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  1. @riptidel I've been trying to think of some fun projects to try with my new design software and you just gave me some ideas! ( I'm teaching myself coding [ front-end web design ] and trying to learn some cad programs along with Blender and others.) Right on man, great job!
  2. @flynnstone let us know what you come up with. I would be interested in the outcome of your findings....thanks...
  3. So if @gatehub verified me then they should have access to my secret key if I can log into my Ripple Trade account?
  4. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve my lost funds. I was never verified by Ripple themselves so I can log in but never retrieve my secret key. I'm going to have to let the money go ( but when it reaches $100 or more I'll always remember I am a millionaire that can't ever have their money...man I'm sick.) My last ditch effort will be to contact Ripple, but I doubt they will verify me and give me access, as I don't think they have the means to do so. Thanks for all the info everyone.
  5. I just got verified on GateHub and went to import my wallet. Ripple Trade after login says: Verification status Incomplete Ripple name ~xxxxx Email jaxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com (verified) Password ***************** Ripple address rJuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Secret key You must complete verification before you can retrieve your secret key. Any ideas on how I get verified in order to get my secret key? Or any other way to recover my funds?
  6. I was never verified on Ripple Trade, they shut down early before I could...(lots of people had this problem), but I have all of my login credentials...do you think this will be a problem?
  7. It takes me through the whole process all the way up to actually migrating it. I'm still waiting to be verified so I'm hoping that is the problem; since the process is still available on the site I'm sure it's possible, just not sure why it's not letting me migrate. It's like it's just taking me in circles. I'm really praying I can migrate...this is the 8000 XRP I thought I lost years ago...
  8. I just found my old Ripple Trade info. No private keys, just username, and password. I tried to migrate to GateHub but it's not connecting to Ripple Trade to let me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Good Lord, I had a lot of XRP, any suggestions are welcome. These are the XRP I thought I lost so long ago. Posted in problem-solving also, but just trying to reach as many suggestions as possible. Thanks... Edit: Ok, so I think I have to wait to get verified on GateHub?
  9. I just found my old Ripple Trade info. No private keys, just username and password. I tried to migrate to Github but its not connecting to Ripple Trade to let me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Good Lord, I had a lot of XRP, any suggestions are welcome. These are the XRP I thought I lost so long ago.
  10. Ok Allvor, I apologize if you took anything as an accusation. I have expressed my opinion from what I have observed and received in discussion. If you don't want folks to have this opinion, and believe it to be unfounded, then I think you had better do a better job with your presentation, explanations and approach. Your lack of knowledge in the area you are trying to build a business speaks volumes, your lack of depth in explanation adds to those volumes and your approach to announce an unclear opportunity leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, anyone can create a 'coin', or have one
  11. Hmmm...again, vague. Nothing addressing the concerns in the area of lack of knowledge of own business or poor marketing strategies. Response lacks enough depth in addressing concerns of those who are curious, or approached by this bad marketing strategy, to immediately turn them away. Easily spotted as a scam, and if it's not a scam this cheerleader has put the scam mask on themselves with improper representation and cheesy, shallow responses to legitimate, deep concerns that are being brushed off. Basic translation: " Damn, you're asking too many questions; it's ok though, I understand I won'
  12. I would suggest UpHold above anyone....great platform...easy and secure purchase
  13. According to these guys Bitcoin is only worth between $20-$200....funny how FUDDESK won't quote something like this. They are a "cyrptocurrency news site", aren't they? Yeah right, not... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-04-19/what-bitcoin-is-really-worth-may-no-longer-be-such-a-mystery
  14. Man, that's so cool. Thanks for all of your work on this...it's pretty amazing to look at. I found myself mesmerized for about 10 minutes straight...love it! (I'm easily entertained )
  15. Just got signed up and verified today! Coinbase never deposited my BTC in my account...on January 26th! I have had DOZENS of emails back and forth with them and to this day, even after proving that my deposit was never made into my wallet, I STILL have not received my BTC. I have been waiting for just something like this to get away from them so I can file a lawsuit and not care if they shut down my account. I have all the emails, bank records and screenshots I need to take them to court. It was only 25$ in BTC but they need to know they can't just do whatever they want and screw the little gu
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