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  1. Came across this today. Looks interesting. Anyone used it ?
  2. He's got my account down there as a bot ..what a ******
  3. Can you escrow related to price rather than time ?
  4. Can't you just edit the website in your first post and make a note for people to see the other related posts?
  5. Agreed but might be a bit harder then siphoning it out of your bank account overnight.... Not sure how stable a stablecoin would be if bank needs bailing in. How about a Central Bank issued coin ?
  6. When the bank steals your money, anything over the insured deposit amount..because they've been selling subprime mortgages again and giving car loans to people that cant afford them and wrapping them into products the the crooks at the rating agency's give A+ ratings too. Same **** different year.. Which is why we want Stablecoins to keep your wealth in your own wallet and out of the banks reach.
  7. I'm doing it from Dubai company at the moment.. I need to look into it for this part of the world some more
  8. People could send you xrp and you can convert and spend AUD. I do this with most of my contractors now in Europe.
  9. Who's buying the Jpm coin for yen? And this only works for USD related transactions ?
  10. Cant you just get a wirex card and send it there and then spend it ? Coinflield do XRP/gbp
  11. There some serious money been made in the status quo! "Importantly, remittances are a very profitable business for large operators. Western Union, for example, completed 268 million customer-to-customer transfers in 2016, with a value of $80 billion. Total revenue for the year exceeded $5 billion, with net profits surpassing $250 million.3" .."with the global average cost of sending $500 at just under 5% (World Bank 2017b). Even so, the aggregate cost of sending remittances in 2017 was about $30 billion, roughly equivalent to the total non-military foreign aid budget of the U
  12. These accounts certainly have to be pre funded unless you can get a line of credit, the illiquidity of these accounts for up to 35% of the cost of international remittance according to swift, there was a report on global treasurer from awhile ago putting the lost opportunity of these accounts at up to 50million for a bank(big bank I would say). The accounts in credit are normally swept at end of each day to settle a different nostro account that might be in debit at another bank. While this is true in banking there is a large amount of corporates who have to hold foreign currency a
  13. 👆This and it so much more than the transfer fees. It's the time, it's the daily emails from the receiver about when the funds will arrive. The ripoff bank exchange rates..
  14. Simplex works for buying XRP on Changelly so should'nt be too difficult, he's a shrewd business man I think he does use the XRP community for free PR
  15. kiwixrp

    Clean up the forum

    I agree they should be discussed..just change the titles or group them in one thread
  16. kiwixrp

    Clean up the forum

    The flanman at it again I see
  17. Permian.io ICO using token called XPR, haven't checked their claims on oil reserves but looks dodgy already
  18. https://www.abra.com/EQ uses Bitcoin by looks
  19. Yes, someone asked them on twitter and they said because so many people had asked for it so it made commercial sense....unlike some other exchange we know
  20. Xrp on another exchange https://coinmotion.com/en Finland this time
  21. It's pretty easy to spend that on a transfer with exchange rates...Bank fees etc it's only 1.3% of a million transfer.
  22. It's a perception thing. Many see Jeff as someone who worked away in his garage for years and built Amazon up and therefore deserves 63billion.There will be a good number of people in banking circles that are ****** these guys are going to be so wealthy in a relatively short timeframe Swift is part of that circle
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