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    We all got fooled again.

    I believe this one : http://www.tr0lly.com/ripple/ripples-200-institutional-clients-claim-is-a-scam/
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    Unable to access wallet (please help)

    Hi @kickstart I have sent you a PM, let me know if it works.
  3. ^ or this topic will not have a long life. Up to you guys.
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    Jungle Inc. Channel Shut Down

    Merged with the existing thread.
  5. Could we please stay on the topic. Thanks
  6. I cried a little! sold my xrps, feeling better now.
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    The coming millionaires of XRP

    I would like to add, in case you are trading, you need to register a business and that is when you start paying your taxes as a legal entity. But the line between traders and holders is not clearly defined. And you are right, holders (which can do occasional trades) are not subject to taxes - YET