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    Jungle Inc. Channel Shut Down

    Merged with the existing thread.
  2. Could we please stay on the topic. Thanks
  3. I cried a little! sold my xrps, feeling better now.
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    The coming millionaires of XRP

    I would like to add, in case you are trading, you need to register a business and that is when you start paying your taxes as a legal entity. But the line between traders and holders is not clearly defined. And you are right, holders (which can do occasional trades) are not subject to taxes - YET
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    XRP and TAX

    Most of these countries will have established taxation by then.
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    Get MemberBerry back!

    Besides that he insulted some people in Zerpbox. And after he earned his 6th warning, he decided to insult mods too.
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    Ripple desktop wallet

    He hasn’t contacted me, so i guess he doesn’t really need it. And having a wallet without having a secret written down, especially when prompted to do so, is a bit strange. btw @Lynxyy my offer has just expired
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    Ripple desktop wallet

    I hope that folder contains the file with encrypted secret key. I can send you the wallet, but you will have to trust me that i have not changed the code. If interested, you can pm me.
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    Ripple should Break Itself Up

    Vinnie, is that you?
  10. - “...sell the news”.