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  1. It is nice to see another insightful post. That being said, i also have no plans to sell below 50. At 50, perhaps a 15% sell off. But i am going to wait. I bought in early 2017 and continued buying at the dips, and if you have survived this year then you can definitely hold for another. This year has been rough! I will truly enjoy telling people that i have zero interest in spending $100 for some crypto thing called XRP.
  2. I was shocked too. Mine is on a nano. Too many exchange hacks. Plus i believe HODOR wrote an article saying that you dont really possess xrp until you remove it from the exchange.
  3. I think what he is saying is: maybe on return tax day shaking tree will apologize to you. You forum faith in bag holding too. I all wtf yeah in. On tax day. Hope this clears it up for all of you!
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