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  1. @XRPto50dollars what is going down in 2023? The end of the distribution of xrp coins?
  2. I did ask you before ... Relates back to the image you uploaded with your profile pic in "different stages of investing" not a biggie. Obviously not something you meant as serious.
  3. @XRPto50dollars two questions. 1) I thought I understood the line break tutorial until you said "...the plot thickens". Don't know what you meant by that with respect to the chart so I guess I'm not understanding . Can you explain in more detail? 2) What stage of investing are you in now 'cause it looks good to me?!
  4. xrpto50dollars. You posted a legend to your "stages of investing" that went with your profile pic. Your new pic is not in your legend. So, I'm asking what stage of investing coincides with your new profile pic ?
  5. xrpto50dollars. What stage of investment are you in right now ?
  6. ipinabox you fox I fancy and can see what you mean but disagree in part when you start with the 'Market is me' double check I will, at the chronological data check and see, dat time could be the key
  7. Ok, more questions here... I know you started the thread off by saying that you were using the 1 day chart. Do you consider all the different 'timeframes' equally useful depending on the type of trading you do. Ie. is the one minute chart good for traders that are trading really high volume over short timeframes or is the one minute chart just not enough data to really get a reading on what is going on? Also, I think I've seen you reference volume as an additional indicator to be used with this chart. Is that true, if so, how do you use volume in conjunction with this chart and is there anything else that is semi-basic that would be good to add to the basic chart analysis ?
  8. Thank you! Great answers So, just for clarity... You mention a trend being 4 days but then in some charts you have a trend lasting weeks. Can you explain that a bit more. Are there two types of trends that you are referring to?
  9. xrpto50dollars, Couple questions for you... 1) What about the chart is making you uneasy... ie, why do you think there will be an explosion one way or the other? 2) A couple days ago you posted a ss of the xrp heikin and pointed to the top of the shadow , drew a line to 1.22 ish and said that's a significant point/price. Is that typical of TA on Heikin, ie. looking for the top of a shadow as a 'goal' for the price to hit. Could you explain your thinking on that comment a little more. Thanks for all the info in this thread. I feel like I've learned a lot.
  10. I'm not Dutch but I have been wondering the same thing Probably because I'm feeling that sting just a month ago when I was in the shower I'd sing now, not so much more like a scream my millionaire dream is just getting creamed Seriously though, this lockstep reeks of 'in your face' manipulation. WTF, can anybody explain?
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