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  1. That's all well and good but we are not buying shares of Ripple. We hold XRP. Something entirely different. I dont know if it will increase in value or not. No one really does. But a good sign (for me) is the continued sale of XRP out of escrow while still HOLDING its value in the market per/XRP. Someone or something is buying the **** outta XRP. They must see some future value in this new asset. I just wish I knew who is buying it up! Curious no?
  2. Ok your in defense mode so I get it but I'm starting to think you dont really understand. These tools are to be built on top of. Ripples goal is banks. And they are doing very well writing bank software and expanding their network which DOES use the ledger when their customers want it too. The development of use cases for the ledger and codius is in its infancy. And Ripples goal right now is different from ours. That's what I'm trying to say. I wish xrp was valued higher just like the rest of you but the development on top of this will take time. I've even tried myself in my spare time. It's f
  3. Well... they built the ledger. And then ILP. And then Codius. All tools really. I'm just hoping XRP is apart of w/e is built on top of those things and the price increases per zerp. Looks like banks are super interested in the IPL/Ripplenet software package/network but XRP is kinda meh right now. The chicken and the egg problem is real.
  4. Codezerp.com So I've been pretty busy with the kids this holiday season but I did find some time to make my zerp account lookup tool a little cleaner. It's still a work in progress but I like to share with the group... Hope you enjoy it! Thanks - Ralphadayus
  5. Codezerp.com I've done a little bit of work this week.... You can now check your balance, view the last 10 transactions made, and view account creation information!
  6. So I decided to start over from scratch using Vue.js to write this site.... right now it's just a tool to check your balance and transaction history on the ledger. I'm still working on it so don't judge too hard. Got rid of the payments capability till I can figure out how to make it more secure and acceptable to the public. People seem to have a problem typing in there secret key, lol. (I don't blame you). If anybody has a tips on that front I'd be all ears. But it's a pretty simple way to check your balance and see your transaction history. If your transactions don't appear it's most likely
  7. Yeah, yeah, but it sure was fun back then to decipher the clues and follow the rabbit down the hole. I was thoroughly entertained for weeks! Lol.
  8. I'm not really aiming it at anybody. I'm using it to sharpen my JS skills and trying out the xrpdevportal's ripple api tutorials. It's just a fun project that enjoy doing in my spare time. I'm going to be looking into making it more secure/trustworthy in the future but right now I'm just working through the blocks of code and figuring out what's what. I do know that you can sign transactions and generate key pairs offline... but haven't looked into it thoroughly. I'm an electrician by trade with 3 kids lol. Only so much spare time in a day ha!
  9. I do have a repo. I went straight into xrp. It's just JS written off the xrp dev portal site info interacting with the api. Pretty easy.
  10. So I've been slowly improving and adding things to this project.... Made it a little prettier. Got my SSL cert finally. Displayed timestamps and sequence numbers on payment transactions. And added a "generate address" function... next up will probably be adding the escrow function so you can put xrp in escrow... Let me know what you guys think! http://www.codezerp.com
  11. You could just ask the person for the address youd like to return funds to no? They could set up a burner and once funds are received they could send them wherever they like...
  12. Here you go bud. https://grayscale.co/xrp-investment-trust/
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