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  1. How is charting out a serious problem as the instability and technical issues BTC is facing at ATH fcking poking fun about TA????? I don't need arguments for that TA is a joke in my eyes anyway, you can better shook the 8ball collection of trendysteel and ask if its wise to invest yes, or no and get a more accurate answer. I addressed a serious concern and wanted to know what the thoughts were behind it. Instead i came across a bunch of ****** for no good reason people suddenly defending TA mechanics lol. And then there is your behavior i can't even describe it, it's like a mix out of passive aggressive yet when confronted you fade away to avoid confrontation and then out of nowhere come back again with comments made a month ago, i want to say it reminds me of teenage girl behavior but then i would be flagged as gender discrimination so i wont say it. And you call me trolling, you clearly attacked me for just ASKING A QUESTION! So yea to me it is clear who is trolling.
  2. No i haven't, i leave the i read every post 24/7 on this forum to you. Reminds me of the kid that likes to sit right in front of the teacher.
  3. If this tread is your beacon of light then surely you must have a dark life i feel truly sorry for you. Your pathetic attempt at trying to troll me is even sadder, wow a new low has been reached.
  4. Ah yes, and you must be the the obese ''cook'' behind the grill laughing so hard about his own jokes he doesn't notice his wife flirting with the vegan :*
  5. Thats like hoping your car keeps going for another mile when smoke is coming out of your engine lol.
  6. despite its crazier run, XRP never had the amount of media spotlight around the globe as BTC did. XRP Fell becuase it got double played by the wales who got out of btc and wanted extra pocket money by pumping XRP.
  7. Well it's my theory and i stand by it. The bullrun lost it's momentum because of it. and The wales noticed that it was not going anywhere with everything jammed so they decided to dump it at 20k Because there was still a sh!t ton of ppl ready to get in. But with everything jammed and the exchanges being a wreck that was the end of it.
  8. You find all the backlogs and massive fees and slow transfers that happend in ATH where people could not buy BTC efficiently anymore which led to the sellers outnumbering the buyers being speculative??? lol oke. And since when in TA not ever speculative it doesn’t matter if you read a chart from a pc screen mobile screen or drawn on the back of a piece of paper inside a Chinese cookie, so ill stick with my assumption. In the end it doesn't even matter i tried so hard to lose it all in the end it doesn't even matterrrrr
  9. I believe that at 20k BTC died . Not in the way of sell pressure but simply because it could not handle it anymore. So basically BTC is kept on life support (manipulation) and I believe there will be a LAST bulltun for btc and that's when the wales will pull out the cord on the life support. To answer your question the last ath was the real overload.
  10. Why what makes you think in the next few months something is going to happen?
  11. That's not what I meant . My initial question to Eric was that BTC had enourmous problems when it was at ATH the system simply could not handle it. And that problem hasn't been solved yet from what I know. So how do all these TA experts expect a rise in BTC all the way to 40k etc when BTC cant even handle the pressure around 20k
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