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  1. Well, yesterday the discussion about women was critized. Now men are analyzed. It’s getting pretty weird here.
  2. Guys, if you want to see well dressed guys, watch Suits. If you want to moon, watch ripple. You really want to say that you would invest into a crypto currency because someone wears a tailored suit? Bank types are selling something. So they need to look trustworthy. IT personal is not selling something. I really don’t get your point. So you don’t believe Einstein because his hair was messy?
  3. All I say is every government will not ban cryptos in general. There will be some regulations for sure. I agree with you that there is bad news which causes a negative view on cryptos. However, the greed is stronger than fear. So i see these low prices as a big chance for investors: they know BTC etc. can moon very fast. Therefore, they see the chance to buy at very low prices. I just think we just need some beginning to trigger off a very big run. This will happen when Asian investors have enough money and time to focus on buy into the market again. Besides you shouldn’t forget how many people tried to sign up on bitstamp and so on. At this moment there was only news about rumors on cryptos. There were no real actions (except in South Korea, but I would not categorize it as bad action too much). You could be right. But like I said: Greed beats rational thinking and beats FUD. I bet we will see a rise above 1.1$ in circa 10 hours or so. The prices on bitthump are currently lower than on bitstamp. It’s like an invitation to buy for them. This would prove greed beats fear (or I could be more than wrong, but I am stubborn, sorry).
  4. Good call for Ripple. BTC and ETH will be higher then, too.
  5. Keep in mind they get a lot of money on that and some are drunk. They might buy right then...
  6. It will get higher and higher the closer Lunar‘s New Year is heading. I think it’s like Christmas for us.
  7. I used to play a lot of Poker. It’s so similar to it. Even you are losing and you know you played correctly you shouldn’t change anything. Same when you see a huge dip without any reason.
  8. Are we talking about cryptos or about my gf when she is shopping?
  9. It’s more than one fact, but I totally agree. I would just add one thing: Don’t let feelings have a huge impact on you: Fear and greed is nothing you need.
  10. I didn’t want to elaborate the current financial and political status of the USA and its influence on social behavior and man, no one wants to talk about moms. We are here to congratulate ourselves how strong we can hodl. So will the weekend bring green or red candles?
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