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  1. @Wietse In case of NFC you don´t need extra hw too. PIN on glass concept has been recently approved (major showstopper). So basically all you need is Android smartphone with NFC chip and 2 apps (1 for nfc payments and 1 for PIN entry. Very handy solution esp. for small merchants.
  2. Welcome @wojake That is better idea than spamming xrpl indeed Regarding your concerns related to hacking nfc - this has been solved by adding additional security layers like concept of tokenization of card credentials and adding extra counters so it is almost impossible to hack and definitely not profitable for hackers (effort vs profit vs risk).
  3. Well Cortez did very similar thing - burned all his ships during war with Aztecs so his soldiers were more motivated to win without any chance to retreat. Maybe Ripple without escrow will be more motivated to earn money via other revenue streams then selling XRP from bottomless cookie jar Escrow Easy access to money can be distractive for achieving of major goals.
  4. What are the possible consequencies for SEC if they lose the case? The damage they have caused is enormous.
  5. Must be something else - look at amounts during Flare pump in December. But regarding current volume - maybe both Jed and his charity fund are currently selling in parallel 50:50. So Jed himself can sell only 50% of expected amount. But I don´t know the address of that charity fund to check it.
  6. @jbjnr Only 19 093 375.26 for the next week. Maybe there are some extra conditions preventing selling into significantly lower volume.
  7. The biggest mistake of Ripple´s executives so far to make such stupid distribution deal with Jed. But they have probably such generous conditions for their bags too.
  8. And what will happen if they fail to provide documents until this date? Some kind of immediate action?
  9. Yes. Because he is long BTC. No just kidding. Because of insider trading of course, greedy Brad. And I would expect better results under his command. Considering what a jewel he got to manage overal performance and under-delivery is quite pathetic (esp. xRapid/ODL) .
  10. I gotta say @JASCoder When you joined XRP CHAT I thought for a moment you are Hodor under new nickname because you joined at the same time as Hodor left this forum.
  11. I´ll get x Sparks via airdrop and when available on exchanges I will buy more - I hope it is now more clear
  12. I´ll buy more if it is dirt cheap. Maybe Spark will be ETH 2.0, who knows.
  13. Despite of the fact it is very poor article you missed the most important word - currently. I wouldn´t rather comment your advice how to increase price of XRP.
  14. Moneygram. Ripple wouldn´t pay 15M in development fees each Q just for piloting of ODL. Maybe instead of own IPO Ripple will make reverse merger with MGI.
  15. If we are talking about price I would add one heretical idea - instead of returning of unspent XRPs into escrow pool for the next 5 years - Ripple could burn them. But it would probably end up as a stream of endless donations for xPring ,, experiments,, each month.
  16. VISA Direct doesn´t solve instant settlement of payments. So the receiving bank has to wait for settlement file from VISA to get funds from sending bank. You get your money based on successful card authorisation request in advance. It´s like your bank provides you pre-funding until they get money from sending bank, usually next business day.
  17. Sorry Brad, I know you tend to exaggerate when talking about your accomplishments. I saw only a few THB transactions passing through ODL.
  18. I am pretty sure they sleep in one bed at least one month. The insider purchases of MGI shares have been initiated in March
  19. I still think the drop of ODL volume was caused by MGI-WU merger and is temporary before WU join the party. They will need to rebalance and optimize in-out money flows via ODL.
  20. That´s is interesting how Asian markets prefer QR instead of NFC standard. Lower transaction and implementation costs are in favour of QR. On the other hand all of them are closed loops, domestic only solutions, for NOW.
  21. It looks like a beginning of joke: One ,,blink of eye,, walks into the room full of other ,,blinks of eye,, to play the game how long can one go without blinking.
  22. Thanks. This is some really good stuff, indeed. You just made me have a 5th coffee today.
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