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  1. No personal attacks, please, let’s get back on topic. Thanks!
  2. Try to open the wallet with an old Ripple desktop client. It is not guaranteed, but it is worth a try. Good luck.
  3. @Hopium@tulo Please stay on the subject, it may be very useful for many members. And respect other people’s opinions. Thanks.
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked. Is it ok the set the same eth format address across several devices, or would you recommend a different eth address per each ripple address? You have been very helpful, Thank you.
  5. Everyone has the right to express their opinions as long as they stay respectful to other members and in this case to people in general.
  6. Please stay on topic, you can create a new thread in the off-topic section and continue your health discussion there. Thank you.
  7. Try to send a message to @karlos
  8. I suggest we all try and give our best to keep this thread on a decent level and be good to each other. I really don’t want to lock it down yet.
  9. I believe this one : http://www.tr0lly.com/ripple/ripples-200-institutional-clients-claim-is-a-scam/
  10. Hi @kickstart I have sent you a PM, let me know if it works.
  11. ^ or this topic will not have a long life. Up to you guys.
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