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  1. LEA = Law Enforcement Agency. LEO = Law Enforcement Officer. This Gnosticplayers would be a pretty unexpected Deus Ex Machina...
  2. Would it make any difference to start a class action with a lawyer based in Europe/UK instead of US? (I don't have any suggestion. Just wondering)
  3. Any serious website to rate a company? People deserve to get transparent reviews about GateHub.
  4. @RJK It really hurts to read your words because you sound right... I hope everybody's going to get a refund but I feel like it won't happen. No matter how this ends up : thank you @Silkjaer and whoever is working with you. Your precious help is very much appreciated.
  5. Thanks I'll try my best. It's really hard though. I am preparing a detailed report and will go to the police asap. I thought it was useless. I did not know what to do exactly but have a better idea thanks to @Silkjaer @Bitrookie007 @alloyxrp This message is for any lurker reading this and silent victims : file a police report even if you lost hope. It might help you/someone in the future. Good luck!
  6. Same here. On Gatehub for 4+ years. Just got their e-mail today about warning/phishing and stuff... What's the point to do it after the theft? Is this some way to pretend they've warned everyone & protect themselves? @Jillian I feel you. Good luck. Really tough times. I think about all the people who didn't realize yet... It hurts so much.
  7. XRPchat user since day 1 after migrating from Hurukan's XRPtalk years ago. Supporting Ripple & HODLer since early 2014... GateHub user since day 1 after enjoying RippleTrade era. A true believer. Broken now. Broken. My wallet is empty. All stolen. I am devastated and I hope it will never happen to any of you. @alloyxrp Any recommendation? What is this club about? @gatehub @enej I hope you will find the people doing this, refund everyone and not do like JustCoin did years ago... Thanks for your help. I think I won't sleep. I just hope I'll wake up from this nightmare.
  8. Bought some through Binance like 10 days ago. 1 year HODL planned. Just in case... Around 400-500% up since then. Into XRP since 2014.
  9. XRPlayStation to 10$ would be nice. Thanks all of you for my favourite forum since XRPtalk closed. So exciting times.
  10. Actually with the current Wallet it is not obvious that these kind of Exchange transactions are cancelled. They seem to be fulfilled. Well... I've just missed a crazy trade but I'm not gonna blame anybody except myself. Thanks for the explanation.
  11. Thank you Mercury. Looks like a bug in the Exchange option (but not with small amounts). Weird fact is that it did not create a sell order in the Trade option instead. So it's impossible to cancel anything. Same kind of notifications as rashedalssarhi. And the balance is not updated neither.
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