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  1. Simoun

    India is coming

    Or... https://crypterium.com/news/open/35cc392d-2e5f-42ee-a630-dfccc21c7e17 Expecting the gov't panel report to come out next month. https://www.coindesk.com/india-may-legalize-cryptos-but-under-strong-rules-report
  2. Saudi British Bank and Alawwal Bank finalise merger: https://www.ft.com/content/7ef2e5c8-c7a6-11e8-ba8f-ee390057b8c9
  3. Simoun

    Livestream for Swell Ripple Conference

    Here's what Ripple said in an email:
  4. Simoun

    Coffey drops lawsuit

    Nominal costs. Filing fees, at most. Maybe some admin. costs.
  5. Yes, I believe this is her show. Perhaps I'm missing something.
  6. To be honest, the ANBC validator doesn't strike me as particularly significant. The General Trade Markets Corp. that shares the same address lists the following partners: The names are sketchy and, in fact, everyone of them (except for ANBC) is located at the same address in Oregon with Cathy Halverson as the registered agent. Also, I don't see the connection between the ANBC validator linked to Helena, MT, and the ANBC holding company in Appleton, WI, which seems to only be the parent of American National Bank - Fox Cities, which is a group of cities in Wisconsin. I also don't see how Bancorp, which holds Bancorp Bank, is associated with any of the ANBCs.
  7. Nice, you backed up the original domain link. The link that is there now is dead. I wonder if that can be done intentionally to remain anonymous.
  8. I swear it was there, and then it wasn't there for a few minutes. Now I see it back up. When I saw it there the first time, the domain link didn't work, as you notice now. @Tehol_Beddict, was the address you cited, i.e., https://www.anbc.us/, the one that was listed in the validator registry? Because it's now a 404 dead-end, and people above are finding a different banking entity with the same name in Wisconsin. For the one you are pointing us to, US Bank is a partner, at least through General Trade Markets: Noticed some other big brokers too. (The other WI bank is much smaller.)
  9. Yes. The Universal Postal Union would be a coup, given that the plan is to link all of India's post office branches to the IPPB in 5 months to provide digital banking services across the country.