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  1. You mean SafePal? The wallet created by Binance? If Binance can cut off US investors from trading for months with a snap of a finger, how easy would it be for them to insert code which would prevent SafePal customers from withdrawing coins for months on end?
  2. What are the chances the first person to respond, uses the same wallet of the username of the person who asked the question
  3. Don't forget to mention SafePal was an incubator project from Binance Labs which by the way, Binance cut off US customers from trading on Binance months before Binance US goes online. I have absolutely zero trust in a product backed by an exchange. The point of a wallet is to get as FAR from an exchange as possible. Not use one that an exchange created
  4. Im behind the loop obviously.. did Ripple buy moneygram??
  5. @Hodor Do you think the days of crypto being worth extraordinary sums is over? Is it possible XRP could be worth $20,000 one day?? Who would have ever thought Bitcoin could be worth $20,000 just a few years ago. Messes with the mind. Nice write up!
  6. Yes, I know. I never mentioned investing based off what you said. I always enjoy reading your stuff and its appreciated. All I said was that if XRP were to (for whatever reason) not go as high as we all expect (or fail), it will be interesting to re-read yours and others posts which (at the time) highlighted XRP's potential.
  7. Im all in XRP and believe it will succeed, but i've been in many investments where there is always someone who writes up articles explaining why 'said investment' is such a win, only for the investment to ultimately fail. It will be interesting to see what happens with our XRP investment over the next several years and whether or not all of these articles are actually substantiated or end up being all for nothing.
  8. Same people who bought BTC at $19,050 If BTC were to ever hit $1 million, it means someone is willing to spend that much
  9. Because theyre at mcdonalds? I never understood the 'hidden agenda in pictures' mindset
  10. Who knows anymore. Ripple employees wear pants. I think they're partnering with Levi jeans.
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