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  1. Yup. Cause the crypto market is so good at pricing DA's correctly. Doge is a fine example.
  2. I sold some here, and also expecting a pullback. If not, I'm good with that also. That said, my BTC DCA is around 6k, and its a fraction of my total crypto portfolio (less then 10 percent). Taking some profit here and there is never a bad thing.
  3. This. I've been rotating money actually out of BTC, ETH, and now ADA into some of my worst performing alts - started doing this a couple of days ago. Sold ADA for the first time today. My ADA DCA was also around 4 cents, and ETH was around 150-200. BTC at 45k doesn't look good anymore to me, even if it runs up past 100k. Hell, BCH looks like a better purchase now then BTC. (my opinions)
  4. Very interesting. He's selling unregistered securities sent directly from Ripple? Perhaps there is some news we don't know about yet?
  5. Back testing .305, looking good.. for now.
  6. Uphold will continue to support XRP for the time being. Also believe Kraken still is. And there's always DEXs.
  7. Breakout from above .22, followed by a back test and a bounce. Hard to not see us now moving up for a bit short term. Daily close in ~5 hours, hoping to see us remain above .22 on the daily. More news could always derail this. Not trading/financial advice.
  8. You could in theory send it to a decentralized exchange, swap it for another DA, then sell that DA. https://defiprime.com/exchanges
  9. Couldn't you always just swap it for something else, then sell the swapped DA?
  10. What risk exactly? SEC literally said exchanges wouldn't be required to delist for at least 5 years. https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2020-340
  11. It's a non-US based exchange, and I'm not sure how much volume/business they have in the US compared to the rest of the world. In addition, it's just halting, and just for US customers. I'm still a bit confused though as to why they jumped the gun so early.
  12. I'm also having a hard time understanding why, SEC even listed guidance for DA securities stating exchanges wouldn't be required to delist. Guess we'll have to see how this unfolds.
  13. Coinbase saw .39. Nice to see we bounced off of .305 - .33 support now. Lets hold that level and consolidate here for a bit before making another stab at .38.
  14. I don't think this is a bull trap. The volume is massive, only second to the buy volume which created that bullish engulfing candle we saw at .22. Being rejected at .38 is not unexpected. That was previous support, and .38 fib retracement. I would not be surprised to see a back test with .305. Need to confirm we have that monthly support still. If .38 falls, a quick surge to .44 would be in the cards next. (not investment advice)
  15. Disagree with this. .38 is, if we break .38, .44 is in the cards and could come quick.
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