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  1. What fireworks? Don't you see that ripple does not want a big arse spike in there price. Thisbm thing won't budge from 0.3 c if they want a rise it will be slow and steady if it is the way they want the utility way. And even then the sell pressure will be super high so selling at 4 and then retracing to 3 or even 2.5 is very likely. If you have a stack of around 100k you can make some nice profits sell all for 400 k buy back in for 2.5 that's 150 k profits . Lol ppl still thinking this thing will BOOM on price XD fcking hilarious.
  2. Lol if you gonna make a fake account praising yourself atleast dont make it look that obvious.
  3. No. I wasn't agreeing with, ''you can't controll everything'' Where you gave the cancer as a example. To some degree i agree but like i said if you sacrifise the bad habits and try to live a healthy life style, in a way you can controll it, you can atleast steer it into the direction you want.
  4. No you don't especially not with cancer! But, none the less every morning I make myself and my girlfriend a smoothie of blueberries red berries ginger broccoli and oranges. All super foods against cancer. I stopped smoking at age 24 in the middle of my most stress full time of my life just the start of my business where everything went shaky. I stopped eating processed meats which freaking much loved sausages bacon mcdonalds you name it. All because I was afraid of cancer and still am. So yeah, you don't have full control of everything but you can damn well do your utmost best to avoid things. And that is also kind of working for something right? If you watch your diet, and not smoking not drinking much alcohol etc etc you can still live a healthy and wealthy business live. It's not all that black and white. But i can understand what you try to say but i don't agree with it. If in the end i have cancer i will still probably work thats my kind of mindset there is nothing i can't do aslong as i want it and i want to have a healthy wealthy live thats what i work and make sacrifices for.
  5. Me being 23 at that time and now 26 made it harder for me. it's hard to demand respect in the eyes of banks in the eyes of workers who somethimes are older then me in the eyes of suppliers who don't take you serious untill you show then your numbers. But you're right you should always be alert for when you are comfortable that's when you're ready to fall..
  6. True. But not always somethimes they let you work it out, depends how much in Dept you are at the end of the day. But to lend big you need to have value to out as colletoral anyway the WSNP worked more back in the day when banks lenden easier. Now a days you need to most of the time grind your self up or have external financers. But yes failures aren't talked about but also failures are up to you what you do with them. Do you learn from them and try it again or give up. Many very very rich people went bankrupt the first 1 or 2 tries. Atleast so they say.
  7. Daydreams only hold you back when you leave it at that just being day dreams. Working hard doesn't mean earning much working smart is the way to get rich. I'm 26 and I already start to earn my first capital gains with minimal tax that I have to pay in holland. While I have to pay around 55% on income tax. My father has a import and export business where he takes care of all the documents needed to ship products from in and out of turkey his biggest clients are Apple and Dell. When I asked him a loan for a measly 10 k to start my first small store he laughed and said if you are my son you can start from zero like I did instead of trying beg for money like a little bitc.h. I had to jump threw maybe 10 hoops to get the loan at my age that time 23 to get a small loan of 10 k no bank looked my way. Got it from the government in the end had to convince them with 4 meetings for that. After that. I earned the first year perhaps just 500 euros profit for 7 days work a week. Sleepless nights, of going bankrupt. Now 3 years later my store is worth 400k. Which i might sell and start a plastic resycle business, in Germany already a working progress. Life gives you what YOU are prepared of making it. If you accept a slave wage job then that's what you'll get. The only limitations in life is that of your own. Any one who says "some people have been dealt such bad cards in life they are incapable of becoming wealthy that's just bullshi.t. On of my worker who comes from Syria he had his own restaurant there before the war. Had lost everything he came with just his clothes he had in to Holland. Now. With hard work and dedication and loyalty he earns now 4k a month managing my first store as the filiaal manager. Life is what you make of it.
  8. Just to ket him know. Would have done it Telepathically but i couldn't find a signal the receiver didn't have enough bars.
  9. Here is a hint for you: I don't give two sh!ts about what you think.
  10. You still have money to accumulate? Lol. You have been "foming" non stop, since begin 2018 and everythime you said the same.
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