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  1. I know only one entity in that region which could help - but at first they need to blink in July.
  2. before Swell event in November - people use to expect some news to be released. And I´am not a financial advisor
  3. Who? Ripple? They sell XRPs like there´s no tomorrow. But somebody would argue it has no impact on price.
  4. ,,to non-customers through a standalone open market app called Pago FX,, - does anybody know how it will work?
  5. Wake up US. This happens if you are focused on prohibition rather than innovation. Just keep your glacial pace in regulatory clarity and you will become obsolete soon.
  6. How many SBI engineers had to commit seppuku this time?
  7. Thanks Hodor. ,,Each bank and regional bank will be able to use Money Tap as a function of (a new) API infrastructure ... - This Kitao´s quote immediately hit me like a truck. Does it mean the banks won´t need to integrate Ripple into their legacy systems directly but instead of that they will use on-behalf SBI API service?
  8. I want to believe the whole amount includes selling of Jed´s XRPs only.
  9. I think this acquisition is from the same category like when Mastercard acquired Vocalink in GB. https://newsroom.mastercard.com/press-releases/mastercard-announces-acquisition-of-vocalink/
  10. Very interesting interview indeed - especially the part about connecting high-speed domestic networks into global network. And, dammit - I want to see finally some nice graph/statistics with xrp volumes.
  11. Just a crazy theory - does Ripple intentionally try to keep the price of XRP low (minimize announcements) until Jed sell the significant part of his XRP holdings? And the second question - Does Jed really sell on daily basis?
  12. That means what Coinbase thinks about inflationary currency with spaceship in the logo. And regarding to the methods how to buy/sell XRP - here in Europe we have plenty of them. I personally use Gatehub (Sepa transfers), Revolut (instant card purchase) and I would like to try Wietse´s XRParrot.
  13. It is really naive to think that XLM will be listed before XRP if XLM isn´t supported asset in Coinbase custody.
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