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  1. Do we expect this price of $1.68 to be a reliable estimate for the price at go-live/first distribution?
  2. On June 3, there is another closed meeting at the SEC to discuss litigation claims and settlements: https://www.sec.gov/news/closedmeetings/2021/ssamtg060321.htm
  3. Sorry for my limited knowledge but can you please explain the reasoning behind XRP being a BTC hedge?
  4. Decided to take a risk and just bought some additional xrp
  5. No, in the Netherlands we only pay a tax on the holdings when it comes to cash and investments.
  6. We, in the Netherlands, pay a capital tax based on your capital position at the start of the year (cash and investments), don’t we? Not when we exchange investments for cash. At least that is how my tax return is reflecting it
  7. Definitely appreciate that courage and vision, and I wish him all the best, don’t get me wrong. But when I see such videos I just can’t finish them based on their communication style. I blame myself and I trust others can govr constructive feedback on the TA that he provides. No offense, just my opinion!
  8. I stopped listening to this guy after the first 10 seconds sorry can’t help.
  9. Do we have any clue how these markets are manipulated? I am no TA expert but my gut feeling also tells me these markets are being manipulated. Do we think the volumes that we are seeing are x% fake and that the market is much more thinner than we all think? If I am not mistaken Coinbase already pumped volume by using bots that trade with each other (for which they were fined).
  10. After the prior bull cycle in 2017 XRP fell back enormeously (from USD +3 to somewhere in the USD 0.20-0.30), do you expect XRP to repeat this pattern (when we leave utility out of the equation for now)?
  11. I don’t want to ruin the party but is nobody afraid of potential bad news for Ripple as result of today’s discovery call, leading to a dump? I feel everyone is expecting only good news.
  12. I think it’s because livecoinwatch shows an average of all the exchanges while Bitstamp is only one exchange, but i’m not sure
  13. Maybe the next discovery call on April 6 will be a trigger for some action.
  14. I’m thinking this is a bad April fools action...
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