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  1. And TCS is envisioning nothing less than a pan-African DLT solution. (I suspect with TCS's presence, it's not stopping with Africa.)
  2. @Chris_Reeves, Ripplenet is one of the options for integrating the necessary DLT solution to Quartz. The reference is not merely obiter dicta.
  3. More coverage on the ASEAN MOU for cross-border payment development: Krungsri is one of many dots to Ripple and R3, such as Project Inthanon, etc.
  4. No option for circus? None for entertainment industry?
  5. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, regulation doesn't get any sexier than light-touch regulation!
  6. Right - it will be interesting to know the story behind the instantaneous v. gradual approach after it happens.
  7. What else is slated for this summer: 1) Financial Action Task Force to issue official clarification on recommended virtual currency regulations by June 2019; 2) SBI VC Trade launch in July; 3) Russia crypto regs in July. Anything else?
  8. Not sure if this is scuttlebutt or a first-hand account, but this Twitter handle believes the hearing will be continued to July.
  9. https://news.bitcoin.com/indian-supreme-court-postpones-crypto-case-governments-request/
  10. Ah, well thanks for checking! I have no reason to disbelieve you. It's interesting to me because the idea of starting with a bitcoin futures contract and then adding others would be consistent with what Bakkt has said it will do. Looks like bcause actually named XRP as part of the iine-up, at least at one point in time. Now that bcause is moving forward, we shall see if that's still part of the plan. There are also several other questions too including: 1) will it be cash or actual asset delivery; and 2) what will be bcause's settlement mechanism. Putting my speculating hat on, if
  11. That's correct. The Zakinov case was filed in June 2018. (The other live one is Greewald. The third one, Coffey, was dismissed.) Nothing new here.
  12. Right - CLSNet is one FX solution. I don't believe what CLS and R3 are working on with DTCC is the same thing. When I was referring to going live, I was referring to the re-platforming of DTCC's TIW.
  13. I think that was the point of the thread. It's not live yet. It may have gone through live testing in Sept. last year. There are dots with R3 and CLS through PayPlus, so it's a theory not based on pure hopium, although I like to take a toke or two every now and then.
  14. Reviewing this thread can get you started on the theory.
  15. If you look up DTCC's financial statements, it appears that its fiscal year follows the calendar year.
  16. Well, at face value, there is massive coordination going on with all sorts of partners/stakeholders ("dealers, buy-side firms, central counterparties, vendors, custodians, and software providers").
  17. Update: DTCC's pdf on launch of DLT-based platform has been revised with a new launch date of mid-Q4 2019. Go-live was previously slated for May 1 (see snapshot in my 3/1 post above): (Thanks to Twitter handle @Fame21Moore for catching this.)
  18. Hi, sorry to exhume this old post, but I'm curious as to your source regarding bcause's plan to launch a bitcoin product (futures contract?) first, and then follow with ETH and XRP?
  19. Ha, I wonder if I helped with the rendezvous. Have a safe drive!
  20. Simoun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Yep - South x Southwest. I think he'll be live-streamed too.
  21. Simoun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hey @BobWay, gonna meet up with @JoelKatz in Austin later this week? Lol, I suppose it depends on where you are in Texas. It's been known to be a large state.
  22. Kudos goes to @WrathofKahneman who pointed me to his tweet on Alpha Bank.
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