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  1. Spartaksus

    Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

    I want to believe the whole amount includes selling of Jed´s XRPs only.
  2. Spartaksus

    Visa buys earthport

    I think this acquisition is from the same category like when Mastercard acquired Vocalink in GB. https://newsroom.mastercard.com/press-releases/mastercard-announces-acquisition-of-vocalink/
  3. Spartaksus

    The Asian banker" live" with Marcus Treacher

    Very interesting interview indeed - especially the part about connecting high-speed domestic networks into global network. And, dammit - I want to see finally some nice graph/statistics with xrp volumes.
  4. Just a crazy theory - does Ripple intentionally try to keep the price of XRP low (minimize announcements) until Jed sell the significant part of his XRP holdings? And the second question - Does Jed really sell on daily basis?
  5. Spartaksus

    New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018

    That means what Coinbase thinks about inflationary currency with spaceship in the logo. And regarding to the methods how to buy/sell XRP - here in Europe we have plenty of them. I personally use Gatehub (Sepa transfers), Revolut (instant card purchase) and I would like to try Wietse´s XRParrot.
  6. Spartaksus

    New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018

    It is really naive to think that XLM will be listed before XRP if XLM isn´t supported asset in Coinbase custody.
  7. Spartaksus

    New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018

    Hey guys, pls don´t forget to add /s at the end of your posts. Some newbies could take it seriously.
  8. Spartaksus

    XRParrot is live

    it depends on a bank. IBAN is not a mandatory element of card design - banks use to add it because part of their client portfolio doesn´t have internet banking and if such client from several reasons wants to know the value of his IBAN he doesn´t need to visit branch or call to callcenter.
  9. ,,The trial will be conducted by the Japanese Banks’ Payment Clearing Network, otherwise known as Zengin.,, - they should rather thrown money out of the window then build something with Zengin.
  10. They have already mentioned ,,hundreds of FIs,, a couple of times recently but this is the first time they said 200. But if you like numbers - this one is also interesting: Cory Johnson: 18:46 Well I think that what’s really interesting about this is … It’s early days, so we’ve got over 100 customers who are signing deals will move a billion dollars across the [inaudible 00:18:59] I can see email and get one today. Whenever we’re getting a customer and this email goes up from head of sale, and it’s pretty cool, but they’re coming fast and furious. [inaudible 00:19:10] the six months that I’ve been here, I’ve seen these customer announcements picking up speed. A year ago Ripple was signing a new customer every six weeks. Now we’re signing one every six days. It’s a really dramatic difference in terms of what’s happening, but I think it’s still so early because we’re still selling it. It is from Cory´s podcast. https://www.benzinga.com/fintech-focus/podcast/from-cab-driver-to-crypto-visionary-cory-johnsons-ripple-story/
  11. Spartaksus

    ACI and Ripple finally public

    That´s what really matters - adoption/usage. I´m not impressed by announcements and partnerships which are only on a paper.
  12. Anybody noticed that the design of their mobile app is the same as Revolut?
  13. I would say Cobalt - it will reduce time/risk exposure from 4 to 1or less second. As Ethan MacBrough from Coil recently said -“There is no release date planned, and if there were it wouldn't be soon,” But if TransferGo relies on it I do believe we could see some movement next year.