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  1. the best euro crypto exchange. hope they stay good and safe as they are. Big thanks and respect to Nejc and Damijan for their "garage project" which started with two laptops and 1000 euros..
  2. wohoooo Brad is on a plane again! ..this time he is going to Venezuela ✈️ min: 3:05
  3. http://marketmadhouse.com/ripple-joins-hyperledger-central-banks-experimenting-with-blockchain-securities-swaps/
  4. on Bitstamp you have second confirmation if the price is more than 20% +- of the current market price. They save my zerps once .. Thank you Bitatamp copy from faq; WHAT IF I MAKE A MISTAKE AND INSERT A LIMIT ORDER TO BUY BITCOINS AT $50/BITCOIN INSTEAD OF $5/BITCOIN? This is a common mistake in the markets and can cause great damage to your account balance and bitcoin market volatility. If you try to commit an order with price greater or lower than 20% of the current market price, our system will ask you for additional confirmation. We will allow you to place any order, but you will be asked if you are sure you want to do that. https://www.bitstamp.net/faq/ ..and sorry for your loss...and my bad english
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