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  1. Correct. This is my thinking. We're way too early here to even be allowed to think about $1000. It's laughable. But when I find myself running numbers, back in 2010 it should have technically been absolutely, 100% positively impossibly absurd to ever think BTC would EVER go above $1,000 and yet it hit $20,000. Imagine being in 2010 in Bitcoin forums and telling the members that you have a feeling Bitcoin is going to hit $20,000 in just a few years. You would have probably been banned as they shoved 'market cap' darts down your throat.
  2. We know old Bitcoin forums have people arguing about Bitcoin ever hitting $25. The line was drawn. One side said Yes, the other said No. Now it is our turn. Who will be right years from now?
  3. Any good news will make the price drop further. We need something such as, "Ripple fails". This will in turn cause the price to hit $140 overnight.
  4. It wont be $20 at the next run. $5 max in my opinion followed by mega drops
  5. Price isn't the only way to show Ripple is 'winning'.
  6. i think its all going to come together when we least expect it
  7. MegaNerd

    The Ripple Drop - 8

    you were the first to post about the BG123 ?
  8. That is hilarious. I never understood how people fall for this stuff
  9. i could care less if Ripple partners with Home Depot. Just get the price to $10 haha
  10. MegaNerd

    XRP Standstill

    Once you create a petition and get the top 10 individuals in your government from your country to sign it saying they no longer require funding and aid from the US... then you can all me ignorant. Until then.. just words pal
  11. Like others have said in the past, if TA works as good as people make it out to, there would be many billionaires in the world from being able to interpret charts so well.
  12. There is nothing else for coinbase to 'explore' concerning XRP. They're holding off on purpose for their own self-benefit but know XRP will ultimately be added. Coinbase is not as important as people make it out to be.
  13. For all of 2018 the price dropped yet not once (that I've seen) has any TA person said (and predicted to be true) that 2018 was going to be a year of falling prices. Whats up with that?
  14. MegaNerd

    Forbes - Will Ripple's XRP Thrive In 2019?

    newb said it best. no one knows of course but 2019 to me will probably end very close to where we are right now
  15. MegaNerd

    XRP Standstill

    Right. Except drugs kill, hallucinate, cause paranoia, coma, seizures... and the majority of the $50 billion in foreign aid last year went to bilateral health programs, especially in Africa. but yes.. same thing