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  1. Trend lines are TA.. You're basing future performance off of its prior performance by simply looking at a trend that you believe you've found, not to mention overlaying fractals. You asked for opinions on why people are holding and I gave you mine, take it or leave it. To me, those things do matter. There's no point in discussing this since it seems like our opinions are fundamentally different not just in XRP but the crypto class in general. Honestly, I think you need to step away from this scene for a while and come back later, it would probably be good for your health.
  2. My portfolio is ~roughly 50 percent XRP (a bit less now I think). Still believe in the tech and potential for future price appreciation, definitely not selling any and still making small buys here and there. What long hard trend? Care to show some TA on this? Are you suggesting that prices will continue to depreciate? Honestly, the "echo chamber" has shifted to negativity, capitulation and price depreciation. Hardly anyone even posts here anymore. It seems like anymore everyone believes we're still going to continue making lower lows and will soon break the 200 day. I disagree
  3. "According to Ripple’s co-founder, the value of XRP is much more strongly correlated with Bitcoin and Ethereum, rather than Ripple’s ODL projects are currently determining it."
  4. I disagree with this. BTC filled the gap down, we "may" go as low as 9500 but it'll be short lived. XRP won't drop below .225. IF we do break those levels, then the argument is there we'll make lower lows (at least alts will), but all TA is pointing to a bounce soon.
  5. Wish Molten would come back and update with some TA every once in awhile, especially now that price action is starting to ramp up again. Also sad to see all those who folded and sold at prices much lower then today. Incredible how quickly this market moves and can rebound. Hope those who sold are doing well.
  6. Your correct, I don't. But as I said, IF we break and close above .21 - i'm fairly certain we will see a significant burst upwards shortly after. With some basic TA skills you can easily determine where common resistance and support lines for XRP - or any asset - has had in the past. The 200 day MA is one of those.
  7. If we close above .21 on the daily, there is a high likely hood of .27 - .28 near term. If not, we trend lower, consolidate and attempt .21 again assuming the overall market is continuing up.
  8. Fighting the 200 day right now. We'll see if we can get a close above it, if so, I agree we'll surge up to .7 fib (or higher)
  9. Correct, what exactly is the point of this post. You compared a timeline in which one asset has performed poorly (if you accounted for 2016 or 2017, it would be a different picture) to various other assets which haven't, regardless of their nature and/or type. This is false and utter nonsense. There is a wealth of information which has been archived over the last 3 years here in this forum. I always DCA with all of my investments and it typically works out in my favor. My XRP DCA right now is sitting at .255. What gymnastics exactly lol? I occasionally check up on fundamental
  10. You're comparing an extremely speculative asset to a stock market index consisting of the largest, most established companies in the United States. Further, you picked a time frame where said speculative asset class has performed negatively. Sorry to break it to you, don't invest in speculative investments if you want steady, slow growth.
  11. I agree 100%. I love reading opinions from both sides of the spectrum, but more recently it seemed to be just unintelligent bicker and insults being thrown around.
  12. Capitulation.. These forums are dead now days, and seem to be even more quiet then usual recently. Even the trolls are starting to disappear since there is no one left to bicker with. I have a feeling a lot of people sold more recently with the intention of buying back lower, which hasn't happened so far, or just wanted to leave this space in general. I also miss @dr_ed, he contributed a lot. Can't blame anyone though - its been a rough 2.5 years for those of us who started buying a few years back and/or didn't sell at ATH. Thanks for the continued analysis as always Eric.
  13. Still holding since jan 2018. Buying every 2 weeks or so, small amounts worth.
  14. Take care.. perhaps you saved yourself ultimately 25k at least if crypto and/or XRP goes bust. I'm still DCA'ing though and hope this isn't the case. Makes my ~6k loss (at the moment) seem like absolutely nothing lol. I lost ~15k a few years back in some option plays over a few days - and i'm far from wealthy...
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