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  1. How long till an alien ship arrives and they bring with them their advanced multi stellar bridge payment. And we will all be crushed by their awesome super advanced payment tech.
  2. But probably many of your friends still post their sh!t on insta which is also ownd by FACEBOOK lol.
  3. Just because i do not agree with your tinfoil dot connecting, and juvenile arguments, doesn't make me a "Argumentative keyboard warrior" Just because words sound smart doesnt mean they actually are in this context. Everything you say has either something to do with some wack bat sh!t crazy theory. Or some nonsense gif posting. Oh yeah let's not forget the "FUD" claims you make as well when ppl call you out on your wack bat sh!t crazy theories. Tinfoil warrior keyboard commanders = another year of bearish face palm indicator.
  4. You are dot connecting things like, "in 2017 xrpchat was as moody as it is now in 2019, so a bullrun must be imminent" And then you take BTC as a example that we all follow BTC.... yeah DUH that's nothing new. You haven't said anything that everyone doesnt know yet. And if we are going to take comments from the past, I can take a handful of you claiming we would have decoupled by now from the fat king BTC.
  5. You where TALKING ABOUT XRP! What counter argument is this? That you come with Fcking BTC as a example. You should have better said nothing then this.
  6. If it doesn't effect price i don't care.
  7. Everything smells 2016 2017 to you. Perhaps sniff some 2019 air in so your brain cells can adjust to the reality.
  8. Hints this hints that in the end its nothing.
  9. It may be good tech and adoption may be coming. But nothing guarantees us that Xrapid needs a higher price to function. We are already seeing that Ripple made a deal with exchanges to suppress any price increase and also created a floor for xrp to stay around 30 cents. Even if everything is out of circulation in 10 years who guarantees us that we will see a increase in price? We are now stuck in limbo and perhaps it was ripples plan all along. I have invested a **** ton of money and in just simply waiting for some profits. But the fact is a price increase has NEVER been a guarantee. We all assume that when the buying is higher then the selling that Ripple does every round the price will become higher but maybe they will keep It stuck around 1 to 5. Despite what DS said about higher price XRP is better for transactions. Maybe 1$ XRP will suffice heck maybe 0.3 will. Adoption or not nothing is guaranteed for a higher price in XRP. It's all good news for Ripple and there products in the end.
  10. In that case, you would own the entire treasury.
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