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  1. yes sir, you are sir, I might be sir, awaiting your instructions sir!
  2. I'm sorry to spoil the party, but I've been looking and counting EW-charts since 1987. Never did those counts materialize as anticipated. YES, it is a great tool for looking at waves with the benefit of hindsight, but NO - you won't be able to "expect what's coming next". 1-2-3 sub-divisions can keep on going for a long (long!) time, and so do the a/b/c corrections into double, triple zigzags (notably: those zigzags could develop into a 1-2-3-4-5 down trend - catching you by surprise after all). So again: sorry, but you simply won't be able to conclude anything helpful from these counts, even if you might have the luck of one or two "good" labels. On a side note: your count on the ensuing lila 3/4/5 moves are very different in amplitude & timing when comparing those to your big lila wave 1. Which would suggest, even to EW-analysis, that your 3/4/5 should look differently anyway. To you all, Ahhrrgg!
  3. ? Yes, you are quite right - it is an almost all-encompassing anti-club club. Probably with just one exception: the strip-club. But we should have a poll on that, I guess.
  4. Hello chaps and chapelettes, It's been a while. Would you have any suggestions as to when we shall not be having any drinks?
  5. Hey all, I just noticed that CoinBloq released his Youtube review of XRP : https://youtu.be/bIBQTpaeyi8 If you don't know the chap, then take a look at his many other reviews, too. He's the total opposite of those annoying Suppo-types, he is actually pretty down-to-earth. You might even get a little drowsy from his voice ;-) but HEY! ... most of the time he does comprehensive work. Anyway - this time he gets mistaken on many issues. (There we go again....) So, throw him a few thumbs (up or down to your liking) but more importantly : proper comments to the channel so that the fully corrected message gets known to visitors. To you, Ahhrrgg...
  6. Me stash of coke has now run out while watching this. But STILL I'm clear in my head, obviously, when comparing meself to this guy. Anyone care for sharing some of their crystal meth? That just might do the trick ?
  7. On second thought... the esteemed tin-hatted-board of the Anti-Club club has now decided to arrange for a BBQ in Shangrila, just to offer all of our members a well-deserved slice of alien meat. Who's in? Any applications for attending this BBQ should be in by August 1st , 2018. Also - being vegetarian ourselves - we are sorry for frying aliens. As it turns out, one is without sin in this world. Again, we're sorry. So let the BBQ commence! To you, Ahhrrgg!! (Oh sh00t, that was me finger touching the bloody hot BBQ! )
  8. FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY Dear esteemed members of the Anti-Club club, I am hereby informing you, albeit with an awful amount of regret, that the first non-event of the Anti-Club club has just ended - without any result. The total amount of cast votes read as follows: * The aye's to the right (in favour of extending the event for one more day): 0 * The no's to the left (in favour of fetching a pint) : 0 As a result, the event was adjourned by the Speaker (who needed to leave the party early to get a long-awaited enema). Please give us any input as to how to go forward with our beloved Club meetings. Your input is much appreciated! Here's to you, Ahhrrggg!!!
  9. You may know this MMCrypto guy, or you may not. In general, he seemed okay to me. But now he promoted this Youtube live event with a bloody bunch of total XRP FUD - namely: promoting it with the question "is XRP going to $0.01 ??". So I thought: let's watch this evolve live, although I just hate Youtube. Now for the fun part: a user called "John Law" entered the Youtube stage and confronted him *live* with several reactions in the YT chat - with the real deal : MMCrypto, you are just talking flurry BS. And MMCrypto was indeed talking BS, as he was e.g. proclaiming that like 1B in XRP could hit the market each month - as per Ripple Inc's own decision. (Of course, they will not - any XRP freed from escrow will only be sold relative to the total market volume.) So obviously, the MMCrypto guy just does not know what XRP is really about. I'd say: "ouch." I guess clothes don't suit this self-acclaimed emperor ? Also funny: he then claimed: "so if XRP should go up a lot in the future, you then may want to sell XRP into that rise". But hey - hang on a minute here ... did he not market this live event with the big title "XRP going down to $0.01?". That is indeed funny to see - what a flipping of position, all of a sudden. Also, John Law made reference to the great @JoelKatz article on decentralization, since the MMCrypto guy doesn't know what he's talking about that, either. In all: enjoy, have a little bit of fun! Here's the link to watch this little emperor with the clothes falling off his chest ? (Don't forget to watch the live chat remarks) MMCrypto on XRP meltdown To you, Aaahhhrrrrgggggg
  10. No way of telling when the price will pop (up or down) again. At least we're lowering the bar nowadays, I see ?
  11. Clicking from Tweet mentioned above, onto the original FDIC message and agenda, I see no mentioning of Ryan Zagone.
  12. Good reasoning, dear ADingoAteMyXRP. Allow me to add this as well : I suppose "he" (i.e. Mister Jeb McFlurry) was also referring to "having trustworthy employees to execute the final stage of the process involved". Well .... I DO remember where Mr. J McFLurry's trustworthiness is... (gutter? ?)
  13. Okay, that's it! I'm now off to Mexico and will buy David a couple of Margueritas!
  14. ? Thank God, Ripple is only hiring professionals! I do empathize with, and actually caress, the mentally challenged amoung us, but "talking Ripple Vitalik" is one bridge too far for my sword. So I say: VITALIK SHALL NOT PASS !
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