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  1. Whats said: "This is going to be a record week for Ripple” What actually happens: XRP at .40
  2. Oh brother. Is this already turning into another, "They must be partnering with Ripple because Im invested in XRP and thats the only thing that makes sense to me?"
  3. And not be like Justin Sun all giddy about 70% sure he 'got it right this time' and then we find out its just a lunch with Buffett
  4. Have to start somewhere
  5. I didnt imply charity was horrible. Im suggesting he didn't present Ripple on Ellen simply out of the goodness of his heart and without any compensation
  6. You will never be out of a job then
  7. I sold awhile ago and bought back in getting a lot more XRP but come on now. Are we EVER going to move up??????????????????????????
  8. I dont like it. We're seeing a lot of this stuff popping up.
  9. He could care less about XRP and Ripple. He got paid to do that stunt.
  10. I wouldnt wear them. They look ok but its just random logos with XRP overlaid.
  11. Back in the day people used to post classifieds in the newspaper with titles such as , "Make $1,000 from home per week. One time payment of $10." The pyramid scheme was that you would send $10 to the person and receive a paper showing you how to post classifieds saying, "Make $1,000 from home per week. One time payment of $10." You made $1,000 per week when 100 people sent you $10. Just because people are willing to pay, doesn't make it ethically right.
  12. In the US as well? Other sites that allow CC's dont allow it in the US.
  13. The writer doesnt explain where he lives. Depending on the country, how much tax did he have to pay? Did he actually 'cash out' or just saying his would-be profits were such and such. Everyone is trying to figure out the key to seeing into the future and its impossible. Sell, buy... no one knows.
  14. This is actually very true. XRP isnt special. Its an opportunity, but at any moment devastating news could come out which could destroy our entire investment here.
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