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  1. "The first comes from Business Insider, who reports that Facebook’s blockchain research group recently met with Stellar to discuss how the social media conglomerate could leverage distributed ledger technology (DLT) as it explores potentially building out a payments network. According to unnamed sources, the two parties discussed how Facebook could fork the public Stellar blockchain, much as chat app Kik did after it decided to create an independent blockchain for its Kin cryptocurrency rather than piggyback on the main Stellar network. The task force is also said to have met with other unnamed cryptocurrency projects." Fork of stellar, so in essence really a fork of xrp...So not actually anything to do with xlm! https://www.ccn.com/somethings-brewing-at-facebooks-cryptocurrency-division/
  2. https://www.sc.com/en/navigate-the-future/welcome-to-the-smart-bank/ Taken from standard chartered insights "Our strategy is to select the right fintech partners to help us advance financial inclusion, fintech innovation and client experience in Hong Kong. Already, we’re collaborating with the likes of Paykey, Alipay, Wechat and Ripple, and are connected to big players such as Apply Pay and Samsung Pay."
  3. Just remember who ripple have fighting their case. Former sec chair Mary Jo White. This case will be kicked pretty quickly, and I believe if will firmly establish that xrp is not a security to the masses. Though I already think its a given already. https://cointelegraph.com/news/former-sec-chair-represents-ripple-in-lawsuit-for-alleged-sale-of-unregistered-securities
  4. I think its safe to say that xrp won't be deemed a security. The fact that law case raised against ripple about it being a security by those losers it a great thing for ripple. They will prove in court that its not a security. Why do I think its certain - well when the ripple law team hired Mary Jo White who previously held the position of chair at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to fight the case that says all you need to know. Ok she is getting paid, but if you have a former SEC chair fighting your corner that you are not a security that's pretty convincing. Also big companies want to use xrp, I'm very confident from Brads tone of late, he knows what's coming. He will have already have had plenty of talks with the powers that be, and if he is confident, and I trust the big man, then so am I.
  5. How is ETH used in Ethereum - same principles, but the scope because of scalability, process speeds (allowing micro payments) means this potentially be much better than Ethereum. What it does is open up xrp as a payment to many more industries - such as derivatives mentioned above, insurance, loans, the monetization of the internet (i.e think paying to view a page with a micropayment or drop of xrp which could supplant advertising needs on webpages) - lots more possibilities which my small brain can't even comprehend.
  6. Watch the video above - smart contract payments with xrp bridging it for starters.
  7. Codius could get very interesting
  8. Anyone remember this back from 2015 - Codius is now back in the game and could potentially allow us to go after the derivatives market - what's that worth - well only $1.2 quadrillion. This is just one example of what codius could mean to xrp. There will be so many use cases.
  9. Ripple is moving is so many different directions - this is great news - demonstrates how great Coil/codius could be for the xrp ledger.
  10. @atomic1221 That's a good question and one I don't truly know the answer to, I'd imagine xRapid/xCurrent would do away with that need but a lot would depend on how the bank would feel about it and the internal procedures they have with approving especially large payments . Its such a different way of thinking from old legacy payment systems such as SWIFT, with SWIFT you'd have to batch up all payments and send them out maybe once/twice a day. With xRapid as its instant this need goes away, each transaction in theory could be sent instantly without need of batching up, so could be processed continually through out the day. Unfortunately we don't have enough information know how banks will engage in this practice, but theoretically it could all just be automated. I'd love to here from someone who has actually installed xCurrent, to see how it effected their whole process chain, but without that we are only making assumptions.
  11. Sorry but this statement is completely wrong. It doesn't matter about number of employees - this is not an ERP system that will be used by most employees, it will be used only by the payment teams and possibly treasury teams, often these are based just in head office for each country. Payment teams are normally small in number (a handful of people). The legacy ERP system will feed into this payment system with a batch file. This is based on my experience rolling out IT systems in FI's. Like I said before the rollout of this software should be relatively straight forward if you already have xCurrent installed, legacy systems and internal regulations are the slower things here.
  12. Well I imagine it needs an update, xCurrent came 9 months before the beta version of xRapid, so I'd imagine they'd have to be some sort of software update - which is probably a 30 min job. But none of us have seen the GUI but I imagine there is just an option somewhere to select xCurrent, or xRapid.
  13. Yep SBI is big not just because of the liquidity it might bring, but because that liquidity will be directly available to xRapid. Also I imagine it will be custody ready, which is a huge plus point for banks onboarding.
  14. @JohnnyRippleSeed That is true to some extent, we don't know if it is already caked in, I'd imagine its just a simple update to xCurrent to allow xRapid usage. However xRapid may also need changes to bank end legacy systems to, however we are just fishing in the dark. We can't be certain unless someone from ripple tells us. But we can make a reasonable guess that once xCurrent is installed its a far quicker process to add/use xRapid aswell from a technical point. From a bureaucratic point of view - who knows.
  15. One thing to add to what I said above - and a point that has been missed by a lot of people is that 100 banks + are already up and running using xCurrent, SEB is already processing billions per year, Santandar 50% of their payments are going through xCurrent. They all seemed to get up and running on this fairly quickly once they gave it the green light. So what that tells us is a few things. Ripple have already implemented their API into the banking legacy systems. Payments can already be processed easily and confidently by banks using this system Secondly, it will be a much smaller leap technologically to use xRapid once you already have xCurrent in place. We don't know the technical differences, but I imagine the turnaround time in this would be much quicker, in the region of a few months. Once you are on xCurrent moving to xRapid will be ….er much more rapid.
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