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  1. Interesting. Question, how is using the Paper Wallet feature secure seeing its all online? Click Generate New to create new public and private keys but are those keys actually random and not stored anywhere on servers? Also, as an experiment I unplugged my internet. All tabs said No Internet Connection, but the Bithomp Paper Wallet page was still able to create new paper wallets offline. How is this possible? Thanks!
  2. I stopped worrying about this long ago. If it happens it happens.
  3. Whatever we dont want to happen will be what happens. Im a glass empty kind of individual.
  4. Elon Musk is extremely forward thinking. If Ripple could somehow entice him correctly with some form of incentive, perhaps Ripple could get entangled (at least on the extreme side) with SpaceX.
  5. For those invested in CSC, do you think $1 is ever possible / ACTUALLY ever going to happen?
  6. you could have said .29 to .35 and saved yourself a lot of time
  7. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/ tradingview.com / xrpusd
  8. and yet how many people here have clearly said, "My nano is stored away, youll never find it, its in a safe deposit bank, i buried it, etc etc"
  9. updating a brand new Nano with nothing on it is just a little less stressful than doing so with one worth almost a million dollars. dont agree with me. thats awesome. im simply stating what i believe is the easiest route to take with the least amount of stress.
  10. My thought is for those who find themselves in these situations: 1. Dont know how to update 2. Worried about updating 3. An unknown security flaw in the Nano which we wont know about for months 4. An attack on the Nano (virus, who knows) because of some fault of the user, computer error, software error, hardware error, etc 5. Someone who doesnt want to worry about storing their Nano 'properly'. 6. Ledger has openly admitted mistakes very recently. https://www.ledger.fr/2019/02/14/righting-our-1-5-5-nano-s-firmware-update/ Mistakes are expected, but something as simple as not knowing how much capacity would be lost? Thats just ridiculous and I dont believe it. 7. Updating gives you one of dozens of error messages. User panics. Makes a mistake somehow and compromises their Nano / XRP. As long as you have your 24 words you dont need the Nano. I dont even think of it as destroying a device worth $100. Your 24 word seed becomes your $100 device. Imagine XRP worth $500 and you have $700,000 worth of XRP 'on your Nano' ( i know its not actually on it). Now imagine Ledger once again saying you have to update your device. Who here wouldnt be crapping their pants updating a device worth $700,000? Instead, just buy a new one and clone it. Or do nothing and keep holding your 24 words. Problem solved.
  11. Im all for the Nano S but Ledger is a joke. They reduced storage of the S at just about the same time the X comes out. Coincidence? No way. Theyre pushing people to buy the X. And with the Bluetooth feature which theyre calling 'perfectly safe'.. its just laughable. You dont create the most secure device in the world and then start tacking on gizmos and doohickies. Here is Ledgers apology: https://www.ledger.fr/2019/02/14/righting-our-1-5-5-nano-s-firmware-update/ Read this part: Youre telling me a company which can create a super secure device using insanely complex algorithms DIDNT REALIZE the impact it would have on storage??? It's a blatant lie.
  12. Yes. What does that even mean when it takes several times to get it right? Ridiculous. Opinions welcome and correct me if im wrong but my opinion is the best way to do this is to buy a Nano, get your XRP 'on it', confirm your 24 word seed, confirm XRP are in the Explorer, and then destroy your Nano. So many people have stated they are worried about how to properly store their nano. You dont have to store it. Just buy a new one and clone it.
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