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  1. You guys are all very young aren’t you. And clearly you got too much time on your hands. Go get a real job
  2. What a bunch of precious people. Seems the lack of XRP growth is finally getting to you young folks. I tried to apply the wisdom of the years but after some of the absolute rubbish I have read ... on sooo many posts ... I’m outta here. It’s counter productive. U people jump on anyone pessimistic ... anyone practical & factual ... anyone who protests against the rules .. you are a bunch of losers. All I did was actually state the obvious: that Sadist report is soooo bad I thought I’d share it with you ... and get condemnedfor it? So you agree it’s going to 1c? If u want to put my post in the same category as some rude posts blimey you got a lot to learn folks
  3. I know ??? But that still doesn’t allow this kind of Big Brother interference & censorship! It’s a nonsense & you all should be on the same page If we can’t express our views unless “the Moderator” agrees, the site is useless
  4. Hi guys Hey has anyone else had this problem? My post re “Satists & Sadists” has been removed by some Mr Pablo who calls himself a “Moderator”! This guy reckons it’s in the wrong category! Well it was about a report saying XRP is going to 1c so I would have thought it was exactly where it should be? Also he stated there was another topic on same subject? Well I can’t find it but if so - well so what - that happens all the time. This is supposed to be an open forum for general discussion which I read EVERY day, & all I do is throw in a few comments of my own from time to time. I’m not a true researcher like some of you experts - I love some of the analyses thrown up. But I’m a true believer & XRP is not my long suit - it’s my only suit! So this guy Pablo needs to pull his head in & not interfere. Whatever happened to free speech? ... or - does he work for Satis !??
  5. Yep apologies it is the nonsense report that XRP is headed to 1 cent in ten years & BTC to $96K etc. Gimme a break!!!
  6. hi guys how about the report! It would be the biggest load of crap I have read in a year. The authors have questions over their integrity ... the head of this “group” was fired for pretty serious misdemeanors from a previous crypto group .. clearly they have their own dubious agenda. Take no notice. It’s RUBBISH
  7. Sorry guys I am talking in my Aussie Pesos currency?? sorry to confuse. Anyway I just bought some more at AUD 35.9, my lowest buy ever - I was a dummy who got started Dec 2017- but with steady buying on the way down my DCA has reached 80c & now I’m sitting tight. All it needs is to double & Ive got money back Shouldn’t be hard surely ??? Hey I had a coffee with Susie Crew recently. She is a fountain of knowledge & a really lovely down to earth person. It was great to chat first hand with couch an experienced finance guru, crypto expert & true believer in XRP... Glad she is back on deck.
  8. Blimey it’s hard to fathom charts like this isn’t it ... Bitcoin down 2% Everything else down 12-16%
  9. @BeSeriousXRP What if their comment is the only worthwhile & realistic comment above! What if the real problem is: there are simply TOO MANY XRP to ever have a hope of reaching the giddy heights. It’s simple economics folks: laws of supply & demand .. It applies to the crypto world too - unfortunately. Nothing wrong with the occasional dose of realism here guys.
  10. Ok. I get it. Here’s why ...?The damn SEC delays ETF decision until Sept... seems they rule the Crypto world
  11. I’M ALL IN FOR THE LONG HAUL But I dont pretend for a momoment to underststand why, between 11pm Melbourne time last night & High Noon today, why oh why did XRP suddenly fall nearly 10c whilst others held ground? Why was XRP first to go? It should be last !!
  12. Blimey we are just 3-4% away from going back to May 18 2017 levels. Let’s hope it’s not a case of back to the future! I’m still buying but I am no longer sure why ????
  13. Go for it! All in! It’s clearly bottoming out at 60. Any buying AUD.60-65 is great buying if you r a believer
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