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  1. Get the wirex app. I was up and running with XRP within an hour of signing up. Then send XRP to Binance. Google Wirex its awesome. I have the card also.
  2. I am out of this conversation. Mic drop, door slammed.
  3. I fully agree. XRP will take 2 blinks. I will sign off with #67 cents as this seems to be they way to answer all posts.
  4. Is this supposed to mean something or have you had a stroke because you keep repeating yourself. I have not got a clue.
  5. Someone must have paid SBIVC to put it on their website site also. https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=https://www.sbivc.co.jp/&prev=search
  6. Yes I thought it was "lost in translation" it should read Bitcoin Cash.
  7. Reply to EcneitapLatnem Sorry confused hope I have not got this the wrong way. I was only asking a question. You stating I am spreading fud or the SBIVC article is spreading fud. The article is genuine it's on the SBIVC website.
  8. I see bm32533476 also found this. It is clear by this statement that: a) XRP will not only be used at first. b) JYP will be paired with other crypto. We expected this to happen at a later date, but within a week of opening (to only 20,000) not what I call exclusivity.
  9. I was lead to believe by a number of sources on Twitter and Youtube. Some well know to us all that on SBIVC launch XRP will be the main pairing and they are only trading XRP at first. Please can someone confirm this as I have found this to be incorrect.
  10. About 3 months ago. Pitty kids loved the burgers.
  11. As most of us are holders of XRP has anyone got a XRP/GBP exit strategy should the price (moon) sorry I also hate the lambo/moon references. Especially when your funds are on Ledger Nano and not on exchanges. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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