting anyway .
  18. For any significant cashing out, that's assuming you or your spouse did not have ANY other income. For instance if you are single and your adjusted gross income from your job was $30K, then only $7650 would have the 0% long-term capital gains rate. It would take more years than most of us have left to withdraw XRP gains tax-free at that pace.
  19. I'm hoping for the very best for your mother and I'm glad the investment in XRP is helping keep your spirits up. Welcome to the team!
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