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    Ripple desktop wallet

    He hasn’t contacted me, so i guess he doesn’t really need it. And having a wallet without having a secret written down, especially when prompted to do so, is a bit strange. btw @Lynxyy my offer has just expired
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    Ripple desktop wallet

    I hope that folder contains the file with encrypted secret key. I can send you the wallet, but you will have to trust me that i have not changed the code. If interested, you can pm me.
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    Ripple should Break Itself Up

    Vinnie, is that you?
  4. - “...sell the news”.
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    Cashing out

    You can buy physical gold with btc or usd iou on Bitstamp. That’s one of the alternatives.
  6. Thanks @teddybear for inviting me here. @PickleRick excellent topic! My view, just in short : My funds out of a very speculative investment (XRP) will definitely not go into another speculative one. It needs to be as conservative as it can be and still makes a return of 3-5%. Have not decided yet, but I think there's lots of great ideas in this topic. I'd like to thank all the contributors.
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    Is gatehub safe?

    The balance will show exactly the same on both sides, as you are accessing the same wallet with two different clients. As for the last question, better to wait for some of the experienced users to confirm it, as I am no expert on this.
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    Is gatehub safe?

    1. Install Ripple Desktop Wallet (or any other trusted wallet) 2. Import your secret key into desktop wallet (find it in GH, wallet/advanced/show my secret key) 3. Once you find all your funds are safely there, you can delete your account on GH, but make sure you have no other wallets (ie hosted wallet) with fund on it I assume no responsibility for this, just writing from my memory, hope it helps
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    Is gatehub safe?

    No Sir, you can use the same wallet in your desktop client, find your secret key in Gatehub under the Wallet/advanced.
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    Cashing out

    There are few stages of KYC. It goes like this : 1. How did you learn about Bitcoin? 2. What is the purpose of your trading on Bitstamp? Please describe in as much detail as possible how you intend to use your trading account. 3. Which banks do you intend to use? Please provide the complete addresses and SWIFT codes. 4. Estimated amount that you would be depositing/withdrawing to/from your Bitstamp account per month (in USD and BTC)? 5. What type of trading will you conduct? Buying/selling/both? Estimated trade volume per month? 6. What are your future plans and activities planned on our exchange? Next: 1. Are you using your Bitstamp account in connection with any business activity? 2. Please describe your current account usage in as much detail as possible. 3. How have you acquired the deposited XRP? 4. What are your future plans and activities planned on our exchange? 5. Please describe the purpose of withdrawing your funds to a bank account in xxxxx and provide us with a screenshot of your bank account statement where the account holder and account number will be visible. 6. Estimated amount that you would be depositing/withdrawing to/from your Bitstamp account per month (in USD and BTC)? And then : To proceed with the conclusion of the KYC procedure, we kindly ask you to provide us with a few screenshots of your most relevant bank transfers sent to Gatehub. Aaaand : To conclude the KYC procedure, we kindly ask you to provide us with some documentation with which we will be able to verify the source of your income which you have initially invested into cryptocurrency, such as savings account statement, salary pay slip, tax revenue statement, investment portfolio or similar. ... We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully concluded the additional KYC procedure. However, please note that we may contact you again, should we require any further information. ---- After that, my withdrawals go out smoothly. I guess without any upper limits. I hope that helps and good luck to all!
  11. The normal path would be : They send out USD and receiving bank exchange it to a local currency using the day’s exchange rate, set by the receiving bank.
  12. I don’t see a reason why not. Go to withdraw and choose International bank.
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    Gatehub receiving 'strike-off' notice

    The team has always been honest and hard working. Expanding business may not be as easy as it sounds. They seem to be focused on obtaining the payment license and together with an ever increasing number of accounts it's very easy to get slightly behind on annual reports. Let's give them some credit.
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    Will Ripple announce operations in China during Swell?

    Since this is a speculative thread, i can say they all will at some point. We just got a first confirmation - Cuallix.
  15. You don't need to log-in. Use this tool and your public address : https://bithomp.com/explorer/ You can even bookmark it like this : https://bithomp.com/explorer/<your public address>