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  1. Just did some research and it appears GDAX is better to buy lite coin since it is tied to Coinbase and has lower fees. Question is there some reason I would buy Ltd first and then transfer instead of buying XRP directly with another US exchange like Kraken?
  2. A month? Wow, I would like transaction to be as quick as possible. What does everyone think of Reiko's suggestion? And what exchange would you buy LTC on? Coinbase? It appears that the shapeshift limit is 5k USD per conversion
  3. Hello everyone, I would like some guidance and or be pointed to the latest tutorial. I have casually followed cryptocurrencies for a while and am considering buying XRP. I have never purchased BTC or any other coins. I do have a BTC online wallet that I use for mining with nicehash with my 1070ti. Before I continue, I realize that this investment is very speculative and 10k is small percentage of my overall index fund equity portfolio so I accept the risk of losing it all. I am in the US and bank with capital one who I understand places restrictions with cryptocurrency. I was going to transfer money first to my fidelity brokerage account and from there wire the money to an exchange. What exchange should I use? I read concerns with tether and the exchanges using BTC/USDT. Does the exchange automatically buy BTC and then buy XRP? Would you choose a Toast wallet or cold storage? I would like to stay as anonymous as possible. I am in no rush to buy and if I go ahead it will be in 1-2 weeks. Other suggestions?
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