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  1. Do not worry. A wise man from the east says we will be number one in the blink of an eye. Trusteth him!!
  2. So many different opinions its hard to gauge the true situation. It would be nice if SBI VC twitter page gave us all up to date news, but sadly they dont
  3. This might help, that is if he's correct, which we dont know!
  4. Im already out. Dumped all my XRP as soon as CB announced the ETC listing last week. Gonna make some money on that wave, then come back into XRP with a much bigger, fatter bag
  5. Well I'll take this as a no. The question has been answered by the community as not one person can verify that trading has began. Cheers everyone
  6. If Ripple do gift the XRP To SBI, this would be a disaster. You are right in saying that any increase in demand would not push up pricing, because if Ripple give the XRP away, that XRP has no value. It would also be another classic example of Ripple having too much control, and one of the reasons why no real money is coming into XRP...lack of trust. Look at how Coinbase are adding ETC to their platform. Thats the correct way to do it
  7. Has trading began yet on SBI VC? I cant find any evidence to suggest it has. So, has it?
  8. Got it. XRP/JPY pairings not showing. Could mean anything....perhaps there been an error of some sort
  9. Thanks pal. He says "this only happened in the last hour" ..... whats he referring to?
  10. Im on Twitter but cant see owt, chuck us a link mate if ya can
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