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  1. Most impactful thing I’ve learnt - Hatred, FUD on a project to please certain groups, false propaganda for dubious benefits, baseless arguments are all LOUD but WILL die eventually infront of facts and true worth. A few examples I’ve seen personally that helped me realize that: 1. Xrp will never reach $1 - I saw it reach > $3 2. Coinbase has rules that restrict listing of XRP - coinbase updated rules 3. Coinbase will never list XRP - bye bye Fudders 4. Banks wont use xrp - yeah lol 5. XRP is centralized - most decentralized ecosystem out there, and now the fud shifted to centralized “supply” Fudders are losing and are no longer able to save face.
  2. Oh oh you are part of Ripple’s master plan as well. /s
  3. We don’t know really, unless Ripple (or the other party) gives an official announcement. Plans could change, and unfortunately drop out too...though disappointing that’s no reason to become dejected (not saying you are). Ripple is doing great progress and all we can do is hope for the best and wait. In short...I don’t think anyone knows.
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