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  1. Furthermore, I don't know about other people, but today was payday for me. So not only does it make sense that today is hectic, but it's interesting that the surge of activity was from noon to one, which could indicate folks going to Moneygram during their lunch break to send money home. Will be interested to see if we get another surge of activity around the end of the work day today.
  2. It may not have changed all that much. I think a lot of people assumed, when Ripple declared the investment in Coil, that the funds would be given in some large bulk installment. It's always made more sense to me that they would release funds to Coil gradually. The escrow figures seem to support that view.
  3. As the music industry currently stands, it takes roughly 9 months from the time a song comes out before an artist starts actually seeing the revenue. Additionally, the money comes from so many different streams that they can't actually collect it all without the help of a publisher. I don't know for a fact, because of course I don't have any inside knowledge of what Scooter is up to, but if they started a streaming service that allowed artists to be paid in real time as people listened to their music, you had better believe they could get artists to sign up en masse.
  4. .4 starting price, 8 percent annual growth for 10 years get to .86. What math are you doing? If xrp achieves $5 in 10 years, that will have been an average annual increase of 28.8 percent.
  5. I would say the default assumption any time a large amount of XRP is transferred is that there are stipulations about how they can be sold. Ripple are no dummies, and we have yet to see a single example of anyone getting xrp with no strings attached.
  6. In fact it seems like that's the worst thing they could do, because the only reason to do that would be to artificially increase the price of XRP. That might work in the very very short term, in the way that stock buy backs do, but it also seems like that would feed into the narrative that XRP it's a security, which would ultimately crash the price and ruin their entire business strategy. The last thing you want as a HODLer is to have them publicly consider destroying coins.
  7. The last time Jed's stash was discussed here, the general consensus was that his wallet had stopped selling xrp. So as far as I know that's still the case. The XLM pump was quite possibly linked to the announcements around WorldWire and the number of Banks they had on board.
  8. This guy keeps his site pretty up to date. https://xrparcade.com/exchanges-2/ Oh, I don't know about finding out how much each exchange holds though
  9. They've definitely invested in other companies using XRP. Also, do we know that Ripple or Spring provided the entire 100 million? That seems unlikely given all the other investors mentioned in the article.
  10. I believe this is the link he's referring to. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/30588-hi-im-bob/?do=findComment&comment=679595
  11. Hi Bob. Been on XRPChat for a few months now. Have no ability to run with your ideas, but I'm always trying to learn more about XRP and Ripple's longer term vision. The thread you started has been incredible to read through! And great timing, because it's been a pretty slow news week. Can't wait to hear more!
  12. Except for all those times he's said this is a marathon and we're in mile 1
  13. MoneyTap is proceeding. The same slide deck that announced the delay of SBIVC said that 3 Banks are live, 4 more are currently rolling out, and an additional 3 have signed production contracts. Remember that this first phase of MoneyTap is xCurrent. XRP remittance or FX won't be introduced for a while.
  14. Except that the trade platform is only one piece of what they're working on. If you look at the presentation, MoneyTap is live with 3 banks, 4 more are in the process of rolling it out, and another 3 have signed agreements to adopt. It will only be a matter of time until they figure out how to add remittance services using XRP. And don't forget that SBI seems to have played a pivotal role in resolving the legal dispute between R3 and Ripple. Now, instead of being at each others' throats, they have an incentive to work together and spur XRP adoption through Corda Settler. When you're dreaming as big as SBI, it takes a long time to put all the pieces together. I agree this probably won't be the last delay, but in the long term, who cares?
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