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  1. If you go to your account, you can also add users to your ignored list.
  2. Big fan of Bancor. Finally dipped my toes into the defi waters. Their single-sided staking and impermanence loss protection are really interesting, and they've apparently got something big on the horizon with v3 (rolling out in the next few months). Only downside is the gas fees because they're on Ethereum, but supposedly v3 will help with that, as will eventual integrations w/ L2 solutions like Arbitrum and Polygon.
  3. Well, they did mention this snippet about Europe, which I haven't seen any mention of from other sources: As Europe continues to be a key market, Ripple announced its appointment of Sendi Young as managing director of Europe. A quarter of Ripple’s current customers are based in Europe, and year to date, European ODL transactions grew by 250% in comparison to 2020, making up over 40% of all ODL transactions year to date.
  4. This also explains why utility scan hasn't been picking up much activity recently, and nothing that could be FlashFX traffic.
  5. That's a mischaracterization. He said that, if the case were going to be settled soon, it would happen within that time period. If they didn't settle within those few weeks, he predicted that settlement wouldn't happen until post-discovery.
  6. Yeah, I don't know how useful the stats from today will be. This all seems connected to the coordinated XRP pump that people are talking about. It almost seems like the low volume days are the only ones that can give any insight into what ODL traffic is like.
  7. I think there's some pretty strong evidence that ODL is still active on the USD/MXN corridor. In addition to the hourly patterns that @JASCoder has spotted, I've noticed some familiar patterns at the ground level. These transactions that are all the same amount, and in quick succession, mimic the pattern we saw before Bitstamp shut down. Additionally, it seems like market makers keep a fairly consistent spread throughout the day. I'd imagine either that Ripple has now made it harder for us to track specific transactions in the way that UtilityScan was able to do previously, but it is nice to see evidence that ODL has not actually stopped functioning on their largest corridor.
  8. Just from the sheer number of transactions and the regularity of them (they seem like batch treasury payments) I've long assumed that 25370527 is the destination tag for MGI's USD/MXN traffic, 58871619 is their AUD/USD traffic, and 255406 is their USD/PHP traffic.
  9. Some familiar traffic coming back. Does anyone remember, is destination tag 59474829 MGI?
  10. I'm not sure that's true actually. I think it makes a lot of sense that XRP is the limiting factor. This whole system relies on market makers, who rely on arbitrage to make a profit. Every day, market makers on one side of the transaction are only buying XRP, and thus end up with a surplus of XRP that needs to be changed back into the local currency. The other side is only selling XRP, and thus end up with a surplus of local currency that needs to be converted back into XRP. The rebalancing that needs to happen is the real limiting factor. And market makers' ability to rebalance is limited by liquidity, not price. So it makes sense that ODL has been throttling based on the volume of XRP that market makers would be able to rebalance while still making profit each day.
  11. Not only that, but they revealed they were buying XRP to help stabilize the price. We're all guessing here, but my guess is that Ripple's buying will increase to account for the XRP that is being released into the market through ODL. Given that the XRP is given out as part of a loan, it's easy to imagine them being able to simultaneously make a profit on the XRP loaned and buy back X% of that XRP from the open market.
  12. Yeah, it's the Rubel, but doesn't seem possible that it's ODL. The map Ripple released shows the 55 countries that Ripplenet is live in, and Russia isn't one of them.
  13. I've reported it, but I'd encourage as many people as possible to also report it.
  14. <removed scam YouTube embed> This is unbelievable. Obviously not really a giveaway, though I can see how it could fool a lot of people.
  15. How do we know that? I try to follow ODL news but I don't recall that the corridor is active.
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