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  1. You have been here for a while...Are you saying Brad is clearly not long on XRP because of his selling?
  2. So if you don’t move your xrp from the exchange they will liquidate it for you if its still there after the 29th? Thats Just crazy to me. What happened to innocent until proven guilty!
  3. I have come across so many great giffs I don't want to forget them! ...is there anyway or someone that knows how to easily log them into one database on XRP chat? I think it would be greatness.
  4. Well you just inspired me so gonna pick up a handful. Yup done!
  5. I Average buying 3-4 times time per week in small increments for a while now that uphold is available. I can’t stop Really. I do try and remember to only invest what u can afford but I Do get a little carried away when “feelin No pain” but all good. Looking back at my my stack goals when I first got in around May of 2017 it’s crazy to think what that has Morphed into. I did trade in my one bitcoin I said I would never sell that I bought in the same time I got into XRP with all my other alts when XRP went to low 30’s mid 20’s last month and that was my all in moment that pushed my stack to a
  6. I hope this is in the right forum, but I have a question or two. I still hold most of my xrp in the original ripple desktop wallet that I heard is no longer supported. They seem to be safe there or am I missing something? I keep buying more so Im thinking of moving the majority over to a ledger nano s that I have had in the box for a while now that I have not touched. I have xrp spread across the ripple desktop wallet, Abra, uphold, and a few major exchanges. If I want to move the majority of them over to the ledger nano should I send them over to the ripple desktop wallet first
  7. "What does America produce again?" We will become top exporter of Oil. Already shaping up
  8. Hello, my name is Bryan, and I also buy crypto after selling weed.
  9. Wow...Just got on abra yesterday and just tested it out 10 minutes ago and shizam. Instant Zerps ( first time I have ever said zerp) I had no idea it would be that easy. Let the spree begin
  10. But to answer your question I would be ok cause fn love life. I’ve always learned when you don’t worry about $$ it just finds u and Man this little ripple seems to be getting better. I mean between the name and the price it just sticks out as a winner. Hope im right for once!
  11. Oh wow that was my first post ever and I’ve been on here for about 6 months. Nice work.
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