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  1. That´s in fact very interesting question. Sometimes I think about this scary scenario - once in the future when xrp become reserve currency and will be used by central banks - retail investors will be forced to sell and xrp can be used only by FIs. A bit Orwell´s scenario, I know
  2. I think FB solution is a threat for VISA, MC or any Paypal because their business model is based on the fees coming from transaction processing. Sooner or later they will try to come up with their own P2P solution (e.g. like Visa recently did with B2B Connect). They joined this partnership because they want to have insider info and control the development. Do you remember when 15 senior executives from JP Morgan visited Ripple's office in 12/2017? One year later they announced JPM coin...
  3. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
  4. Absolutely useless initiative - that´s all I should say. In fact it can create problems with perception of Ripple in Muslim world.
  5. Last time Ripple sold 10 bps was in 4Q2017, bullish?
  6. Legit question. Or why should they implement and use 2 different payment systems (one for intra and one for inter payments) if they can use one capable of processing all transactions.
  7. Masterpiece, thanks jbjnr. You just confirmed my suspicious. Could you pls share those specific wallets responsible for programmatic sales too? It seems to be worth to monitor their movements.
  8. Some of you will disagree but it´s pretty obvious that won´t happen anytime soon in the USA because Ripple and XRP has a potential to weaken primacy of USD. Ripple should focus on other regions and I think they understand that.
  9. Hi jbnjr - do you know how much was returned back into escrow for April?
  10. Vocalink is a payment systems company headquartered in the United Kingdom, created in 2007 from the merger between Voca and LINK. It designs, builds and operates the UK payments infrastructure, which underpins the provision of the Bacs payment system, the Direct Debit system, the UK ATM LINK switching platform covering 65,000 ATMs and the UK Faster Payments systems. Vocalink processes over 90% of UK salaries, more than 70% of household bills and 98% of state benefits. In 2013 the company processed over 10.5 billion UK payments with a value of over £5 trillion. In July 2016 MasterCard purchased a 92% stake in the company, with the remainder to be held by UK banks for a period of three years
  11. That´s reaction on the rise of RTGSs. E.g. in Europe they see a serious threat coming from PSD2 and TIPS. They are too much expensive in comparison with upcoming new methods and use mainly batch processing for clearing and settlement. For them it´s a bit difficult to say: hey, we gonna decrease our processing fees by 50%...Instead of that they will become active in some form of ACH payments in parallel with card processing model. (something like Mastercard does with Vocalink in England).
  12. ........Notice it was 7 months of 900, then 6 months of 800, then it went to seven hundred... the rate of takeup of OTC XRP is accelerating......
  13. Jun19 700mil Jul19 700mil Aug19 600 mil Sep19 600 mil Oct19 600 mil Nov19 600 mil Dec19 500 mil Jan20 500 mil Feb20 500 mil Mar20 400 mil Apr20 400 mil May20 300 mil Jun20 200 mil Jul20 100 mil Aug20 0 mil returned to escrow
  14. David Schwartz use to mention a phrase comparing internet of value with moving information on internet. Like this one: “ The internet of value is achieved through breaking down the system into silos and this works these same way the internet did with information sharing…it )Ripple) makes money to flow easily just like information online..”
  15. Indeed - EvonSys even provides a screenshot, showing the usage of XRP for Bulk payments, between CommBank and Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citi.
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