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  1. Ha, I wonder if I helped with the rendezvous. Have a safe drive!
  2. Simoun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Yep - South x Southwest. I think he'll be live-streamed too.
  3. Simoun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hey @BobWay, gonna meet up with @JoelKatz in Austin later this week? Lol, I suppose it depends on where you are in Texas. It's been known to be a large state.
  4. Kudos goes to @WrathofKahneman who pointed me to his tweet on Alpha Bank.
  5. And as we bring up Corda adoption in Russia, this comes up, hot of the press: Russia's largest private bank joins R3's Marco Polo network for trade finance.
  6. Not to mention that Binance and Huobi have opened offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. it's only a matter of time.
  7. Yep. I think that Putin, if he didn't before, knows that Russia's investment in the future, say with economic relations with Asia, Europe, and China's Belt and Road Initiative in particular, must involve embracing DLT and digital assets. His directive is a clear indication of that: And the July 2019 deadline ties in nicely with the FATF's pronouncement that it will officially issue its Interpretive Note regarding recommendations for regulating virtual currencies in June this year. Japan and Russia are member countries of the FATF.
  8. And now we may possibly have a second Russian bank getting governmental blessings (and rubles) to foray into DLT under Kitao's direction. And it looks like SBS Bank may be pushing to enter the digital banking arena.
  9. Abe and Putin's detente may be Kitao's gain and an XRP entry point into Russia. One strategy is to advance Corda. IIRC, R3's only presence in Russia has been with Qiwi, a money service provider. SBI Bank LLC may be R3's first Russian bank, which is a part of Kitao's conglomerate.
  10. His/her tweet includes relevant links to the relevant FATF page:
  11. Dr. T (Twitter handle) has put the SBI delay in the context of an FATF timeline (multi-gov't agency - Financial Action Task Force) to issue official clarification on recommended virtual currency regulations by June 2019. (Japan is one of the 38 members on the FATF.)
  12. Simoun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Ouch. Well, it was meaningful to her.
  13. Simoun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thanks for sharing, Bob. No, no, I would never cajole anyone to disclose anything personal about him. Emi Yoshikawa tweeted about a conversation she had with him that she'd never forget: It's that free and highly critical thinking that is an inspiration, what bits I can find from him. Anyway, thanks again.
  14. Simoun

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi, @BobWay, it's an honor to you have you mingle with us hoi polloi. Would love to get some glimpses on what it was like to work with the likes of Arthur Britto et al.
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