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  1. That is so awesome! Previously took weeks to get GBP in to XRP......thanks for the heads up....let’s go shopping!
  2. They say iOS only at the moment, then android app, then desktop. Download the app from AppStore, I login there.... its the adsence of FX fees that really clinches the deal for me
  3. As far as I understand; LBX OTC desk work with GBP, USD & EUR. They aim to be regulatory compliant so have to go through KYC process. Once that’s a green light they can buy/sell to any bank account in your name...!
  4. I’m U.K. based and have been researching The London Block Exchange. Their retail app is fine allows for at least £2500/day, but their over the counter service will be ace for the ‘great cash-out’: minimum £25k, no max, direct XRP/GBP pair, and U.K. banking plus you get your own personal broker to actually do the trade and organise the payment
  5. Coinbase will not add any new coins soon because they are aware that it will swing the market if they do or don’t! After the BCH fiasco, execs are extremely close to being implicated in insider trading I expect they would resign if they were caught doing a similar thing
  6. @Qasim_786 dont know how successful it was but you read into it here
  7. Was I talking to you? Go back to posting photos of your watch lol
  8. Because @Ripplista79 has given many projections and insights into her algorithmic trading strategy over a long period of time. Right or wrong she has explained everything in huge detail. Whereas I believe your prediction of $10 in the next whatever is just being facetious
  9. So from September 2017 ‘Spoofy’ was spoofing the price upwards. All the while this guy/MtGox were whaling it downwards.....where would we be without either?
  10. March: $0.98 June: $3.65 september: $4.2 december: $6.32 all according to CMC Anyone wanna do a 10XRP per person reward for the most accurate??
  11. Couple of months ago, when I was an ETH head, I was in a similar semi-conscious sleep state, and it started hailing outside in the middle of he night. I don’t really know how to put it but, My obsession with crypto with such that, I dreamt it was hailing Ethereum logos .....**imagine those little wierd ETH diamonds falling from the sky in their thousands** i woke and decided I better stop checking the charts all the time
  12. One of the best things about investing in XRP is that the belief in the product is so amazing that, even if it dips I still think “one day I’ll be made” so In a way it doesn’t really matter if it ever moons for real or not..... Either way I’ve still got the belief that the future will be a lot brighter for us hodlers than ever it could have been before making such an investment. Which is in the way the most important gift to life - a hope for the future.
  13. I think @Seoulitehas good advice for you there. one thing I’ll add, is that pre December ‘17 pump the price was pretty much hovering around 0.23c, for around 7-8 months. In my mind anything above 0.23c was expensive and anything below 0.20 seemed cheap. I would buy buy every time the price was under $0.20. I think that serves as a pretty good model for how it seems XRP price has been consolidating around $1. If it goes below, I’m buying more. And I’ll stop doing so when it goes above. Obvs there’s more than a pinch of salt needed with that, but I can see the similarities pretty clearly
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