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  1. People disagree but it's only an issues when people get on their high horse and start talking down to others and essentially calling them idiots.
  2. I wouldn't say discord is being elitist. As a whole it's a lot less drama than here, reddit, or Twitter and people just want to have a good time without negative nancy boys shifting all over everything.
  3. I thought there was so little interest in Coinbase at the institutional level they ended their fund??? Is thier custody just a form of bank? Is it insured against loss? Just curious who would use the service if they publicly admitted to killing thier shortly lived fund.
  4. Well considering most rumors are huge news whether SWIFT partnership Temanos?.... All the Bearableguy123 or Riddle... IMF... I can't think of a simple low key rumor so If any one of the big ones is true which appears to be with that comment, I think we have a bright future ahead if even just one is fact.
  5. US sanctions matter to the EU. The whole point of higher level sanctions is to both punish the sanctioned and anyone helping the sanctioned. Euro businesses risk losing licenses and ability to operate in the US and that also includes fines and seizure of assets. The US has nothing to lose "kicking the hornets nest" because we don't have any trade deals with Iran except for some aircraft maintenance parts. We don't have any true real dependence on Iranian energy to keep the lights on and risk massive public turmoil. Europe did this to themselves and should be more energy independent
  6. XRP corridors don't matter to swift or us sanctions. What's controlled and throttled is the on off ramps of legacy financial institutions. Iran can move XRP all day long but they still need normal everyday banking accounts to spend their money in the real world. As soon as Iranian money enters a fiat rail it's exposed to attack and seizure. That's the whole point of Ripples regulation push is that nothing changes with KYC and AML. XRP is like the internet.... You can still have internet but restricted access once you leave your local network. Much like how China and Russia ex
  7. It doesn't move enough in 4 seconds for it to be an issue. In the real world of large corporate payments it's in the contract which party covers the exchange loses. Or a third party market maker covers the loss. Again 4 seconds isn't enough time to make a massive difference unless you're moving trillions of dollars. Lastly price is tied to volume and value of the network.
  8. With payment channels they can get that high but not the ledger native speed. Publicly they hit 70k I think in testing that we know. Cobalt isn't for TPS that's just a side effect and marginal. Also Cobalt is considered not a near term priority consistently by the Ethan and David.
  9. How the hell would I know that from your statement?
  10. There's presently several banks Ripple is close to that are working with blockchain to improve trade finance for global supply chains as well as CGI in the article below. So no officially, but all the parties are working together and most have strong ripple links. Up to you to figure out how strong you think the probability is that ripple and eventually XRP will be involved. Perfect use case for XRP combined with Codius in my opinion. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181017005819/en/Banks-Join-Forces-Transform-Trade-Finance
  11. In a perfect scenario probably but there's still issues if youre not in the most liquid of markets. XRP makes everything quicker from domestic to international. Think of it like MPG on a new car. In the old days a manufacturer would put only the best number achieved by doing anything to hyper mile a car, completely out of the normal day to day reality. Ripple does the same thing with its TPS number and has yet to prove outside of a test environment how high the TPS can go on ledger. In the end ripples goal is nostro/vostro removal and somethings gotta take the place of that f
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