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  1. kiwixrp

    xrpUnited's 2019 Lamborghini

    Can I get a tractor instead ..I have no wish for a Lamborghini ( unless one of their tractors)wouldn't even get it up the drive
  2. It's a good start just need a few of the other states to follow. The NZ government needs to get on board with crypto. Given we are an export nation. The funds lost on currency conversion and transfer would add up to a ridiculous amount (only have to look at bank profits for the region) Good cow to person ratio
  3. kiwixrp

    Paycent to add XRP

    Almost ready it looks
  4. I saw that, Its all abit a head of the times for Wyoming ! I've been putting some thought into how to make cowcoin work. I'll post something in Altcoins
  5. Yes, It would be an interesting way of financing your herd and the vaIue of cowcoin would be linked to weight or milk production or future worth based on Carcass weight or milk solids , farmer would have too eventually buy cowcoin back once sent the works for beef but a holder could trade it to another person at anytime up till that point (oops it might be slipping into becoming a security ) think Cowcoin needs its own thread ..its taking off
  6. I thought you could create anything on the ledger and issue it as well as set the value, so long as people "trust" you can back it...so you can list company shares through to cows in the paddock.. mmmm I'm going to issue Cow coin... backed by my cows which are registered in a National database
  7. the banking licence is in St Lucia what do the accounts for the UK office show towards turnover.. surely accounts from the St Lucia would be needed ? I sure as s**t wouldnt include figures from my other countries companies in an annual return in another
  8. Business Banking. Trade finance etc
  9. kiwixrp

    Real Talk- Binance XRP "base pair" listing

    Argh so that's where the goats gone !
  10. kiwixrp

    XRP Standstill

    Well this thread seems to have gone of track !
  11. https://www.pymnts.com/loans/2018/bbva-porsche-holding-blockchain-corporate-finance/ Done on Hyperledger, article also mentions Natwest will be using blockchain based on R3 Corda.