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  1. Yes, I know. I never mentioned investing based off what you said. I always enjoy reading your stuff and its appreciated. All I said was that if XRP were to (for whatever reason) not go as high as we all expect (or fail), it will be interesting to re-read yours and others posts which (at the time) highlighted XRP's potential.
  2. Im all in XRP and believe it will succeed, but i've been in many investments where there is always someone who writes up articles explaining why 'said investment' is such a win, only for the investment to ultimately fail. It will be interesting to see what happens with our XRP investment over the next several years and whether or not all of these articles are actually substantiated or end up being all for nothing.
  3. Same people who bought BTC at $19,050 If BTC were to ever hit $1 million, it means someone is willing to spend that much
  4. Because theyre at mcdonalds? I never understood the 'hidden agenda in pictures' mindset
  5. Who knows anymore. Ripple employees wear pants. I think they're partnering with Levi jeans.
  6. Just want to be sure youre an adult, right? If you can't handle someone implying or not implying or possibly implying, maybe you shouldnt be here. I dunno. I could just as easily say youre implying XRP will never hit $100 when you said, "You are repeating a common logical fallacy here". I can but I wont, but I just did so there you go.
  7. Bitcoin will never hit $100. Endlessly said in 2010.
  8. In other words, Ripple may become extremely successful but XRP investors may never see a massive price growth.
  9. Whats said: "This is going to be a record week for Ripple” What actually happens: XRP at .40
  10. Oh brother. Is this already turning into another, "They must be partnering with Ripple because Im invested in XRP and thats the only thing that makes sense to me?"
  11. And not be like Justin Sun all giddy about 70% sure he 'got it right this time' and then we find out its just a lunch with Buffett
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