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  1. 51 minutes ago, XRP_to_20dollars said:

    Exactly this. I truly appreciate TA guys with integrity. That, this is not. 

    He flopped on so many calls and then when we were really in the gutter he took a convenient leave of absence lol. Zero credibility. 

    Now he isbadvicating anyone calling his overhwhelmingly bad calls out be put on an ignore list. Others are suggestiglng privatising the thread.

    I was here since late 2017, my old account got banned for calling out the cultish groups then. I see the cycle repeating here. As soon as criticism is frowned upon, labelled as fud or unhelpful, you know it is too late to save people caught up in this current cycle of dillusion. 

    You don´t call anything, the only thing you contribute to ALL THREADS WHERE YOU APPEAR is a continuous disrespect to many members.
    I am not a TA boy, I only buy and keep, but I don´t go by all threads breaking people's balls WITHOUT PROVIDING ANY VALUE, that is your case.
    On the other hand, the vast majority of the members have hairs in the testicles long before you had left your mother's titt´s, so stop using your condescension with others, we don't need it and we don't want it .

  2. 19 hours ago, LetHerRip said:

    Don't waste your time with the Zerperning morons,

    I am a  Zerpening member, you do not know me, you have never interacted with me, you do not know my knowledge, you do not know the research I have done and you still allow yourself the luxury of calling me (and another 800 people) a fool?
    I will probably win my first warning with this comment but I don't care, YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT.
    You do not contribute anything, you are a ******* kid who comes here to disrespect anyone who does not think like you and the most surprising thing is that you do not believe in the Ripple´s project but you are here every ******* day breaking people's balls with your ******* miseries and cries.
    Try to mature, sell your possessions of XRP if you still have them and continue with your (must be very sad) life, little boy.

  3. 4 hours ago, Staigera said:

    It amazes me to see how people still don't see that if this asset was going to be such a major succes it already would have been at the 1 dollar figure by now. Manipulated market or not. 

    I'm curious what some of you will tell your self when we are still sub dollar prices when 10 corridors have opened then 20.

    It's going to be so amusing if this thing ends up working perfectly fine around 1 dollar.


    Hey man, please try not to cry so loud, there are people sleeping¡¡

  4. 1 hour ago, baobeiiiii said:

    Lmao, so I'm mentally unstable, an alcoholic and a cry baby that needs comforting.

    You know what, think what you want. Funny how the insults start flowing as soon as I ditched XRP. I'm out. You all can surround yourselves with sycophants and circle j*rk in this echo chamber. Meanwhile I'll go make real money. Bye.


    Do not forget to close the door when leaving.

    P.D. And yes, it looks like you're making a lot of real money, yes ........ a lot of real money. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Elysium2030 said:

    Wohooo vamos a celebrar! 

    W8 por minuto. 

    El precio cayó al infierno en el cuarto trimestre y vimos dígitos que pensamos que nunca volveríamos a ver. 

    No hay fiesta hoy. Mientras el precio sea una basura como esta, le doy una mierda por los volúmenes de transacción y esa mierda. 

    Quiero ver el valor El valor se muestra en $ / XRP, no se habla de potencial de fairydust ese día blabla. 

    Precio. Eso es lo único que importa. 


    If, as it seems, you have been in this world for more than two years and you still do not understand that to see the value of XRP / $ increase (until it makes you happy) the above must occur (significant increase in ODL) I honestly believe that you have wrong investing in XRP.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Raekwon said:

    Thanks for sharing. Proves my point.

    If you think that shows your point, personally I think you're quite wrong; If you want respect in the answers directed towards you, you should show the same respect in the answers that you give, and in that case you do not show it, in fact you laugh at the comment of Regal because it does not share your criterion of trade.

    Do not want for others what you do not want for you, it's simple.

  7. 2 hours ago, Raekwon said:

    Funny how they all jumped on me in that ''private club'' when I stated my strategy of shorting xrp to increase my stacks. They can't accept different views, and they will start calling you all kinds of names. Quite sad.

    What is even more sad is that they spend every minute of the day liking each other's posts - a like for like kinda thing that kids used to do on Myspace back in the days. Lol  


    You forget to comment on the complacency that you showed in your answers, which was what caused Regal to answer you and put you in your place. If you are going to tell something, do not tell it half-way or twisting the facts. Your welcome.

    Your post, answering to a Nouk comment:

     " On 3/10/2018 at 15:33, Raekwon said:

    You seem to be very frustrated,  don't be mad when others are profiting still while you see your portfolio value decreasing. To each his own strategy.

    If we are not in a bear-market, then what are we in? Whatever you just mentioned, fact remains that market sentiment is negative - and no it is not because of people like me. We are in a bear market because people got burned big time and new investors are not confident enough to invest yet. And if you think otherwise, then you are truly the one who is delusional.

    Whales are playing the game, I am just a small fish in the ocean trying to profit. Once market sentiment changes, then times will change too. For now - don't hate the player, hate the game."

    Regal answer:

    Na. I'm with Nouk. I hope shorts get rekt hard. 

