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  1. lol you literary said ''i won’t be returning to this forum once i hit my target for XRP, I'll be busy enjoying life,'' So unless xrp moons you'll be here on this forum instead of enjoying life, your words son stop contradicting yourself. And your behavior of attacking another member here who is just making predictions isn't BS behavior, shows who the parasite is here. And no i already sold my xrp and went into vet at 0,012 and made a huge amount of profit. You don't have to worry about me bro atm i'm rooting for the bears because I'm in usdt atm
  2. Lol so unless xrp hits his your target you can't enjoy life lmao. That just sounds beyond pathetic. Anybody who is so dependent on xrp to make their life worthwhile to enjoy life is doing something wrong. Crypto space is so cringe.
  3. At this point xrp needs a coalition with viagra-coin to get the price up.
  4. You're the one sounding like a little girl who's undeys are to tight. Calm the fck down princess the only little snowflake around here is you. Mad yes your bullsh!t jingled my chains Abit because which numnut is going to be all like "uuuuh xrp isn't meant as a investment so why you being pissed that xrp has been the only one who hasn't done almost any good price wise" This market cannot be pinned with valuations because it's a fcking mess it has almost no structure and then you come with some wack ass B's chart that we are in some kind of investment state, **** off.
  5. Don't show me that overused chart that people like you use as a bedtime story so you can belive this market has any valuations. I don't care where you think we are in I just simply state that the entire performance of this asset that had so much media spot light as the ONE crypto with all the connections and future use cases has had one of the worst returns! You belive Ripple would even have 10% of their investment capital (warchest) if it weren't for people investing in XRP? Their whole business is resolving around selling their fcking coin and doing that Otc isn't going to bring in half the amount it does on the open market. And you can bet your arse that BG and DS were giving presentations and conferences in the hope that a majority of speculators would follow the news and invest in XRP. They have been dumping XRP from their escrows all the way till 2020 you think that would have been possible if ordinary people would not have been investing in XRP? "XRP is not to be used as an investment vehicle" takes the BS medal of 2020.
  6. Xrp can learn from vet. Unbelievable what a letdown this asset has been in the last 2 and half years simply pathetic. All other coins had atleast some decent rally all we got was a shitty little pump to 0.5 cents and that was what in 2018 or something what a joke.
  7. Cute, now your just denying. And no I think we are incompatible adorable none the less that you want to have something in common tho.
  8. I joined for a brief time in 2018 and didn't come back ever since. Not interested in echo chambers where only one sided arguments are appreciated.
  9. I'm not going to debate with you whether or not people were banned from there for having a respectable disagreement your biased view speaks for itself . I'm a man who doesn't like to bullsh!t around a topic I say it as it is just like in real life. I'm not one to appreciate those who turn around something. You preserve my comments as agressieve because they are direct and not sugarcoated with layers of bullsh!t to soften the message. I'm sorry we can not all be as superior in communication the way you are the narsisitic sarcastic I like to smell my own fart way.
  10. Yes untill the critics are to critical and the and facts to factual the cult leaders decide to warn members with bans etc, for rocking the boat. I don't need you to tell me how that place is operated I saw it my self.
  11. If you are looking for a echo chamber I suggest you join the zerpening club. Those trolls you are referring to are investors who have been sceptical about the price and realistic about the expectation of xrp. All the way back when 99% of this forum was filled with tinfoil lunatics who thought xrp was going to $589 and looked down on anyone who weren't betting the farm on this asset. I have seen enough dot connecting from so called researchers and delusional cult members to know that ultimately it's just a waste of time. Why waste time on trying to connect dots in this highly manipulated market that's filled with fake news and false promises even from the CEO himself. All you can do is sit back and wait for another bullrun. The rest is a waste of time.
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