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  1. Price Currently at at $0.55 AUD at the moment hope is doesnt drop to $0.37 AUD
  2. Hi all what does everone think will happen to the price of XRP when the JPY comes back onto the charts in September whats your thoughts? ?
  3. Wont sell the U.S is one Country just because the U.S doesnt use it japan will be still useing it and other country’s ?
  4. Hi XRP fam how has everyone been whats everyone thoughts on the JPY being removed from xrpcharts do you think testing? Whats your thoughts when it comes back after the 30days do you think xrapid will be released into production or do you think Ripple will keep it quiet so public doesnt know it is released?. Do you think volume will spike once the chart comes back online sbi accounts should be fully active by then
  5. Hey xrp fam was there a sec meeting i cant find any info on the outcome of it?
  6. Hey xrp fam ? Hello from australia ?? haven't been seeing much ripple xrp fud around recently on twitter ect ect. Whats your thoughts on this?
  7. Hi all im Tenkai from Australia just saying hi where are most of you fellow xrp people from
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