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  1. On BiFrost a workaround is if you manually enter the amount of SFIN rather that using the slider to select the amount. That allows the smaller amounts to be staked. I'm not sure if Metamask has that option.
  2. Wow, I didn't know that! Back in 2016 when I first started buying XRP I generated about 50 keypairs using a browser-based wallet generator on an OSX machine, and have been using a few ever since without incident (so far). I don't think that wallet generator even exists anymore, but it was similar to the one Bithomp still has on their site. So I'm potentially at risk and should generate a new wallet/keypair on XUMM to be safe?
  3. I saw the FLR iou price on Bitrue dip below SGB for the first time that I've ever seen today. I was tempted to swap some SGB for FLR but the loss of delegation earnings in the interim is making me think twice.
  4. I didn't see that thread when it was active, but reading it over now I can't see that you did any trading at all. It looks like just deposits and withdrawals. Am I missing something?
  5. The press release info is also posted here: https://invezz.com/news/2021/11/23/flare-and-rival-enter-nft-utility-and-dao-token-partnership/
  6. https://gorival.com/press-release/flare-partners-with-gaming-and-fan-engagement-platform-enterprise-provider-rival/ This seems like a pretty exciting partnership! I especially like the planned integration with the BiFrost wallet for acquiring rewards, NFTs, and merchandise. This could also help bring awareness of SGB and FLR to a new audience.
  7. Wow, big shake up of the standings this Epoch. A-FTSO falls to 9th place as of this hour. Upstart FlareFi moves all the way to 2nd place with 0% vote delegation power helping it along. AlphaOracle now solidly in 1st place. Interesting to see a couple other new names up top too.
  8. I think you're on the right track here. It's particularly important to build up your SGB through reinvesting rewards right now while the rate of return is the best it will ever be. Then down the road, when the reward rate stabilizes, you will have a steady and predictable weekly rate of return you can use as you see best. Selling part of your rewards right now will have a much more outsized harm to the size of that eventual stabilized weekly return than selling regularly later.
  9. So much better and more useful information on this relatively short thread than in hundreds of posts on twitter and discord that I wade through endlessly. Thanks to everyone involved!
  10. Obviously it's very early in the new Epoch, but it looks like you can start to see the effect of the drag of having a 12% delegation is having on A-FTSO. I think it's the first time ever he has (just barely) fallen into 2nd place in an Epoch.
  11. Over on the website I'm seeing a different set of dates: http://aesthetes.art/Elysian.html#claim-it Do you know where October 21st is specified?
  12. A-FTSO's Alex reckons he could still have the top effective reward rate up until he hits 12% of delegated votes. Assuming he continues his out-performance over the other FTSOs.
  13. Is there any way to figure out exactly how much the rewards would be reduced based on the amount an FTSO is over-delegated beyond the 10% limit?
  14. Hugo said he has applications from over 350 potential providers if I'm recalling correctly. He said it's taking a while for the small staff to vet them.
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