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  1. Speaking about stellar and lumens, what is your avatar suppose to be? A space mine?
  2. You mean the 0,02ยข we Gained in the last 4 months. If that's getting it "up" these days I suggest we add Abit of Viagra to the mix.
  3. You can thank them again when we are at 0,15
  4. Who are those elites and why do you think in a world with almost 4 to 6 billion ppl those elites can controll everyting. Anyone can become a "elite" in these days, just need a good idea, an investor, a solid marketing plan, sweat, stress, loss of hair, pissed wife, because you have no time for her, and boom you might be on your way of becoming a wealthy elite yourself.
  5. Tell him it's none of his fcking business show some dominance.
  6. I don't really think ppl are turning this into something bad i can understand that some might think it is not ideal for a company to lose two important players. Nonetheless i don't think it is something bad myself either.
  7. I know people come and go nature of business but itsn't Evan Schwartz an important employee. From what i read.
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