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  1. Where you here a few months ago? It was completely different. The negativity way outweighed the positivity, and it has been like that for many many months.
  2. I mean, it's really anyone'ss guess right now for trading. I'm pretty confident we'll see higher prices then now in the coming weeks, but we could still fall back to somewhere in the .47 range IMO. The time to buy would have been in the low .6's, though still somewhat close to that area. I'm personally not buying here, but will add if we fall closer to that .47-.5 range.
  3. 30 percent dip pretty much already occurred, high of .85 - .91 (depending on exchange) to .59, that's a 35 to 30 percent correction. It sure looks like to me we're building a base at around .6 as of now. Question is do we dip more, and does BTC start taking back its dominance? I don't think so, or at least not much.
  4. Not at my PC to look at charts, but I'd reckon at this point, .65ish and then .47. Jesus, just a few days ago I was cheering and hoping for a close above .305... up 150 percent from there lol
  5. Once again, I agree that it was not directly stated, but it was somewhat implied in my opinion. It was a fairly ugly time price wise when the mood of that club started to swing to be more in-lines with the general forum. That paired with the constant attacks and dissatisfaction with XRPs performance probably made some sell a portion or all of their XRP stacks. Some regard others highly, and followed their decisions instead of their own research. This I agree with. You're liable for your own actions, regardless if you follow someone else's decisions or not. "Snowflake" is a 201
  6. No one directly said "sell XRP, buy VET (or insert other asset)" per say that i'm aware of, but it certainly was implied many times or at least perceived that way. I will agree that we're all responsible for our own decisions ultimately. What I had a problem with was the trolling/bullying which was rampant at certain times. Your last line here is a perfect example.
  7. Nice, always good to exit at your price target and be happy. I have a feeling you may hit your PT soon. Realizing gains is always a good thing. I for one will let my stash ride for many years to come.
  8. Most are not traders, and probably still haven't entered back into XRP, maybe a few have though. The thing is most probably sold at a significant loss and may still continue to lose out on returns by holding BTC or ETH (especially BTC as its dominance cools off) as money now shifts into other assets and XRP. Of course, we're all liable for our own trades and decisions. I'll certainly echo and agree with @Ripple_A_S_Well and @Troote though. The forum as a whole has become somewhat of a cesspool thanks to certain individuals and the prolonged bear market.
  9. Sure, and we're moving fast right now so it's anyone's guess. I have to stick with my gut and think we'll pullback once we hit .6 to consolidate for a bit. We have already hit .55, which could have been the local high also.
  10. CONGRATUATIONS XRP holders. We had our weekly close last night above .305, and not just by a little bit. This is absolutely huge, next remaining test is to close above that level on the monthly which it's sure looking like we'll get. The more we move up right now, the less it's looking like we'll backtest .34, or .305. Still expecting a pullback at around .6, but we'll see where we fall to, either way, super bullish. We need that monthly close above .305. LETS GO
  11. There is certainly a possibility we back test .34 or even .305 in the coming weeks, but it seems we'll get our weekly close above .305 which is very significant and bullish indeed.
  12. We have a lovely breakout occurring right now on the daily. Increased volume, broke above the August high, and continued upward movement from the resistance line that has kept us in check now for a looong year and a half. It's still possible that we retest that and don't close above it this week, but man, things are looking good right now. When was the last time we soundly broke up from .305? December of 2017.
  13. TA wise, closing well into .3s is the most significant move we can make right now, and is extremely bullish. ATH in 1 week? Possibly in several or many months though. There is certainly still the possibility of retracing to .26. I dont consider us breaking .305 till we're above that on Monday, but the higher we go right now the more likely it's that'll happen. Exciting times regardless for sure.
  14. .33 now. The significance of getting that weekly close above .305 can't be overstated. The further up we get right now, the more likely that's going to become support. Think we're about to go on quite the wild ride here shortly boys. Hold on to your hats.
  15. Briefly crossing resistance lines doesn't necessarily mean we've flipped them yet. Need to get some closes above it first. We haven't been able to get a weekly close above .305 in well more then a year. If we do close above .305, we'll turn that to support and we'll have no problem shooting out of here. The last time we had a daily close above .305 was back in August, and it only lasted a day. Last weekly close we had above there was about a year and 4 months ago. Let's see if we can remain above that line and get a weekly close above it.
  16. I disagree with this. A weekly close and then monthly close above .305 is the most important level, by far.
  17. Third rejection now at .305 Looking for the following: A daily close, weekly close and monthly close above .305 Close above .327 .327 is of very little concern if we can get a weekly close above .305. I believe if we flip .305, we'll shoot past .327. Have not had a weekly close above .305 since Aug 2019, and prior to Aug 2019 it acted as massive support.
  18. The rejection at .305 for XRP wasn't unexpected. Honestly, we might pullback to around .26, but we're breaking .305 either way, just may take a few attempts. Or we consolidate right here and break through within the next day or two. Next PT would be .6 shortly after .305 falls.
  19. The resistance at .305 is a big one, and likely won't crack on its first attempt. It also happens to be in line with the .78 fib retracement from the August attempt to break it. If we do break .305, and especially have a monthly close above it, we'll fly. 100 dollars per is perfectly feasible down the road in my opinion. That would put XRPs MC at 10T. I don't foresee that happening anytime soon, but it's certainly possible. Remember, crypto always surprises to the downside and upside. Considering how new this asset class is, I wouldn't write anything off yet (0 or
  20. Trend lines are TA.. You're basing future performance off of its prior performance by simply looking at a trend that you believe you've found, not to mention overlaying fractals. You asked for opinions on why people are holding and I gave you mine, take it or leave it. To me, those things do matter. There's no point in discussing this since it seems like our opinions are fundamentally different not just in XRP but the crypto class in general. Honestly, I think you need to step away from this scene for a while and come back later, it would probably be good for your health.
  21. My portfolio is ~roughly 50 percent XRP (a bit less now I think). Still believe in the tech and potential for future price appreciation, definitely not selling any and still making small buys here and there. What long hard trend? Care to show some TA on this? Are you suggesting that prices will continue to depreciate? Honestly, the "echo chamber" has shifted to negativity, capitulation and price depreciation. Hardly anyone even posts here anymore. It seems like anymore everyone believes we're still going to continue making lower lows and will soon break the 200 day. I disagree
  22. "According to Ripple’s co-founder, the value of XRP is much more strongly correlated with Bitcoin and Ethereum, rather than Ripple’s ODL projects are currently determining it."
  23. I disagree with this. BTC filled the gap down, we "may" go as low as 9500 but it'll be short lived. XRP won't drop below .225. IF we do break those levels, then the argument is there we'll make lower lows (at least alts will), but all TA is pointing to a bounce soon.
  24. Wish Molten would come back and update with some TA every once in awhile, especially now that price action is starting to ramp up again. Also sad to see all those who folded and sold at prices much lower then today. Incredible how quickly this market moves and can rebound. Hope those who sold are doing well.
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