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  1. tensions are high until we are above the 2 dollar mark again lololol jk
  2. Yes man i AM all positive I just had a question and wanted a straight forward answer truce
  3. SO are u upset that I asked a question that has already been answered somewhere else??? Bc the forum is filled with repeated questions and answers... So please get a grip man... And I wasnt rude until he trolled me... Thank you
  4. @FixnUrPowerline and what do u know? Take your negativity to fun coin or something
  5. I am holding regardless... I was just trying to know more... I am ripple for atleast the next 66 months
  6. So all these haters who are saying "market cap" can go shove it? Also alot of announcements or fud the last few weeks and the price is just steady decline....
  7. @Hodor I received a notification that u reacted lol.. please enlighten
  8. I understand the supply and demand aspect but i am missing something else.... some of the brilliants ripple bloggers needs to enlighten me
  9. @RegalChicken @XRPto50dollars @PickleRick @zenkert @Hodor @Chewiecoin @John_Buh Thanks guys
  10. So let me start by saying that I have been a member on here for months but I lost my pw so I just made a new account. I read most threads and I am a RIPPLE Supporter til the end! I have alot and I am team Hodl! I have a question about the market cap that needs to be cleared up.... I'm reading that it would be almost impossible for ripple to reach 50 cause it's market cap would be bigger than btc and etherirum combined what do you think??? People have all different opinions when it comes to market cap... Can someone explain it, and please dont say some bs like "ppl said that at 20 cents and look at us now" I want a real answer Thanks Go Ripple
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