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  1. Couldn't JPM / Federal Reserve strong arm the entire Federal Reserve banking system in to accepting the JPM crypto coin, in effect, duplicating the fiat dollar as reserve currency?
  2. It was 3.70 at one point also. I guess progress is relative. Five steps forward, four steps back.
  3. The fact that XRP price stays wedged at .30 is not a positive indicator.
  4. This chat room seems to have degenerated to the level of Facebook, constant "gotcha!" and ad hominem attacks. It seems obvious that JPM is attempting to duplicate the power and control of the dollar as world reserve currency by replacing it with a reserve digital currency. The SWIFT network has been used as a political weapon for decades and the central bank does not want to relinquish it as a possible destabilizing lever. JPM could compel SWIFT banks to join the network and use their JPM coin. This is in direct competition to Ripple's stated goal of complying with regulators to enable rapid intercontinental monetary exchange. I see this as an existential threat to Ripple.
  5. JPM may be monolithic but they can force SWIFT member banks to use their network. That would effectively capture the establishment banking community, which is Ripple's stated goal.
  6. The JPM coin is not as threatening as the network. Don't confuse the vessel with it's content. This is JPM's way of controlling the pipeline.
  7. This is not good news. JPM is a Federal Reserve conduit. Ripple threatened the Fed's deep state political weapon. They have now countered with their own crypto. I will hodl but I'm losing hoep.
  8. XRPChat gotcha! Nail a fellow member for posting something posted previous no matter how timely or well intended. Personally, I welcome all the posts. I might well have missed it the first time.
  9. I hadn't seen it. Thank you for posting.
  10. The U.S. uses the threat of withdrawing SWIFT resources from countries that do not follow its dictates. The government would be unlikely to replace it with a settlement system that would deprive them of this leverage. Will this be an impediment to the growing use of Ripplenet and XRP?
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