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    BearWhale research

    Another thing to think about is the fact that they can provide XRP, but the donation reciever still has to sell that XRP to their fiat too to benefit.
  2. Is it possible that people who extend their taxes have them due soon?
  3. Mr_McFearson

    SWIFTNet using RippleNet?

    OR: they will eventually be acquired by Ripple, because Brad G stated that he wouldn't use their technology to necessarily shut people down, but to buy them out. (he likes to acquire rather than to destroy)
  4. There are alot of new exchanges opening up that actually do need that kind of liquidity, especially the ones with base pairs.
  5. Got some screenies of it when it came up.
  6. Mr_McFearson

    Bloodbath on Reddit

    Most of it is bots. Bots and mind control techniques.
  7. It was online momentarily, but there was a lot of glitches in the gui and the orderbook wasn't completely finished out yet either. You could see initial pairs but there was no data (as expected for a brand new exchange) yet on any of them. Between the floodgates being opened to customers and a brand new userface that hasn't been fully tested yet, it's expected to happen. When we can't reach the server they're probably bringing it down momentarily to fix the issues.
  8. Mr_McFearson

    XRP in a World of 3

    http://prntscr.com/kgfbb0 BTC price - 6,340.70 (-4.67%) 6+3=9, 4+7=11, (911) (4+7=11, 6 can flip to be 9 = 911)
  9. Mr_McFearson

    XRP in a World of 3

    I mean, it's super convenient that the price is hovering around just THAT, after a very steep, sudden decline for no reason.
  10. Mr_McFearson

    XRP in a World of 3

    Using gematria, we could deduce that the elite could be using crypto prices to communicate. Look at that BTC price, for example. 6+3= 9, 2+4 = 6, and 7+2=9 (even the 3+2+4= 9). In the world of gematria, 6 can be 9, and 9 can be 6. Therefore, 666.
  11. I don't think you can, unless you can submit a message over to the creator and just mention it to him. You can check the Gitter and ask them for contact info.
  12. Mr_McFearson

    Does it feel to good to be true.

    That's their loss, not mine. Investing is an adult thing, where quite a bit of doing your own research is NECESSARY. Otherwise you'll just see more threads about how people sold out too early and scrambled to get back in, or bought at ATH and sold at the bottom.
  13. Mr_McFearson

    Quantity of new wallets start growing SBI ?

    One thing you can take into consideration for account growth, is Codius growth. Every host requires a wallet to be paid with, and it's not recommended to use your HODL wallet, so myself (and I can assume atleast 500-600 others who have made Codius hosts) have created yet another wallet for just that.
  14. Mr_McFearson

    Thanks for everything

    I can't believe I missed this.... Prime example of not doing your own research. LoL When did the Bitcoin ETF have anything to do with XRP or Ripple? You must have not bought at a low point if all of your funds are wiped out AFTER the 80% correction.
  15. Mr_McFearson

    Does it feel to good to be true.

    I believe the whole "neutral transaction" thing is just another FUD. In fact, how it should happen is that a bank (has X amount of XRP already) will use the XRP for remittances, but in the early stages of case-usage they'll be forced to buy more and more XRP to match the output that they need to send. So if Bank A has 100,000,000 xrp, worth .44 cent per, that is roughly $$44,000,000 that they have allotted to be able to send. If a collective of people need to send more than that, then Bank A will be forced to purchase more XRP until they can make the transactions. Also keep in considering that Bank A would constantly keep their coffers filled, which would equate in ... you guessed it, MORE BUYING.