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  1. It's up 20 percent currently, and certainly a very odd 4H candle forming. Definitely something to watch today to see if it holds or moves back up from here. If we start seeing a few other alts performing similar movements, then indeed that could signify incoming large market wide upside movement. For the time being, I have to agree with Eric. Unless we make a new lower low here (break under 28k), we should see a retracement up above 50k for BTC, at least.
  2. Which low? The previous low was actually a higher low, but if going back to the "low" prior to the 28k one, there pretty similar. Literally just sideways consolidation to me. If we break down below 28k again, then that'll be different. Not much to say here, I'll agree that the last several weekends have been red, we'll see if that trend continues. What? I don't see any prior examples of this going off of the last two bull cycles. See below. Further, were one day into July.. and you're considering this already to be a red candle on the monthly? I believe you're referring to the ~16k BTC unlocked from GBTC? Even if all are sold, that'll account for 528M selling pressure on a daily volume of 30B. Oh no. Draw the descending channel and we can review it. Are you talking about a very short term descending channel over the past day or two? Here is a quick one I just drew that broke upwards on June 23rd. Not a fan of channels and trendlines as you can draw them really to suite your needs IMO. As you can see, mine is bullish. Certainly not a myth, but a lagging indicator for sure. Not to mention, half of death crosses formed on BTCs chart actually end up with bullish movement shortly after forming. Often when a death cross forms, the worst is over. Which candles and moving averages? Here is one I've been watching and is historically important. 50 week SMA. Confirmed support and bounced when we hit 28k. Surely it's under some, and above others. Maybe, maybe not. What it smells like to me is capitulation and some trying to justify recent trading actions by fearmongering. I'm in crypto for a longer timeframes and don't trade, just accumulate, hold, and will eventually sell at set price targets. If you're trading this market that's perfectly fine, but when it comes down to it no one knows where prices will be in the upcoming months or years.
  3. BTC bounced perfectly at the 50 week moving average Not to mention a nice bullish hammer candle formed on the 4H - and the largest green volume we've seen since its collapse from 65k, someone is buying. Bull trap? Or an incredible manipulated shakeout?
  4. I'm in the, BTC won't hit anywhere near 400k this cycle boat, but crypto loves to overextend in both directions due to emotions, and I wouldn't be shocked to see that sort of PT achieved. Crypto markets are extremely volatile. Just because you sold 6 weeks ago, doesn't mean you'll be right in another 6 weeks, although perhaps you will be. The market is RIPE right now for some kind of massive relief rally. Extreme fear, FUD, nearly everyone is bearish at this point, no bounce after the ~40 - ~50 percent price decreases, accelerated sell off... this market doesn't typically do what everyone is expecting it to do. Regardless, this recent price movement is new territory for the most part, we don't know what'll happen in the coming weeks. It's not like we did an ABC correction after the fall.
  5. No one knows. We're seeing a continued accelerated sell off at a pace that the crypto market hasn't seen before with the exception of 2013. Prior cycles took 3 or so years, but we've already seen 60 percent off in a few months, that's about 5x the speed. We could see a face melting rally here start literally any minute as BTC bounces up against its 50 week moving average and has indeed way overextended (as crypto likes to do), OR it continues to fall through at the same speed. Just because you sold and others have, doesn't mean that everyone will. In fact, I've also been buying (not BTC, but some alts I missed out on).
  6. Yup I tried to add here. Coinbase, uphold and nexo not working for me still.
  7. Fib and multi-year resistance (now support) coming in hot. We bounce hard here if we go that low. Not trading advice of course
  8. No lower then 80 to 90 cents. Bleeding stops there.
  9. Yup. Cause the crypto market is so good at pricing DA's correctly. Doge is a fine example.
  10. I sold some here, and also expecting a pullback. If not, I'm good with that also. That said, my BTC DCA is around 6k, and its a fraction of my total crypto portfolio (less then 10 percent). Taking some profit here and there is never a bad thing.
  11. This. I've been rotating money actually out of BTC, ETH, and now ADA into some of my worst performing alts - started doing this a couple of days ago. Sold ADA for the first time today. My ADA DCA was also around 4 cents, and ETH was around 150-200. BTC at 45k doesn't look good anymore to me, even if it runs up past 100k. Hell, BCH looks like a better purchase now then BTC. (my opinions)
  12. Very interesting. He's selling unregistered securities sent directly from Ripple? Perhaps there is some news we don't know about yet?
  13. Back testing .305, looking good.. for now.
  14. Uphold will continue to support XRP for the time being. Also believe Kraken still is. And there's always DEXs.
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