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  1. I am more and more concerned that the SEC even would go to trial when the summary judgment will result in a negative outcome for the SEC. Any thoughts?
  2. I find it difficult to assess the significance of this foundation. I was very enthusiastic when I saw the article but the video does not impress me, neither the members who are all crypto companies it looks like. I would at least have expected to see some banking experts or someone from the Bank of England in this foundation.
  3. What I also find interesting is that usually when XRP increases we see a comparable increase in XLM because of the trading bots. The current increase however looks independent of XLM.
  4. Hi all, I have wrapped and delegated all my SGB. Just a question, is there a reason not to wrap and delegate (except from trading SGB)? Is there a risk that any wrapped and delegated SGB will be lost?
  5. Summary: Moon between mid Oct and first week of Nov
  6. Could it be that Jed stopped selling XRP and with that being the “cap” on XRP’s future value? I can imagine that the SEC settlement discussions may include restrictions on selling future XRP by leadership of Ripple and potentially by Ripple itself, in order to flourish. One of the concerns of the SEC is likely related to the unimaginable richdom it could provide to certain individuals and the company, but it will have no authority over Jed’s sales, which could be an issue in the end (?)
  7. Right! Friendly reminder: is everybody aware of the upcoming snapshot of $SGB/$WSGB on November 5th 2021 to obtain $EXFI (originally named $SFLR)? Link: ExFi — $SGB Snapshot Update. Flare Finance is pleased to announce… | by Flare Finance | Sep, 2021 | Medium
  8. Looks like you’re right based on the last paragraph.
  9. SOLVED: I think I had a typo. I can see my claimed spark tokens now Hi all - I followed the procedures on Claim Spark Tokens | XRP Toolkit a while back before the snapshot date. I also checked my address after the snapshot which confirmed the claimed spark tokens. I'm happy that I also printed the Message Key, Flare Address and my XRP address back then. However, when I now include my XRP address at xrpscan.com it does not show any results anymore (404: Not Found), same for Bithomp. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. I am not from the US but I would like to understnd the impact of the Warner Portman amendment. Are US exchanges required to track all transactions for tax purposes, resulting in a significant burden/higher cost or even halt trading for POS crypto? And any impact for XRP expected?
  11. There is a closed Sunshine Act Meeting at the SEC tomorrow again where they discuss resolution of litigation claims and settlements. I believe this meeting has been canceled multiple times and part of the reason could be that there was no new Director of Enforcement which now is in place. In my view it is not a coincedence that this meeting is planned right after the appointment of the new Director of Enforcement and right after Hinman’s deposition, but maybe I’m just seeing things that are not there We’ll see…
  12. https://ripple.com/insights/first-live-on-demand-liquidity-offering-in-japan/ Great news!
  13. Do we expect this price of $1.68 to be a reliable estimate for the price at go-live/first distribution?
  14. On June 3, there is another closed meeting at the SEC to discuss litigation claims and settlements: https://www.sec.gov/news/closedmeetings/2021/ssamtg060321.htm
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