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  1. Hahahaha and they have told you that in one of the many meetings you have had with the "elite" right!?! Meetings that you must have in your free time that you are not here doing the *******. By the way, have you managed to find your ass with your hands or are you still trying!?! I ask you about it in case you need me to turn on the light to get it. LOL.
  2. hahahahaha yes, and they provide a lot of evidence about that manipulation ........... what one has to read. P.S. Those same researchers, a few weeks ago, based on 4 bullshit, came to the conclusion that "more than likely" the same people who created BTC created XRP as well. P.S. mods should take care of these shitty threads.
  3. hahahahaha you've been here breaking our balls for months (years) trying to convince people to sell XRP because it is a shit coin and it turns out that you do not understand a publication that gives an opinion on why not sell XRP or why not buy BTC at this time (which is basically what you do but in the opposite direction, well, with the difference that you only bark, you do not contribute anything), after analyzing your behavior, you should not be the smartest in your environment, right?
  4. Hello friend, here also from Spain. I usually do my purchases on Binance, and for withdrawals my best options are Bitpanda and Bitstamp, fast and reliable, I never had a problem with them.
  5. hahahahahahaha I am very amused by the plot of all these characters, you know, China spies to create an evil world dominated by Communism while the US spies to create a world of gummies and cotton candy (and from time to time to promote military coup with hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in those countries that do not share its form of government or in those that have commercial interests), what a bunch of lunatics. By the way, at the end of the day it is the North American state that takes charge of the economic bill for an important part of its citizens (they would have been ruined
  6. Although I agree with most of your text I disagree regarding the decrease in ODL volumes (it is indisputable that they have fallen to a minimum). That decline, in my opinion, is not due to any technical / infrastructure problem / whatever you want to call it, they are just due in large part to this SEC drama (I think Ripple knew well in advance that this situation was inevitable and they acted accordingly months ago), you know, exchanges deviating (temporarily?), Explosive revelations of praxis followed by the CEO and Co-founder, the "FUD" (in this case with reason) continuous from much of the
  7. The point is that in the corporate world that wouldn't stop the "so-called" use of XRP for its purpose. As I have said before, there are many examples of allegedly criminal behavior in high profile company managers that have not led to the cessation of business; a restructuring, a change in the narrative, advertising ..... etc, etc; at the end of the day, if Ripple manages to escape this painful situation and gets its business model to take off (certainly unlikely at this point) and do what it supposedly does (cut costs), the banks, MM ....... etc will not be affected by previous behaviors, th
  8. hahahahaha you are right that the situation is extremely worrying (almost defining) but according to your argument, if all the companies that have had dirty practices on their board of directors had had the same luck that you are presuming to Ripple, the business world would be made up of you , for me and a few more. P.S. I do not intend to soften the situation, but in the long run, if Ripple succeeds in this situation, I do not believe that fraudulent practices on the part of the management will lead to the veto of the industry. Without going any further a few months ago a report was made p
  9. Kraken obtained a banking license approved by the state of Wioming (they can trade securities) hence "this rumor" could be true. https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/36582/crypto-exchange-kraken-gets-wyoming-bank-license
  10. After reading your answer you have removed all doubts, I am sure you could not find your ass with your own hands. I hope you are lucky and do not see yourself in the situation that I (and millions of people) have gone through.
  11. I did not think to enter to discuss this bullshit, but I am going to ask you a pair of questions: - How many deaths from COVID-19 have you had in your environment?. - Have you been in the emergency room of a Hospital affected by people with COVID-19?. Unfortunately for me I have had deaths in my environment and I have had to spend weeks in a hospital room saturated by COVID-19 and I can assure you that all those bullshit that you write lightly would disappear from your mind instantly. P.S. And the worst thing is that you HAVE NO ******* IDEA of what COVID-19 implies in the
  12. hahahahahahahahaha, now say it without crying.
  13. hahahahaha I don't know in which Europe you live, but in the Europe where I live if you send a payment from Spain (BBVA) to France (BNP) they charge a small commission and it is rare to see that the payment is made in 24 hours you affirm (yes, my company makes dozens of payments between Spain and France). So it seems that you don't know correctly how the SEPA zone works either.
  14. What really surprises me is that the vast majority of the forum did not realize before that @LetHerRip would not be able to find his ass with his own hands. The only good thing with him is to block him and forget about his bullshit, that´s all.
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