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  1. Looks like API method stated above is working again as expected. Don't know if it was fixed or what happened, but it is again serving almost real time data.
  2. I'm running XRPL validator (validator.rippled.eu). At the same address I created simple page with history of my validator where can I quickly check state of my validator (e.g. missed validations). Previously, data were updated almost immediately, but now there're no real time data. You can see just yesterday and older results. To retrieve data I'm sending POST request to https://data.ripple.com/ server (https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/validators/nHBmJuwMPRh2mLrYhUdFHNKrZ3cwXEkiGAKXESM4mDvQKMF8WAp7/reports?format=json&descending=true) Same results can be seen on XRP Charts. I didn't find any information about the change in Get Single Validator Reports method. Is it possible to retrieve real time data about total / missed validations ratio as it was a few days ago? Thank you.
  3. Issue solved. My validator is now fully verified by Ripple. validator.rippled.eu
  4. I'm running XRPL validator (public key: nHBmJuwMPRh2mLrYhUdFHNKrZ3cwXEkiGAKXESM4mDvQKMF8WAp7) based on Wietse's Wind docker rippled validator repo (https://github.com/WietseWind/docker-rippled-validator). It's up and running newest rippled version 1.2.0. Now I'm trying to validate my (sub)domain (again according to the instructions of Wietse - https://medium.com/@WietseWind/verify-your-ripple-validator-show-your-domain-da19de30b19bbut) with no success. I'm little bit desperate and really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Hope someone can help me. After a few attempts I ended up with following configuration: Server 1 (S1): web hosting with simple web presentation https://www.rippled.eu Server 2 (S2): with rippled validator running CentOS with webserver running and serving subdomain https://validator.rippled.eu I edited apache ssl configuration file (ssl.conf) with these parameters: ServerName validator.rippled.eu SSLCertificateFile /.../validator.rippled.eu/cert.pem SSLCertificateKeyFile /.../validator.rippled.eu/privkey.pem SSLCertificateChainFile /.../validator.rippled.eu/chain.pem Both servers has its own Let's Encrypt certificate (S1 *.rippled.eu, S2 validator.ripppled.eu). Certificates were generated using Certbot on S2. On S1 I uploaded thru administration control panel of my webhosting service. Web browsers displays that certificates are valid. S1 has DNS A record (validator.rippled.eu and *.validator.rippled.eu pointing to public IP of S2) In verification process I'm running following command: "docker run --rm -it -v /keystore/:/keystore/ -p 80:80 xrptipbot/verify-rippledvalidator" Next listing is as folows: So I ran next command: docker exec rippledvalidator /keystore/finish_signing In final step I inserted requested data into Google Docs "XRP Ledger Validator Domain Verification" document Email: my email Domain: validator.rippled.eu Validator public key: nHBmJuwMPRh2mLrYhUdFHNKrZ3cwXEkiGAKXESM4mDvQKMF8WAp7 SSL Signature: 512B long hash Domain Signature: 128B long hash Everytime I tried, I received email with following message: Could someone point me where I'm making mistake, what's wrong with my certificate or verification process? Why is verification process missing my certificate? Am I missing something in apache configuration files (https.conf, ssl.conf) or rippled config file (rippled.cfg)? I'll be glad for every suggestion or help. Thank you.
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