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  1. Everything that he said. There indeed has to be a buyer for every seller. If not, the price is zero, and you couldn't sell. I don't understand why that's hard to fathom. The price 3 years ago was between .03 and .05, and before that it was under a .01. That is most certainly price appreciation. Sure, price action hasn't been what we've hoped for the last several years, but it's what it's. Progress and fundamentals continue to improve, price will find support at some point. If you disagree with that, you should sell your holdings.
  2. What he said was indeed correct. Think about this statement for a second... What would happen if someone sold and there were no orders to buy?
  3. I don't really consider that a change in price direction. If we go to something like .005, and then for a few months spike to .06 for a high... would be more of a continuous lower highs, especially in that time frame (by EOY). What he really is saying is that either crypto will die, or XRP will die. If our next "bull run" is to .06, then there are serious issues with either XRP or Crypto in general (probably both).
  4. I personally have bought my usual holdings, some that i've recently added are Disney, Boeing, Carnival, Square, Coca Cola, and the company I work for due to this downswing. I have added quite a bit more then I normally do to my usual holdings. I'm still expecting more downside, but depending on the stimulus package and if it's passed tonight, we may have or be approaching the bottom, especially for certain sectors. If not, i've got quite a bit more i'm willing to throw in. The one thing I haven't really added much of is my favorite tech stocks, just not seeing the discount there right now compared to some other companies, and already have a decent holding in them MSFT, AAPL, FB to name a few.
  5. I personally don't buy on green days, but did buy over the weekend. I've been buying somewhat aggressively recently and am pretty content with my stack. Not buying BTC at this price, but will continue to add to my XRP stash.
  6. A revote will be occurring today at noon eastern. I'm assuming some revisions have been done to make it more bipartisan over night and this morning
  7. This is what I believe also. @Zedy44 is one of the many i've seen recently calling for .02 for XRP. This could mean easily sub 1k price for BTC, unless of course he believes alts will decouple and fall to near zero prices on their own (probably not feasible considering the whole market is selling off) Personally, (i'm just one person) I'm not going to stop my weekly buys. How many others are doing this? At some point, if the prices continue to go lower, buy volume in theory should eventually surpass sell volume. Unless, the crypto market dies and exchanges shut down, OR the world ends. I see a bunch of people now calling for XRP at sub .02 or at least .07. Do we really think that is the actual amount we could see, or are people just frustrated and/or truly think we're in the midst of an apocalypse? That would potentially put BTC at ~2500 and XRP at .07 or XRP at .02 and BTC at ~750, assuming prices continue to fall together. Now once again, alts could decouple and die on their own, but I just don't see that happening.
  8. In my mind, volume does matter. I understand the whole "end of the world" sentiment will continue to drive prices lower for some time, but at some point i'm assuming people will stop selling. For example, if you bought 20k XRP for 0.50 each for 10k dollars, at a certain point you will not sell since there really isn't a point, and the lower the price, the more likely this ratio is met for investors still in the market. At .02, your 10k has turned into 400. Now, going back to the whole volume thing, I think we'd all agree that there are more people accumulating crypto now in 2020, then there was in 2014. Surely this is correct with mobile exchanges like coinbase now made public? Wouldn't it be logical to assume at some point this influx of buyers will start locking up the circulating supply quicker now that the price has dropped to .02 from .15 (or even .3) which would support the price at some point?
  9. Serious question, those calling for XRP under .02, wouldn't the volume now a days keep it afloat at a higher price or are we thinking there will just be absolutely no buy pressure? For 2014 to 2016 prices, the volume was pretty much non-existent. Now, i'm sure there are plenty more buyers like myself throwing in ~100 a week and accumulating 600+ XRP currently, which is slowly locking up more and more of the supply. You'd think at some point, especially if prices hit .02 or under, it would find support. At .02, you're looking at 5k XRP per 100 bucks. You have just 10k people throwing in 100 bucks, that's 50M XRP right there. Of course, price breaks a certain point and the crypto market might certainly die as everyone just throws the fork in and gives up, and then we could very well see prices like XRP at .02 or BTC back under 1k or 500. Interesting times for sure.
  10. I wouldn't have sold before anyways, i'm seriously a hold to zero or to above the ATH - but I agree with this. I mean, sure, crypto COULD die, and if I pulled my money out right now, i'd still save some of it, but how much further will the markets fall with the increased volume since back in early 2017/late 2016? You'd think there are more people invested and accumulating crypto then there was back in 2016/2017 which would eventually support the price. I mean, my first buy net'd be 100 XRP for 150 bucks. Yesterday I picked up 1.1k XRP for the same 150 bucks, and i'm not planning on selling those anytime soon. Coinbase shows ~80 percent of wallets accumulating right now. At some point support will be found - unless the world ends, in which case I don't care about my money anymore lol Those calling for a return to one cent, or below 5 cents, I don't see that happening unless crypto literally dies. Now of course, I thought we'd never see sub 15 cent prices, but here we are.
  11. Curious - just XRP or crypto in general? Has news recently surfaced that I missed? As far as I can tell, nothing besides price has changed for many of my top choices right now (XTZ, VET, XRP, ETH, EOS). Of course, other then the "end of the world" Anyways call me crazy, and I probably am, but I'm buying fairly aggressively right now. I have a fantastic job which (sadly) allows me to spend a lot of money in crypto and not be concerned if it goes to zero, although i'll still be very disappointed. Right now my losses are in the multiple thousands (nearly ten thousand, actually), but I've spent a similar amount before on various things which I also don't really need, so it's what it's. I'm DCA'ing into the stock market right now also with various stocks and ETFs I hold outside of my retirement accounts.
  12. Brutal. Luckily I bought twice, but can you imagine those who sold at XRP .11 or BTC at 3.9k then 30 minutes later, xrp at .17 and btc at 6k. This market is insanity lol
  13. Not a trader, but arent bottoms typically established by overextended downward and then a violent bounce upwards? 3900 to 5500 within the last 30 minutes so far.. very interesting
  14. The sheer amount of ignorance within this post is baffling. This comment is evidence of your intentions, and why moderators should step in. Yup. Every price increase is just a "pump and dump" and never, due to any good announcements or increasing utility. Brilliant.
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