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  1. What makes you so sure it will even go above 5? But what ever do what you want.
  2. So $0 it is. If we get a run this sh!t coin that's the BTC's b!tch will drop like a brick when BTC hits it's ceiling. And that is if BTC gets a run in the halving it could also be that BTC dumps because the miners won't make profit and the demand for BTC is not there if this whole Corona thing is not contained, which at the moment it is absolutely not. Atleast not in the western part of the globe. So yea this whole 100 or 0 mentallity will probably make you relive the 2018 fiasco. Have fun being slaughterd with the rest of the greedy pigs.
  3. Wont be surprised to see xrp at 0,140 in a few days if not tomorrow.
  4. That's usually how life works. Doing something at the right time at the right place. A.K.A - Luck
  5. lowered the buy trigger at 0,13 to 0,12,5
  6. i'm not buying into this upwards BTC movement. I sold at 0,138c i wont buy back i belive we will see 0,130c again.
  7. You mean this question? Well for starters, anyone who visits one of his top 10 hopium threads pretty much get's the idea how his posting style was. Take a look at the picture below. I am not going to name them. They know who they are. You know who they are. They pop up with the most ridiculous comments like “XRP will fall to 30c, you all need to sell ”or “get out now before XRP collapses”.'' *Checks Price* Seems the trolls were right after all. Bye Gilligan! And for the record, it's because those people were labeled as fudsters that's the hate against chewie not that he had hopium thoughts but he and another handfull off zerping members were bashing people who had realistic price views and expectations for xrp. But there is litterly no need to bring out old comments etc etc. We all want money so let's see what the future brings, just respect the opinions of others bevore you ask for respect that's what many didn't do.
  8. oh you're talking usd. I assumed you ment euro since your from france.
  9. Sold at 0,13689¢ This time I set buy order for BTC at 4k If it triggers I will get 4.75 BTC and gonna resell at 5,3k let's see how it goes. So far strated out with 100k xrp now 139k sold all at 0,1368 made 5k profit. In 4 days.
  10. If you can sell at 5k do it. I still belive xrp to go up to 0,14¢ so BTC might go around 4,9 5k If it does I will sell and wait set a buy order around 0,115 this time. If this works out I will have accumulated 60k xrp intotal. Let's see how it will work out. You should decide for your self buy if you ask me sell at 5k and then hold for it to drop to 4k or below to buy back in.
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