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  1. Not only that, but they revealed they were buying XRP to help stabilize the price. We're all guessing here, but my guess is that Ripple's buying will increase to account for the XRP that is being released into the market through ODL. Given that the XRP is given out as part of a loan, it's easy to imagine them being able to simultaneously make a profit on the XRP loaned and buy back X% of that XRP from the open market.
  2. Yeah, it's the Rubel, but doesn't seem possible that it's ODL. The map Ripple released shows the 55 countries that Ripplenet is live in, and Russia isn't one of them.
  3. I've reported it, but I'd encourage as many people as possible to also report it.
  4. <removed scam YouTube embed> This is unbelievable. Obviously not really a giveaway, though I can see how it could fool a lot of people.
  5. How do we know that? I try to follow ODL news but I don't recall that the corridor is active.
  6. Yeah, but the weekend volume on Bitso has remained pretty consistent. And it still seems like the vast majority of volume on Bitso is ODL, not speculation. It seems more likely that Utility Scan just didn't register the weekend ODL volume than that there was no ODL volume this weekend.
  7. Nothing too scientific. Just looking at the activity at Bitso and comparing it to the transfers utility scan picks up on.
  8. Yeah, Brad has mentioned that they've had to throttle ODL based on liquidity. And it seems that liquidity is based on the number of XRP moved a day, not on the value transferred daily. So until they can get more MMs on the XRP/MXN corridor, looks like those numbers are going to stay constant. What's interesting is that it seems like Utility Scan, which used to detect all, or nearly all of those daily transfers, now seems to entirely miss the $20k transfers, and even seems to miss many of the ~$7-8k transfers. I wonder if they've changed something to make ODL transfers harder to identify.
  9. @mouradski and @JASCodercurious to hear your thoughts. According to Utility Scan, the MXN corridor has had a big decline in ODL activity, but when you look at volumes on Bitso, they've stayed consistent. At minimum, it seems likely that the destination tag ending in -5529 has probably changed how they make transactions so that they no longer register on Utility Scan. Have either of you been monitoring the USD/MXN corridor this last week?
  10. What's really been different is that the account that moves money in 20k batches (tag ends in 5529) hasn't been active since Friday. What's interesting is that that tag actually sent several batches at 50k at a time, but has been quiet since. As always, no need to panic. Though it would be a blow if that account remained inactive.
  11. Don't forget--them putting a country on the map doesn't mean it's an active corridor. It means it's a corridor they're monitoring.
  12. Are you implying something or just being nosy?
  13. Thanks for weighing in Eri! And keep up the great work. You're the only crypto YouTuber I watch regularly.
  14. I have a similar appreciation for Eri. But I wonder whether posting recaps of her videos might not be hurting her more than helping her? Anyone reading your recaps instead of watching her videos isn't tipping her with Coil, or giving her ad revenue from Youtube. Maybe just post a link to each video, then have the follow up conversation on this thread?
  15. I don't think wicks are the only indicators of spread. What I mean is the average difference between the buy orders and sell orders. Typically that difference is at least $0.02 MXN, and the XRP that was actually in those orders that was enough to cover the ODL transfers was closer to $0.03. Now, the spread is at $0.01. That was part of what changed when ODL volume fell off a ledge. I can't remember whether they explicitly stated it, but it's almost certain that they stopped subsidizing MGI's batch treasury payments.
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