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  1. Thanks. This is some really good stuff, indeed. You just made me have a 5th coffee today.
  2. I do agree. In case of MGI there is a decent Risk-Reward-Ratio. I think 2 scenarios are possible: 1. MGI will significantly improve their cost efficiency and take over WU market share in ODL corridors. 2. Someone like VISA or Mastercard will try to buy them later. (like Ant and Euronet in 2017). Maybe the price won´t hit ATH $280 again but $17-25 range in 1-2 years may happen.
  3. Only possible when economy experiences growth. Wait for the next recession when people will need funds locked in cryptos. Then utility will replace speculation and all those cryptos with zero utility die. Not a case of XRP.
  4. After 6-7 years is reasonable to expect some serious adoption and usage. E.g in case of Airbnb It took 4 years to be in 89 countries and had hit 1 million nights booked on the platform. Uber - in 6 years they were used in 58 countries and 300 cities. For me this year is crucial. If nothing significant happen in terms of ODL usage I will reconsider my investment in XRP. Ripple hired a lot of top managers - what is their role/results except speaking at conferences?
  5. May there be a possible outcome that the court will decide that the Ripple cannot sell more XRP until is decided whether it's security or not?
  6. I wonder when they will become the ODL member - one of the events I expect to happen in 2020.
  7. You know - after ,,blink of eye,, message we are a bit suspicious and resistant to Fomo news coming from SBI.
  8. During old good days we had 10k-20k new accounts activated daily (Dec 2017) and now we have 500-1500.
  9. Simply said: No. The reason why Moneygram made a deal with VISA is because they want to improve their operating costs and replace part of transaction traffic from their legacy system by using of VISA network. Because Ripple isn´t fast enough in opening of new corridors Moneygram decided to use VISA existing solution for money transfers called VISA Direct. Alternatively they could use Mastercard service Money Send - but probably negotiated better deal with VISA.
  10. Believe what you want to believe. For me that was a red flag so I don´t have any expectations that something significant will happen in near future. I work in a financial area and not always deal with gentlemen.
  11. Do you know what was the best indicator for me? DS de-risking strategy. If one of the most important Ripple employees, insider, reduces his stack it means only one thing, in the short and medium term we can´t expect any significant increase of price. Even the best NDA will not protect you from greed of insiders.
  12. I simply don´t believe in it (and especially not after CMC calculation fail). They had to incentivize them with cheaper price otherwise what would be the reason to use OTC (and being under restrictions coming from agreement) and don´t buy from exchange?
  13. I agree. Because of that I used term ,,average price,, Ripple probably doesn´t use the same price for each investor, so some of them can receive XRP for free (Coil, Xpring) and the concept of operating wallets for unused portion of XRPs is known just from the last quater what I know
  14. Yes, only the volume which didn´t returned back to escrow. Example for q3: Inst. sales $50M vs 700M xrps from escrow (July 300, Aug 200 and Sept 200M) = $0,07
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