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  1. Appreciate your input. I am a long term holder of a fairly small bag of XRP. Bought early 2017, I've pretty much bought and forgot about them - so I will probably see it to the end now. I understand where your coming from with making our own decisions. I'll have a look at the lawsuits myself. 👍
  2. Thanks for your insights 👌 Definitely time to tune out and let it play out... No animosity tbh. I just think XRP is good, and Ripple very innovative.
  3. I'm not new to this forum; However I haven't been active for a few years. I've come back for some reassurance and to find out what exactly is going on with Ripple (& XRP). Returning to the one place I assumed would be full of pragmatism. Only to find everyone saying they've "had enough of Ripples games" And they're "sick and tired of Brad and Chris". Just a couple years ago everyone on here was full of praise with Ripples actions and had nothing but admiration and respect for the team. Is everyone so flippant? What exactly has Brad done that's so bad? And how can everything turn to shyte overnight? Please point me in the right direction. As I've been holding my Ripple bags for ages and have no intention of selling - although seeing such a good forum turn sides over night seems worrying to me.
  4. Well then my terminology was wrong. Where am I able to continue trading XRP? Most UK exchanges?
  5. Hello, It's been a while since I've posted on here so apologies if I'm repeating anything. But as a UK customer will I still be able to purchase XRP from main exchanges like coinbase? (Once they all delist) It maybe a good idea to start a post containing places you are still able to purchase from. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. Yeah I do believe it most likely is being suppressed by the financial elite. Although like you say, it's very hard to decipher between Tin foil hat bloggers and educated, well researched individuals nowadays... Also, like you say; the gov and the financial elite wouldn't bother suppressing something that is worthless. IMO The whales and the media are being used by the Government to suppress the price, then once they have shaken out as many weak hands as possible (and accumulated), they'll just flip the whole sentiment round the other way and we'll be mooning. I think summer will be the start of the next bull run - starting around May and continuing through til winter. However that is just my humble opinion.
  7. Quite an interesting read comparing Bitcoin with other assets and how the 'financial elite' are currently supressing the price of Bitcoin as much as possible. Which has been very similar to that seen in the gold and silver markets. https://medium.com/@super.crypto1/4th-dimension-bitcoin-manipulation-cartel-can-it-be-burnt-no-way-c53de65c166a The only article on manipulation that has really caught my eye. Worries me a little. Would like to know your thoughts.
  8. Hello, I am new to this forum, so let me introduce myself: UK based & I am an XRP holder since around Aug '17. I have always been wary of the USDT situation since my involvement with the CC market and at risk of sounding completely stupid on my first post, here goes... One thing that puzzles me is how USDT managed to stay so closely pegged to $1 USD. This may be a silly question with a simple answer; but if USDT is in fact a 'cryptocurrency' why is it not susceptible to the price volatility like all the others? How does it have almost no reaction to buying and selling pressure? To be honest I have never tired to buy or sell USDT, so I have no experience. Thanks in advance for not ripping me if this answer is something silly .
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