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  1. For a business, physical cash is always the preferred way.
  2. Did you not create an ENTIRE topic about THIS subject, for 2018 EOY prediction. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Yes.. judging from all you described he has a been golden. Prob bought at 007. No I don't! I only accept cash wink wink.
  4. In 10 years our motto would still be "it's coming"
  5. Fck Facebook. And fck their ****** stable coin. XRP IS THE TRUE STABLE COIN!
  6. ING are dicks when you need something they have zero intrest in aiding jou. But then again which bank does.
  7. You can try, if i catch you youll have a problem. Thats part of surviving accepting the risk and penalties for doing so.
  8. I don't make excuses i'm not a tender flower like you on this subject. You see a thief, i see a man trying to survive, I see a survivor. He takes the risks with it . And also He aint my friend. This world runs on corruption, i don't lose sleep if some guy jacks abit of juice to power some rigs.
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