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  1. Wow. I had to stop reading this ******** after 3 pages. Go air out your stupid investment problems somewhere else. Sell your xrp, post a loss, and move on. But to sit there and cry about your ROI. You sound like a child in your mom's basement. Move on along son.
  2. It is nice to see another insightful post. That being said, i also have no plans to sell below 50. At 50, perhaps a 15% sell off. But i am going to wait. I bought in early 2017 and continued buying at the dips, and if you have survived this year then you can definitely hold for another. This year has been rough! I will truly enjoy telling people that i have zero interest in spending $100 for some crypto thing called XRP.
  3. I was shocked too. Mine is on a nano. Too many exchange hacks. Plus i believe HODOR wrote an article saying that you dont really possess xrp until you remove it from the exchange.
  4. I think what he is saying is: maybe on return tax day shaking tree will apologize to you. You forum faith in bag holding too. I all wtf yeah in. On tax day. Hope this clears it up for all of you!
  5. You sure post a lot for someone that is "out". Lol. So sell and save yourself the heartache.
  6. Yeah. That article is total bs. Sponsors are running away from endorsing football because their fans KILL people at games. The name Greenspan got me to look, stopped when the name was Mati. Lol
  7. I met edgar once. He is a lot less scary than hal 9000
  8. I am actually quite offended by your choice of meme? What are you trying to say? Oh wait. I see the time on his watch is 5:59. Close enough to 589. Now where is the bear picture?
  9. I would eat a lot of chili and leave my resignation letters on the desks of my coworkers. Yep. I'm sh$t out bro.
  10. That was the reason for the price drop. I think people were expecting some major news like coinbase adding XRP. Hopefully, they have some positive news. Maybe bill will announce a new token called Monicacoin.
  11. I wish i could see the future too.... Then i would accept that xrp was done and i was late to the party. I guess i will just drop all my money into: dumbinvestmentCOIN, poopCOIN, or BitcoinXXX, so i can hope for a moonshot too. Lmfao.
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