    Your answer to Regal:

    Lol, salty. 

    Regal answer:

    I'm not salty, I'm old school. Investing and trading are not the same thing. Shorting isn't the same thing. Investing can serve a purpose to not only the investor but the market as a whole. 

    Shorting likely creates health in the market the same way blood letting with leaches creates health in the patient. But it's gambling, I don't respect it, and won't. 

    Your answer to Regal:

    You are entitled to your opinion. Best of luck.

    Regal answer:

    Thanks, you're entitled to kiss my ass as well, but I don't see the need to offer any wishes of luck.

  8. 1 hour ago, RippleNZ said:

    Creo que tienes que regresar al corral y seguir colmando a la luna, o lo que sea que hagas allí. 

    Pensé que era fantástico cuando convertiste el Zerpening en un club, y aún mejor cuando lo tomaste en privado. 

    Es mi buena suerte que (y nada más), hoy, mi inversión todavía está 2 veces arriba. Pero estaba 20 veces arriba. El mercado se había vuelto completamente loco. Que se había escapado de los fundamentos era obvio para casi todos excepto tú, yo y todos los demás que habían bebido la ayuda fresca en la cámara de eco de Zerpening. El hecho de que el gráfico apunte a la luna no significa que vaya hacia allí. Continué la feliz palmada mucho después de que la música se había detenido antes de esa lenta toma de conciencia de que la arrogancia me había costado muchos cientos de miles de dólares. Me tranquilicé, dejé el Zerpening y nunca más volví.

    Francamente, si alguien desea visitar Zerpening y comprar eso, buena suerte para ellos. Y así es como veo mi mala aventura: un aprendizaje.

    No estoy enojado contigo, ni con el pollo, ni con el toro ni con ninguno de tus compañeros alfa. Pero estoy realmente enfadado conmigo mismo por escucharte. 

    Pero, en este momento, debes mantener ese codswallop donde pertenece porque cuando apareces con una estrella dorada intercambiando "me gusta" con el pollo, la gente puede cometer el error de pensar que sabes de lo que estás hablando y, buen chico que tú son, ciertamente no lo hacen. 

    Francamente, si va a mostrar su cara por aquí, en un día como este, debería ser para disculparse con las personas que realmente han perdido mucho de seguir sus consejos equivocados.

    Quiero una consideración sobria de las opciones, no un mono que se balancee entre los árboles y afirme que esta derrota es la victoria de su loca estrategia. 

    Sure XRP todavía se ve bien a este precio, pero no inventemos nada. 


    Hey man, try to mature.

    If u were so irresponsible to invest ur money or to keep it  by the words of a wookie, a Chicken a robot or something else, try to dont put ur blame on the other persons ITS UR ONLY RESPONSABILITY an by the way, to cry go to the church, there there are some people that can help u.

    tired of reading these ******** so often.

  9. After carefully reading many of his writings, I have come to the conclusion that all of them are based on their own conspiracy theories, SUPPORTED BY HIS POLITICAL IDEOLOGY, TERRIVERSING AND TWISTING THE DATA AND THE FACTS TO ADJUST THEM TO HIS DISCOURSE (as it happens in all the ideological currents).

    His writtngs always present an ideological bias that, in my opinion, eliminates all credibility.

  10. Bought other 2k zerps, with these prices it is impossible to resist and if these prices are maintained I will make a fat order at the beginning of July, pay extra summer and dividends entry! ¡¡¡

  11. 13 hours ago, Member400 said:


    I would really appreciate an invitation to the club, like my colleagues, I was part of the previous one but after the uproar I was not accepted into the new one without knowing very well why, I suppose a lot of paranoia at that time.
    Thank you very much.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Captain_Marbles said:

    ¿Qué tiene el ADN colectivo en este sitio que no puede resistir estas predicciones estúpidas?

    I would be delighted if you enlightened us with your infinite wisdom and knowledge about the future Ripple instead of belittling the opinion of others, firstly because those predictions are just as valid as yours, mostly because you do not have the power to know the future and do not know how events will unfold.
    You should have a little more respect for the opinions of others and otherwise you should argue your letter with some information because otherwise you run the risk that the rest of the forum considers your contributions empty.

  13. Good morning, first of all I would like to introduce myself.
    I am a Spanish boy who came by chance to the world of cryptocurrencies in mid-November but due to my ignorance I did not dare to buy at that time (much ignorance of ripple and its function) fortunately, after many days researching about the technology and its uses, I came to this forum (end of December) and it was like recovering the sight for a blind man. Thanks to you I have managed to understand more the technology and I have known hundreds of pages where I have been able to increase my knowledge. Since then I have been doing punctual purchases of zerps, to get an entry point of $ 1.02.
    I just wanted them to know that I will be eternally grateful for all their investment advice, their links, their jokes and above all their WONDERFUL HOLD TIPS, without them the panic would have taken over me and surely I would not have zerps. Thanks to everyone again and ....... BUY OR HOLD¡¡¡¡

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