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  1. And Ripple is what? One of the biggest shareholders. So they saved the company which gonna use other service.
  2. You should explain it to Moneygram why they decided to use it. Something is fishy here.
  3. No. This is card based transfer. The recipient bank has to enable funds to the receiver´s account within 30 minutes after they validate authorization request from sender bank. The final settlement between banks is done later on (usually next working day). Personally I don´t like this kind of news coming from Moneygram because I see it as a competitive service to XRP.
  4. I don´t like how many times he touched his nose - negative body language.
  5. I don´t think so 100%. Total number of partners, new partners, total XRP volume and trend, anonymized statistics that´s what I expect to find in Q reports at least. This kind of info is not covered by NDAs and in fact could be a good marketing tool for new potential partners //of course if they are positive.
  6. If this 1B is used in order to create 50mil of wallets for Coil users with mandatory 20XRP reserve then I don´t have any problem at all.
  7. Curve comes to my mind. It is an Over The Top banking platform that consolidates all bank cards into a single smart card and app.
  8. Unfortunately our TPS 1500/sec is too fast so we can't keep the value long enough like some serious 7tps projects like BTC /sarcasm off
  9. Considering your example with Louisiana I would create 1B wallets, each with 20 xrps for newcomers.
  10. Of course they can. But I think there wont be a lot of new retail blood coming with wagons full of money. Gamblers and kids with lunch money wont be able to keep the price. The time is ticking and if they dont show some serious results with xrp the retail money will move in other alternatives. As somebody said above: times of cheap talks are over.
  11. Or greedy persons. The decision to give them such vast amount of xrps was absolute fail. Having such vast amount is a no-go if they want to create ecosystem with big boys. So I think they have been ,, kindly,, asked to fix this issue and because of that they are dumping like crazy. Except Jed - he has his personal agenda with xrp.
  12. I use to check @whale_alert but having such tool would be absolutely awesome.
  13. Yes that´s correct so I guess they sell XRP from escrow only to institutions via OTC.
  14. @Julian_Williams you can derive avg price from quaterly reports. Institutional sales in USD/escrow sales. Last time I got 0,08USD/XRP = 62mil USD from institutional sales/700mil XRPs released from escrow. Maybe some got XRPs for less and some not. So I think 0,08USD is the absolute bottom where we can get.
  15. I am a bit sceptical. Why do they hide the names of new partners? What is the best marketing for Ripple and partners than annoucement of the partnership. NDA? Maybe in case of some A-grade partners. These vague statements mean nothing if they repeat them x-times. Sorry
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