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  1. You were spot on again. I was going to buy more VET but didnt because of your suggestion.
  2. I cant find the, "I know Ancient Roman history so let me sell my silver for more than its worth" button on my brokerage account.
  3. Random links? I dont think so. Who even needs this information? It takes a matter of seconds to figure out this data on a calculator.
  4. This is one of the biggest, outright lies ever. The real PRICE of silver is $17. You dont make capital gains from what you think its valued at. I see XRPchat is now becoming a place to pump other investments.
  5. Oh brother, no it will not. According to all the experts, silver was going to "explode" in 2013 and look what happened. Down down down for seven years and all along the way all the "experts" kept telling investors to keep buying! Its going to explode SOON! Silver is definitely NOT a good investment to be in when you consider all the other options out there.
  6. I see your nonsymbolic, melancholic, and diabolic methods. As a workaholic, I need to go frolic and become a chocoholic.
  7. It sounds like a script at this point regarding anyone who bought into any crypto that just so happens to be going up. "Should have bought more", " About to go parabolic"...
  8. Why is VET going up in the first place? Just a random pump that will end in yet another failure from people not knowing when to sell?
  9. You mean SafePal? The wallet created by Binance? If Binance can cut off US investors from trading for months with a snap of a finger, how easy would it be for them to insert code which would prevent SafePal customers from withdrawing coins for months on end?
  10. What are the chances the first person to respond, uses the same wallet of the username of the person who asked the question
  11. Don't forget to mention SafePal was an incubator project from Binance Labs which by the way, Binance cut off US customers from trading on Binance months before Binance US goes online. I have absolutely zero trust in a product backed by an exchange. The point of a wallet is to get as FAR from an exchange as possible. Not use one that an exchange created
  12. Im behind the loop obviously.. did Ripple buy moneygram??
  13. @Hodor Do you think the days of crypto being worth extraordinary sums is over? Is it possible XRP could be worth $20,000 one day?? Who would have ever thought Bitcoin could be worth $20,000 just a few years ago. Messes with the mind. Nice write up!
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